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The Origami Sweater

I finally made something for kid #1! This boy is one of the most sweetest, patient, caring persons I know. A couple of years ago he used to ask who is it for every time I was assembling a pattern or cutting fabric. Then he just stopped asking. So sad, right? I have said it before: worst mom in the world here. When I saw the testing call from Misusu Patterns for this a.m.a.z.i.n.g sweater *I knew* I had to make it for him! 

Dinossaur Hooded Scarf

Hi! How is Kids Clothes Week going on for you? I must say it was a completely disaster for me this time, in terms of finished things but I am managed to sew at least 1h/day (except for these two last days) so go I guess I am fine. :)

Today I am sharing a super cool Dinossaur Hood I made a couple of months ago for a pattern testing, but was actually still a WIP because I hadn't yet placed the snaps. So I placed the snaps and finally got the chance to blog about it. It's great that it fits this KCW's theme - Wild Things - so much! And since the snaps were put this week that's got to count as a KCW make, right? :) 

Time to Travel - Sewing with Boys

Hi everyone! Today I am showing you three super cool patterns from a new ebook - Time to Travel!

This ebook was put together by a group of amazing ladies from Sewing With Boys
They aim to inspire sewing moms to sew more for their boys! I know I am guilty of not sewing much for my little Mr. - we all know that thing about sewing for girls being so lovely, right? :) But on this group you can find lots of inspiration, support, ideas and tips about sewing for boys! 

The Color Block Ziggy Top

Hey! How was the weekend? We are having a beautiful Spring weather around here. I have seen some people wearing short sleeves already, so that's a sign that Spring is really here. :)

Every time I get an email from my blogging friend Olu - from Needle and Ted - two things happen: I have a good laugh (she has the best sense of humor) and I know I will be in trouble... :) She always comes up with these fun pattern tours, competitions and the sort, for Madeit patterns, and I am always ready to jump into whatever it is because I just love Anna's patterns.

So, today I am joining the Just Add Detail challenge!
This friendly competition is all about grabbing the Ziggy top pattern - an oversized box kids top - and adding some detail to it or flip it around and make something completely different. :)

Boys can wear pink!

When Kelly - who blogs over Handmade Boy -  said something about hosting a blog series on boys wearing pink I immediately said yes! I never say no to a chance to sew something for my little guy since he gets so much less sewing from mom than his two sisters. 

He is always so happy when I do! (As in opposed to his sisters who often say things like "Oh no mommy, another dress?!? Don't I have enough yet?" As if it was possible that a girl could ever have too many dresses!... Well, according to their book it is, haha! ) 

And I love new sewing challenges and I knew sewing something pink for him would be a challenge. And I wasn't wrong. 

A wallet for the little Mr.

My son is turning 7 in a few days... Where did time go? He was the sweetest baby! For the first 6 months of his life all he did was eating and sleeping... He would be awake for a few periods of half an hour everyday and almost didn't cry, except for one hour between 6 and 7pm. :) 
He grew up with a good heart. Well, until he got to primary school last year... I mean, he still has a good heart, but he is now a typical primary school boy and he is actually having some trouble being quiet in the classroom... I don't think he qualifies for having ADHD though. He is just too smart... :) He does all the assignments too quick and then he gets to distract his classmates who are still working on theirs... We need to find strategies to keep him still and occupied and focus on something else... Any suggestions? Maybe getting him a few drawing books? Any you would recommend? I found these ones from Usborne that I love. {No affiliation here, just sharing something I like.}

Found on Amazon
I got side tracked here, sorry... :) Actually this post is about the Pirate's Treasure Wallet I made for him. :) 
Since October is his birthday's month I thought I should devote sometime this month to make somethings for him. He still gets less sewing time than his sisters... 

He has been asking for a wallet since our Summer vacations this year. He wanted to have his own pocket money to buy ice creams and candy, and some comic books. But since he didn't had a wallet we had to keep his money for him. so I knew I had to make him a wallet once we got home, now to find a pattern... 
I couldn't believe when Fenna asked for people to join this tour! I would finally have the chance to make a boy's wallet!
Can you imagine how happy he was when I surprised him this week with this wallet? He was thrilled!

Pattern: the Pirate's Wallet patttern, by Fabulous Home Sewn.
Fabric: black and rusty orange baby wale corduroy and Phineas & Ferb comic print (it is the Springs Creative Disney Phineas and Ferb Agent P Comic patch fabric)
Details: This pattern features a bill pocket, three card pockets, a vinyl pocket for an ID card and a pleated pocket for change. This pattern is not difficult but I would rate it as "adventurous" beginner because of the zipper and all the pocket construction - which is easier then it looks! I have made something different - when closing and turning (the final step) I left the opening for turning on the zipper pocket side and not on the upper side. This way I had to top stitch (to close the opening) on the side - which is barely noticeable and in fact invisible when the wallet is closed - instead of top stitching all the upper end. I wouldn't mind that if I could just top stitch all around the wallet but that is almost impossible due to all the necessary bulkiness at the bottom edge. My son really enjoyed his new wallet! And my dear husband already let me know he wants one too - comic print and all. :)

There is a giveaway running if you want to try your chance to win a patern of your choice fro FABulous Home Sewn! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There is a blog tour showcasing the Pirate's Treasure Wallet pattern and the Perfect Petal Purse - both patterns from Fabulous Home Sewn. 
If you need more inspiration go take a look at all the other wallets and purses made for this tour!

