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The Most Quick & Easy Girls Skirt - a tutorial

Hi! Today I am over Patchwork Posse blog sharing a tutorial on how to make the most quick and easy girls skirt ever. :) Two pattern pieces, two seams, two folds for the hem, two folds on the waistband to insert the elastic. That's it. Easy-peasy! 

The Dear Prudence dress

You wouldn't tell by these photos that this sweet, adorable, totally heart melting threenager just spent her day... whining, and crying, and screaming... For no reason.  Really. I can't take anymore of it... Today. Tomorrow will be another day. And hopefully a little less whining, a little less loud crying and she will learn other ways of expressing and dealing with her frustrations. (Keep dreaming, right? :) ) 

She is usually in such a good mood. Always happy, always smiling, always singing. But lately although she is still in her usual self she is becoming a whiner... I am really hoping this is just a phase... I guess she could be missing pre-school, her sweet teacher and her friends? And all the daily routine? School is closed and won't be open until mid September so... Young lady, I really hope you get a grip and just learn to relax and enjoy your 84 days of Summer holidays... Because this mom here needs to relax and enjoy her Summer time with the three of you 24/7. :) 

One thing she is enjoying tremendously these days is all the sewing I am doing for her. Every single thing I make makes her eyes sparkle and gets her in a good mood for hours. :) So, you know to whom I will be doing all.the.sewing this Summer! :) 

The Henry dress

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing a dress pattern that I was lucky to test. It is the Henry dress, a pattern by Brooklyn Pattern Company.  

When Erin posted a testing call I immediately signed in! You all know how much I love to test sewing patterns but actually I am responding to testing calls less and less these days. Nonetheless, I made an exception for this one. :) 

There has been a (huge) boom of indie PDF patterns since last year (it's all Lauren's fault :) ) and there are days where I can easily spot half a dozen testing calls for new patterns. If only the days would have 72 hours... Yes 72, because 48 wouldn't still be enough... :) 

Anyway, there was a time (that started on February 2014) when I would apply to any and every testing call and I would be genuinely thrilled to work in all of them. I do love to test patterns! But nowadays other projects (sewing and blogging related) have knocked on my door and I need time for them. 

The thing is, there is only a set amount of daily time that I allow myself to sew and blog because my three little monkeys need their mom and this household has to be vacuumed ( I honestly believe that dust and bread crumbs and little scraps of paper are born from the floor in a spontaneous way at an outstanding rate ...), and dishes need to be done daily too (I can't turn my back on a messy kitchen...), and laundry must be taken care of... You know the freaking drill. 

The Blue Ridge Dress

Endorphins. Any of a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system that act as neurotransmissors and have a number of physiological functions. They activate a specific kind of body's receptors, causing an analgesic effect, reducing the sensation of pain or stress and inducing feelings of excitement and satisfaction. I think the word "endorphin" here could be fairly replaced by the word "fabric". Don't you think?

Fabric makes me have an endorphin rush. There is just something about those colors, color combos, prints, textures... all the different weights and softness... and the draping, the flow-iness of it all when it moves... and the way the light goes through some fabrics and makes it glow... The world stops and I feel like I'm watching some sort of poetry... 

I love using all kinds of apparel fabric. Baby wale corduroy, wool, tweed, linen, chiffon, charmeuse, crepe de chine, georgette, silk, shantung, twill, silk twill, satin, dupioni, taffeta, suiting, voile, cotton lawn, gauze, double gauze, broadcloth, shirting, flannel, poplin, sateen, denim, chambray, tencel, velveteen, jersey knit, French terry, iterlock, ponte di roma...

Dress Pattern N.15 - Canadian Pattern Tour

Summer vacation started last Friday, so all I can think about is Summer sewing! I am not sure how much I will be able to actually sew in the next ninety nine days. Yep, kids around here have those many days of Summer vacation. I think it is pretty cool actually! Kids need free time to play, imagine, create, to develop all those skills that come from playing freely with no tight schedule, aka long hours of boredom. :)

Of course the other side of the coin is the increased amount for grey hair on my head. Being at home for 24/7 for 99 days with three kids under 7  is... oh well, you know what it is... Amazing! Fun! Happy times! :) 

Today I am part of the Canadian Pattern Tour hosted by Ula from Lulu & Celeste blog. On this tour many sewing bloggers are showcasing PDF patterns from several Canadian indie PDF pattern designers, and I got to sew up a pattern by E+M! 

