Mystery Challenge - Under The Big Top!

Hi! It seems like we are having an early Spring around here and all I want now is to sew cool Spring/Summer clothes. I have a curated board on Pinterest with SS15 trends and colors  and I can't wait to make everything I have on my mind. :) Here is the board, just in case you need some inspiration.

Today I am part of the Mystery Challenge, hosted by Amy over Friends Stitched Together. Amy is always sewing up a storm but she found the time to put together a group of fellow bloggers and friends on this sewing fun event! Each one of us was drawn a name and had to assign a theme for that person.

assigned the theme "Rockabilly" to the uber cool and super talented Melissa who blogs over Rebel & Malice and, on my hand, I  was assigned the theme "Under The Big Top" by Tasha who blogs along with Amy. 

When I was assigned this theme I got really excited! I love (LOVE) challenges that make me stretch myself to sew something I wouldn't sew on my own, that really force me to go out of my comfort zone. 

I always tend to play it safe. Pick a practical pattern, choose a sober fabric color/print, sew something my kids could wear on the everyday life. Simple. But then there are times when I feel like I would make something out of my ordinary sewing. Pick a pattern. Flip it. Flip it hard. Pick some bold fabric. Mix two bold prints or colors. Or both. Stir. Add some magic dust. And pronto. When I'm done I am full of adrenaline. The creative process of sewing is what I love.

I had this big - huge! - picture on my mind. I was going to make a circus character costume for each of my kids - a cannon man, a ballerina walking on the wire and a fun clown. With all the props. 

And then I saw this

Alexia - who used to blog over Lexi Made - is one of the most amazing seamstresses in the whole sewing blogs world. Not only that, she is also amazing in her photography and styling. She is one of the best. 

Well, after seeing that amazing post from her I knew I couldn't beat that. :)  (I am not the competitive type... on the opposite, actually.. when I feel any hint of competition I rest my arms, grab a drink, walk to the hammock and relax. :) ). So I went with plan B. Pick just one kid. Make something simple. Write a post. Be happy. :) 

First, I created a new Pinterest board to collect some circus inspiration. I could easily spot some trends:  patterns - harlequim, stripes, triangles, dots -, colors - red, white, black, gold -, textures and design - tule, ruffled collars, bubble shorts and sleeves. 

So, this is what I came up with. Is it circus-y enough? 

By the way, thank you all of you that helped me with this fabric pairing on Instagram. :) At first I though it was perfect but then, since it is not something I would normally pick as a combo, I got a bit insecure... :) Thanks for pushing me!

She probably won't be wearing this combo on the everyday, but she will wear both pieces paired with other clothes. I think the tunic will look great with a simple denim skirt or some leggings, and the bubble shorts will be paired with a solid yellow or red or turquoise tee. How does that sound?

I used the Bubble shorts, pattern by my dear friend Marta who blogs over DoGuincho. I have used it at least three times in the last year and I love it! 
The fabric is a poly-satin blend, black stripes on white.

It is an altered Japanese tunic pattern published in French by a French sewing magazine. I have add the ruffled collar for a dramatic clownish look and took one of the layers off (it has one more layer in the original pattern). 
The fabric is a super soft and flimsy silk blend that I had used here, also in a Japanese tunic pattern for myself. :) 

If I will ever be well known in the sewing blogland it will be as the crazy lady who spent her best fabric, silk included, in her kids clothes. That's a fact and I don't hide it. :) 

Tights - LIDL store (kind of an European Target or Walmart).
Golden ballerina flats - Petit Nord, Copenhagen (Made in Portugal).
Golden crown - H&M.
Red clown nose - Something I gave my husband about 10 years ago (we weren't married yet) before I went to live abroad for almost one year. I left him several gifts that he should open while I was away, one per month. One of them was this simple clown nose along with this note "Everytime you miss me really hard, put this nose on, look yourself on the mirror and laugh hard..." Silly me. :) 

Make sure to check the rest of the stops for this tour.  I am always amazed by how everyone interprets a theme! This is great fun! I wish I had the time to make something on all these themes... :)  Edited: There is a round-up post over Friends Stitched Together, if you would like to check all these creations on a glance.

2/22: Amy - Friends Stitched Together - Arabian Nights
2/23: Alicia - Felt with Love Designs - Monochrome
2/24: Melissa - Rebel & Malice - Rockabilly
2/25: Jessica - The Berry Bunch - Black&White
2/26: Amanda - Mandy K Designs - Audrey Hepburn
2/27: Tasha - Friends Stitched Together - The Great Barrier Reef
2/28: Maartje - Huisje Boompje Boefjes - Broadway
3/1: Jonie - Knot Sew Normal - French Revolution
Danica - The Sewing Sparrow - Nature
3/2: Starly - Sew Starly - Mythical Creatures
3/3: Fenna - FABulous Home Sewn - Jane Austen
3/4: Ula - Lulu & Celeste - Woodstock '69
3/5: Maegen - Mae & K - 1970's Cartoons
Sara - Made by Sara - Under the Big Top
3/6: Tisha - Milileke - WWII/1940's
Roxanne - Pen Seb Rox - Paper Airplanes
3/7: Meriel - create3.5 - Nursery Rhymes
3/8: Barbara - Country Bella - Steampunk

Mystery Challenge

Happy sewing!

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  1. She's so cute! I love it! It definitely makes me think of a circus but they will also work great separate.

  2. Sara, you SMASHED IT!!!!!

  3. E.S.P.E.C.T.A.C.U.L.A.R.!!!!! Acho que nao vi nada tao giro nos ultimos tempos!! Well Done! If there's a prize I've choosen the winner already!

  4. Parece saído das páginas de um livro japonês! Parabéns, Sara! Adorei a combinação de padrões, o styling... A túnica é uma delícia e eu não sou pessoa de folhos. A tua modelo é uma fofa!

  5. Uau! muito, muito giro este outfit!
    Que prazer ver o uso que deste aos bubble shorts. Estão o máximo!
    E também sou fã da coudre e, para minha desgraça, a tabacaria onde a compro manda-me um email cada vez que sai um numero novo...

  6. Está muito bom Sara. Eu adoro e acho que as peças ficam lindas em conjunto, como em separado. Os acessórios são demais :-)

  7. This is amazing, Sara. I love it so much. I love how you've paired dots with stripes! Spot on so to speak.

  8. OMG what a fun outfit! You sure did go out of your comfort zone, and what a beautiful result! Your little model looks like she is having a lot of fun :) Thanks for sharing Sara :)

  9. This is so cute! Fabulous job! I think the patterns go together so well, and each piece is great :)

  10. Oh Sara, it is perfect and magical... and definitely still more stylish than costumeish. Amazing job!

  11. Adorei, tudo!! Está fantástico!! Uma excelente interpretação do tema :-) Ah!! E adorei a história do nariz ;-)

  12. Está lindoo! Às vezes sabe bem sair da nossa confort zone e deixar a criatividade voar, dá resultados destes, espectaculares!

  13. I love sewing challenges too and for the same reasons! Those pieces are adorable and would look great for everyday too dressed down.I love that top! It would be cute with anything.

  14. This is so good!! I don't know why you second guess yourself, you're so Amazingly talented!! <3 this reminds me I should not have agreed on competing against you on that little project hahahah you rocked this one Big Time! And that girl... <3 <3 <3

  15. This turned out great! It's pretty and fun and fits the theme so well! Thanks for playing along with us!!


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