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Today I am joining the London Sew Social / Tuttle Publishing Blog Tour

If you follow me you already know that I love Japanese sewing books. They have the most lovely, interesting, simple & practical, pretty & casual, comfortable patterns. The instructions are simple, straight to the point, and make use of all the proper techniques. Yes, they just have it all! And the styling on the books is just... perfect! 

Tuttle Publishing was really generous with the #londonsewsocial gang by offering one Japanese sewing book to each of us. Since we are all Japanese sewing pattern lovers we were thrilled and eager to sew all.the.patterns. :) 

This little-not-so-little girl here just turned 5. BIG FIVE! She is the most sweet & adorable human being I know (ah-hem :) ), but she is also on a stage where she's having a hard time accepting that things can't always be like she wants, when she wants. So we're experiencing now all the 2-3-4 year old tantrums that she didn't make at the time. Good thing for her she is sweet & adorable at the same time.  :) 

View A - Dress with frilled collar, of the Girls Style Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori and H.H.

This book includes 24 patterns and I love them all! Japanese sewing books are such a great investment - you get lots of patterns, great instructions and so much inspiration by such a great price! 

All patterns in this book come in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. They have a generous amount of ease but remember: NO seam allowance included!

Liberty of London tana lawn D'Anjo D print. 

My lovely friend Ana Sofia of S is For Sewing blog, aka *The* Liberty of London expert, gifted me with this fabric on my birthday (almost one year ago, sigh). I have been saving it for a special project, as one does with all the precious fabrics (the ones kept in the vault, ha!). 

I couldn't manage to make a dress for Miss Five's birthday last week (shame on you , bad mom!), but I am making up for it by making this first-day-of-school dress and a whole new wardrobe.
She is going to Kindergarten this year (the year that proceeds primary school, OH.MY! <huge sigh>) and you will hear all about it next week because it's time for another installment of the "Sewing For Kindergarten" series, hosted by the.all.amazing Mie of Sewing Like Mad blog! 

Pattern details:
I have picked size 6 for Miss Five. She is on percentile 90 on height and weight. The fit is (almost) perfect! It's just a bit too large on the armscyes but I really don't mind, since Summer is almost over and she will be able to wear it next year!

This pattern is a super quick sew! 
It has three pattern pieces (front, back and frill), bias facing on the armholes, and an elastic casing all around the neck (on the frill), but it's an easy beginner's friendly pattern.

The only change I made was to understitch the bias facing. It was not required but I always prefer to do it this way since it looks better. 

Tuttle Publishing has a great collection of Japanese sewing books (JSB) translated to English. So if you don't feel comfortable using sewing books in Japanese (there's hundreds of them!!) this is the perfect option! You can see their translated books here. (And they are on sale!)

And these are the ones I own from Tuttle on paper. I have another one - the Basic Black - on digital format, purchased on Amazon for an amazing price.

I have a lot more JSB but they are in... Japanese! (I am such a JSB hoarder...)

If are also a Japanese sewing patterns fan or would love to learn more, you can join the Japanese Sewing Patterns Facebook group! Also, don't miss the Sew Japan with Mie series over Petit a Petit blog! So many amazing makings and inspiration there!! 

And don't miss the line up for this week's #londonsewsocial / Tuttle Publishing blog tour! You will know more about other Tuttle's Japanese sewing books and get inspired! 

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Happy Japanese pattern sewing! :) 


  1. That dress is GORGEOUS!!! I have that book too and is promptly adding this to me to-do-one-day list!

    1. Thank you Mie! There are a lot more from the book that I have had to my to-do-one-day list. Why, oh why, can't days have more hours... :)

  2. Such a beautiful dress! This is one book I don't have. It's for sure on my list now!

    1. It's totally worth it Karly! So many great patterns.

  3. So adorable, I love this dress!! This tour is making me excited to look through my books to sew up some school clothes for my girls!

    1. Thank you! Japanese patterns are perfect for school clothes! Stylish but comfortable.

  4. What a beautiful dress!!! I love using fabrics from the vault for those special occasions when you find the perfect pattern, and hurray that she'll get to wear it another year <3

    1. When I use the best fabric I always try to make clothes that will fit for a long time... Otherwise it's such a waste!... :)

  5. So beautiful! I've been meaning to give this pattern a try - now I'm convinced ♡

    1. I think it will look great on big girls too! I'm making it for my oldest too, probably with a bigger frill. :)

  6. A beautiful dress for your precious girl :) Liberty... MMMMM...

    1. Oh yes, Liberty is always so yummy! And so great to work with.

  7. So pretty Sara. The frill reminds me of the Florence Blouse you made that I've been wanting to copy.

    I didn't know there were digital Japanese Sewing Books. Oh my!!!


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