Sewing For Kindergarten 2016

Hi! School as (finally) started so I am finally on holidays, haha! If you have several small kids I know you know what I am talking about! It's so good to spend three months with them 24/7, having no schedule, going out to the beach, doing fun stuff with them, but at the same time - thank God school started! I was in serious need of a few daily hour of peace and quiet. Specially now that I am almost 36 weeks preggo! 

Today I am joining Sewing for Kindergarten 2016, a fun blogging series hosted by the.all.amazing Mie of Sewing Like Mad. This series is up since 2012 and it's the second time I join it (you can see my first time here and here, in 2014). Gladly it won't be my last, since I'll be able to join again in 4 years from now. :)  (if Mie allow's me to participate again, that is. :) )

I was planning on making something more practical (leggings and tunic) but all she wears these days are dresses! And I don't mind. I love making dresses for my girls. :) Even in the Winter season she wears mainly dresses (perks of living in a south-western European country! Sunshine all year around and warm temperatures. Zero snow.).

A dress & top pattern from Cotton Friend  Kids! 2016 Autumn-Winter, a Japanese magazine (former Cucito). This magazine offers many patterns for kids clothes and accessories, and on this edition you can even find a couple of Halloween costumes. It's in Japanese but the instructions are mostly build with clear diagrams, so it's actually easy to follow through.

Here's a photo from the magazine. So good, right?

A super soft and flow-y viscose (rayon challis), in navy blue with tiny white dots, from my local fabric store (Feira dos Tecidos).

This pattern goes from size 2 to size 12. I picked size 6 for Miss Five. The fit is spot on!
I have made a few modifications to the original pattern (you know me!), just because. (Or it may have something to do with all the buttonholes I would have to make... haha!)

The original pattern has a button up placket at the front. I ended up making a small box pleat at the front and a slit on the back, with a tie closure. (It's not the first time I make this mod to a pattern. I guess I really like it! I just love those ties falling down the back.)

I have also made a bigger hem than required. It adds some weight at the bottom of the dress, which is always a good thing, specially when using this kind of light flow-y fabrics.

This dress as an amazing twirl factor that I wasn't able to picture on any photo... I'll try again later! 

Mie sent all participants on this tour a few questions about Kindergarten, so here they are!

- Is this your first time sending a child to Kindergarten? If not, which number child is this?
It's my third child, so third time sending an itsy bitsy piece of me to Kindergarten (or pre-school as we call it around here). :) Being the third doesn't mean it gets easier... ;) 

- Do you feel like crying or celebrating? And what about your child?
A bit of both... I am always really happy to see them grow up, learning new skills, watch their personality developing (each child is so different!). But at the same time I feel like crying a little (on the inside) because they are growing up (too fast!!!) and soon I won't have any little children around. Well, actually I'll have, since baby #4 is on his way! (Woohoo!)

She is excited! She loves her teacher and her friends. She was already in pre-K on the same school, so nothing new for her, except this being the last year before going to Primary School, so she will be learning lots of new things that will prepare her for next year.

- What kind of school does your child attend? (Public, charter, private or homeschool)
All of our kids go to public school. Public school is very, very good where we live. 

- Question to your kindergartner: What have been the best and the worst part so far?
The best: "My teacher!"
The worst: "Humm... I am not allowed to spend all day outside on the playground!..."! :) 

Here's the line up for this tour! Make sure to jump on these blogs for a huge dose of awesomeness! <3 

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Happy sewing! 


  1. Gah, Sara I LOVE this dress (of course I would, right!). In fact I might spam you for info on how to get this magazine, that's how much I love it! Now enjoy YOUR vacation (for the few weeks it will last) and get some rest. Thank you for participating again. Take care :-)

  2. What a darling dress! The modifications you made are simply perfect and make so much sense...I'm not a fan of buttons and buttonholes either!

  3. Oh, Sara, I knew exactly what you were talking about... #holidaysmeansmommygoescrazy :D But it couldn't have been that bad ;) Look at that dress! That's just perfect. The coolest feature is that back bow. Soooo nice. Have save four weeks. Waiting for the good news :D

  4. The dress is gorgeous, Sara! Love the changes you made! 💙💙 Can't believe she is already in kindergarten!

  5. The dress looks so pretty with the ties at the back. I have this magazine, and now that I've seen your beautiful version of this pattern, it'll be going on my to-do list :)

  6. Really love the understated detail of that dress , I think I need the magazine, did you get it online?

  7. Oh it is a shame she is not allowed to spend all day outside playing hehehe I love the bow tie closure, it just instantly adds such an awesome whoosh factor!

  8. How pretty. She is so much like you!


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