The Ishi Dress

Hi everyone! This week will be very busy blogging wise I hope you won't get bothered of seeing my makings. :) I am starting off this week with a dress that has become my favorite - it's the Ishi dress, a pattern by Straight Grain

Straight Grain is a bloand indie pdf patterns brand run by An, a Belgian mom of two girls. An makes the most beautiful things in her own style and color combo, go check her blog and you will see what I mean.

Oh, and yes, this girl just had a major hair cut. About 15+ inches of a long ginger curly hair is being donated to a Cancer Treatment Center. It wasn't my intention to cut it this much - I was thinking a chin-shoulder length - but the hairdresser grabbed the scissors and cut it in the back like that before I could say a thing... I was speechless!... Glad I could save it somehow, because I suggested her that she would at least leave it a bit longer at the front, and I really like it that way.

The Balmy Breezes tunic

I love sewing. I love trying new techniques and methods. I always jump at the chance of trying something new. I always accept a new fun challenge. 
This time was no different. When Maegan from Mae & K blog asked a few bloggers to join a fun sewing series on free patterns - Free Friday Pattern - I looked at all the patterns being showcased on every week this year and I immediately signed up for the Balmy Breezes Tunic.

The Balmy Breezes Tunic is a free pattern by Call Ajaire (for Sew Mama Sew) available only in size 3, that comes along with a tutorial on how to make Lattice smockingIf you follow my blog you may remember that a few posts ago I mentioned that there are two sewing techniques I have never tried: smocking and heirloom. Now there is one left: heirloom. Or... maybe not.

The first title I wrote for this post was: Lettuce smocking aka a failed attempt to make a Lattice smock. :) 

And I am sorry (not sorry) if I am already spoiling this post by revealing how this whole story ends. But I needed to spill it out. Phew! That felt great. 

A Roaring 20's Inspired Dress

Hi! Today I am sharing two things of the many I have made in these last couple of weeks. My sewing  machine is amazing because I am giving her (yes, it's a she) no rest and she is up to the challenge! It is a pretty simple sewing machine, non computerized, only about 20 different stitches (including stretch ones), it is actually a bit ugly (it looks like a cold machine, not a pretty and friendly toy). It is the love of my life. (Did I just say that?!) After my true Love (aka sweet husband) and my three spunky kids, of course. (Ahem.)

(End of love letter to my sewing machine. :) )

Have you hear about the Mystery Challenge? It is sewing/crafting challenge where a group of people swap themes and have to create something with the theme they get from their partner. Doesn't it sound like so much fun? 

I have already joined last round when I was given the theme "Under the big top" and you can see what I have made here. This time around I was given the theme "The Roaring 20's". Actually it was "John Dillinger and the Roaring 20's" and although I first thought about making a full shirt + pants + vest + bow tie + hat for my son, when I saw a tester call for the Dress Pattern No. 19 (pattern of E+M Patterns) I immediately felt that it was it. It has a slight 20's feel to it with that elasticized waistband and squared skirt, and those bodice tucks and ties. Luckily I was chosen to test it! (Thank you Allison!)

The Jukebox Dress

Hi! I have been quiet around here but super busy with my sewing machine. I can't wait to show you all the things I have been working in! Today I am here as part of the One Thimble Tour showcasing one of the ten patterns included in issue #7 that was just released! 

One Thimble is a digital sewing magazine full with patterns and great articles. I have had the chance to sew something from issue #6 - the Multi-Apron (blogged here) - and issue #5 - the Moku shorts (blogged here), and I really loved making both! 

A Peplum for Spring

Hey there! Today I am part of the Bow Back Beauty blog hop, a pattern by Little Kiwis Closet.

When I first saw this pattern - when Lydia (the designer, based in New Zealand) called for testers - my first thought was how adorable it was with that bow on the back! Sadly I couldn't test it at the time so I was super happy when she asked a few bloggers to join a blog hop! 

Funny though, I have opted to make a view (one of the several options available) without the bow this time because the weather is still a bit chilly and this girl is needing some new long sleeve sweaters. Can you believe she is outgrowing all of her size 4 clothes and going into size 5? She is (only) 3 3/4 years-old!... 

The Antalya Dress

I am so in love with this dress! It is the new - released yesterday! - Antalya dress pattern by Kid Approved for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection of Willow & Co

Bubble Shorts

Hi! Kids Clothes Week is here! I am super excited! I have so many things already cut and ready to sew, let's see how many I can actually manage to finish this week... I am always just a tad bit ambitious... :) And this week is shorter to me since I am going to be away on an extended weekend, so I may leave for my mini vacations a bit sleep deprived in order to get everything done... :) 

These are the Bubble shorts - pattern by one of my sewing/blogging best friends, Marta from DoGuincho - and I can't tell how many I have made so far in the last year. I haven't blogged about all of them - I sew a lot of things that don't make it to the blog just because I'm lazy :) - but you can see my first ones here and my favorite ones here. :) 

5 DIY Knit Headbands

Hi everyone! Today I am over Peek-a-Boo's blog with my monthly contributor's post. I am sharing quick ways to make five different knit headbands and head wraps! 

It's a perfect (and easy) sewing project to use up all those knit scraps being kept on a huge bin (I know I am not the only one on this, right?).

A Fancy Raglan Tee - tutorial

Hi! Today I am at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop's blog with my monthly contributor's post!
I am sharing a super quick & easy way to turn a simple raglan pattern into a fancy (but practical) raglan tee!

Mystery Challenge - Under The Big Top!

Hi! It seems like we are having an early Spring around here and all I want now is to sew cool Spring/Summer clothes. I have a curated board on Pinterest with SS15 trends and colors  and I can't wait to make everything I have on my mind. :) Here is the board, just in case you need some inspiration.

Today I am part of the Mystery Challenge, hosted by Amy over Friends Stitched Together. Amy is always sewing up a storm but she found the time to put together a group of fellow bloggers and friends on this sewing fun event! Each one of us was drawn a name and had to assign a theme for that person.

assigned the theme "Rockabilly" to the uber cool and super talented Melissa who blogs over Rebel & Malice and, on my hand, I  was assigned the theme "Under The Big Top" by Tasha who blogs along with Amy. 

A Free Japanese Smock Pattern

Hi! How are things in your neck of the woods? Around here it is still a bit cold and we just came back from a snow trip to the mountains for mid-term break. The kids had so much fun with the sledge. And (a-hem...) so did I. :) 

Today I am part of the Flip This Pattern series, hosted by the lovely sisters over FrancesSuzanne blog. This month the theme is Free For All and it is all about FREE PATTERNS galore

Dozens of sewing bloggers have been sharing their makings out of free sewing patterns. There are hundreds out there! I have a Pinterest board with nothing but free patterns for kids clothes and it is already counting 350+! (And I am sure there are a ton more yet to be found!) You can find it here.

The Freestyle Harem Pants and The Phresh Blazer

Hey! I'm back to show you lovely readers two more makings for the BundleUP - Girls edition tour - the Freestyle Harem pants and the Phresh blazer.

Just in case you have missed my previous post, I have also made the Penny Vintage dress and you can see it here.

The Socialite Peplum

Hey! Today I am part of the Lil Luxe Collection pattern tour. 
The designer behind Lil Luxe patterns is Jessica Bustos. She started her pattern company this year and had already released several patterns. All of them have a distinct and glamorous design. They are all being showcased on a pattern tour and I got to make the Socialite Peplum top. 


The Socialite Peplum Bubble Dress, pattern by Lil Luxe Collection. You can get it (or any other Lil Luxe Collection pattern) here with 30% off from Dec. 2nd to Dec. 11th with coupon code “blogtour"!


Medium weight woven, checkered pale pink background.


This pattern is a new version of Jessica's first pattern (which I got to test) that kept the main features - princess seams, scoop back neck and a bubble skirt. It offers options for sleeveless, short and long sleeves, with or without a little shoulder cap. And you can make it as a Peplum flounce top or a Bubble skirt dress with pockets.
For this tour I have opted for the peplum top version but you can see my super dress-up bubble dress version here.

This week's theme was " A dressy affair to remember - style your fashionista". When I was choosing fabric for this pattern - and I was thinking about making another dress - my dear daughter came to me and after realizing I was going to make her a dress she said "Another dress?! But I don't want another dress!... I have too many!" I have to say she is right... So I had to come up with a fancy no-dress version for this "dressy affair" tour... Well, I think a little girl can be all dressed up in... pants! Specially if they are fancy pants! So I grabed this black twill pants with velveteen hearts from her wardrobe, her shinny black mary jane shoes with the most cute bow, and that had to do it. And then it just happened again... I had this fabric on my hands - a red one with polka dots (that I used here), beacuse after all red is the Holidays season color - when she promptly said "But it has to be pink..." Well, pink it was... 
So, here is my no-dress fancy version of the Socialite Peplum Bubble dress and top. Sometimes a mom's gotta to do what a mom's gotta to do, right? :)

Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win fabric!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jessica just announced the Monthly pattern of choice giveaway!  Every month she will choose one winner from Lil Luxe Collection Instagram followers. Followers must tag @jessbluxe with their Lil Luxe Collection pattern creation.  A winner will be chosen every first of the month Starting with January 1, 2015. Isn't this great?

A mostrar Lil Luxe 2014 Holiday blog Tour Banner.jpeg

Here is the Blog Tour schedule - go have a look at all these fabulous versions of Lil Luxe patterns!
Monday, Dec. 1 - Rouche & Division Top
Wednesday, Dec. 3 - Peek A Boo Hoodie
Thursday, Dec. 4 - Alley Cat Romper
Friday, Dec. 5 - Reversible Crop Top & Dress
Monday, Dec. 8 - Modern Belle Dress
Tuesday, Dec. 9 - Socialite Peplum and Dress
Wednesday, Dec. 10 - Two Haute Shorts
Thursday, Dec. 11 - Starlight City Dress

Happy Sewing!

The Blake dress

Hi! Last week I was lucky to be picked as a pattern tester for the new dress pattern by Farrah of Mingo & Grace patterns. You know how much I love pattern testing but the truth is I haven't been applying for so many tester calls lately because I have a few (rather important) new projects coming up and I need to focus on them. Well, I just had to make an exception to this one... I had already tested her first pattern - the Charlie dress, which you can see here - so I just had to test this one too. :)

The Blake dress, pattern by Mingo & Grace.

A light-weight scuba/neoprene knit in fuschia. This is an amazing fabric to work with! I had already used a striped scuba knit here. I love it!

This dress features a beautiful pleated skirt with hidden pockets on the side seams and closes at the back with an invisible zipper. It is available in sizes 18m to 6 years. 

You can make it fully lined or use bias facings on the neckline and armholes. I have opted to leave mine showing (instead of turning it all over the inside) to had some contrast to the solid color knit. I have also add a cute bow - how do you like it best? At the neckline or at the waistline?

This dress is best made in a medium to heavy weight fabric (woven or knit) because of its structured design but you can make it in any fabric. You can dress it up or down, depending on which fabric you choose - broadcloth, cottons, corduroy, denim, jacquards, linen, poplin, sateen, satin, taffeta, twill, velvet, wools... lots of options!

I have a good news for you - this pattern only has 15 pages to print! And it comes with the layer option so you can print only the size you need!

This pattern is under a 20% discount right now so go and get it here or on Etsy! Make sure to join the Mingo & Grace Patterns group at Facebook for a chance to get a even greater discount. (Just sayin'... :) )

Happy sewing!

This project was linked to:

The All Spice Dress

Hi! Today I am part of the All Spice Blog Tour. I had the chance to test the All Spice dress sometime ago and when Karly invited me for the tour I immediately said yes! On one hand because I admire Karly - she is an amazing stay-at-home mom of five kids! -, and on the other hand because I looove this dress. I have a crush for pintucks... 

The All Spice dress, pattern by Paisley Roots. (You can get it here!)

Cotton solid in black and emerald green (although it doesn't look like in the photos...).

This pattern is available in sizes 6-12 months to 12 years. It features an adorable square-neck design with (optional) pintucks at the front. The bodice is lined and the seams are enclosed.
It comes with two different closures at the front - zipper or buttons - and it has four different sleeve options - sleeveless, flutter, cap and longsleeve - which makes it suitable for all seasons! 
There is a printing guide so you can choose to print only the pieces you need, and the instructions are very detailled! Karly does a grear job taking you through each step.

I have opted for a sleeveless dress and the button closure for which I have used these vintage glass buttons from my belated granny's stash. 
As always I had a hard time choosing which fabrics to use (from my stash, or my tiny fabric store as I call it... :) )... The version I made while testing this pattern was a floral birds-eye cotton piqué, so this time I decided to make a it... a color blocking dress! Coming from me that is a bit shocking right? :)

I have hand sewn the bodice to the skirt (on the inside) because personally I prefer less top stitching. For the hem I decided to go for a band hem to had some contrast to the black skirt. I really like how it turned out.

This dress is amazing! I really love the details... I mean, how lovely are those pintucks? 
Have a look at all the different versions made for the tour! 

Nov. 26 The Life of a Compulsive Crafter | Made by Sara

Black Friday sale code and a Giveaway!

Karly is offering a Black Friday sale of 25% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY2014 (valid until Sunday)!

There is also a giveaway for fabric and notions! Enter the Rafllecopter below for a chance to win. 

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Happy sewing!