September 28 | Nosy Pepper
September 29 | From a Box | Gracious Threads
September 30 | Project Destash
October 1 | Filles a Maman
October 2 | Sew Very
October 4 | Lulu and Celeste | Made By Sara

The Knight Hoodie - for Perfect Pattern Parcel #4 Boys edition

The Perfect Pattern Parcel #4 is here and is all about the BOYS! And I feel so honoured to be part of this pattern parcel inspiration tour!

I have to say I am always excited with the PPP releases! I have been hoarding all the Perfect Pattern Parcels since #1. It is such a great opportunity to get a bunch of amazing patterns from the best indie designers and at the same time knowing you are contributing for a cause!

It was really difficult to choose one pattern for this tour since they are all fantastic! But I have been eyeing the Knight Hoodie from Charming Doodle since it was released. We live very close to a beautiful castle (yes, a real one! and it is only five minutes away, walking!) so my kids are always playing pretending they are strong and courageous knights and lovely princesses. Lucky for them I love to play along and make them some costumes. The Knight Hoodie is just perfect!
I have already sewn one of Elisa's patterns - the Kudzu cargo pants (not yet blogged) - so I knew what to expect from this pattern... perfection! 

Although this hoodie seems very complex because of all the different pieces I have found it to be not a difficult sew - even with the zipper! The instructions are really great! Super clear and easy to follow. It is not a quick sew though (lots of topstitching), but it is totally worth it. I love it!

The Knight Hoodie is a bonus pattern of the PPP#4. Here is a look into all the other patterns included in this parcel:
Pattern Parcel #4
Maxwell Top by Shwin Designs
Zippy Jacket by Blank Slate Patterns
Schoolboy Vest by Sew Much Ado
Small Fry Jeans by Titchy Threads
Jet Pack Bag by Betz White
Bonus pattern: Knight Hoodie by Charming Doodle.

I already had made the Small Fry Skinny jeans from Titchy Threads - one of the best patterns e.v.e.r! Seriously, Laura knows how to make a pattern like a professional... She is definitely on my top 3 best indie pattern designers. You can read more about my Skinny jeans here.

And I also had already made the School Boy vest from Sew Much Ado. I can never say enough good things about this pattern. It is super super easy and quick to sew!
I was one of the testers and I have to say it I think it was the only time I had nothing to say on the feedback form... I was so embarrassed and afraid that Abby would think I didn't cared about providing a good feedback... I mean, as a tester I always try to spot and point as many things as I can regarding every aspect of a pattern (pattern pieces, assembling, instructions, construction, etc.) but this pattern was just perfect in all its aspects...
You can read more about my School Boy vest here.

The Perfect Pattern Parcel #4 ends in two days! Hurry up! You really don't want to miss this amazing set of patterns plus contributing to such a great cause. Get it here!

About Pattern Parcel:
We believe in supporting independent pattern designers. It’s our opinion that indie patterns are just, well, better than big box patterns, and we’re pretty sure our customers think so too. So, we allow customers to show their support in naming their own price for each Parcel.  We also encourage customers to allocate part of their Parcel price to the charity in order to help classrooms in need. Pattern Parcel donates all profits after expenses from Parcel sales to the charity as well. Together we've raised $9,800 towards eliminating educational inequality.

Parcel #4 Inspiration Tour Schedule:
Friday, August 22 casa crafty || Lulu & Celeste || Keep Calm and Carrion
Saturday, August 23 Max California || Amanda Rose
Sunday, August 24 little betty sews
Monday, August 25 Kadiddlehopper || Radiant Home Studio
Tuesday, August 26 La Pantigana || Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts || Friends Stitched Together
Wednesday, August 27 Make It Perfect || Modern Handmade || GYCT Designs
Thursday, August 28 Needle and Ted || Mae & K || Mimi's Mom
Friday, August 29 Pienkel || Once Upon a Sewing Machine || Friends Stitched Together
Saturday, August 30 FABulous Home Sewn || Gray Skies || The Crazy Tailor
Sunday, August 31 Nine Stitches || Max California || Oliver's Fancy || Friends Stitched Together
Monday, September 1 a happy stitch || lady and the gents || Our Family Four || Swoodson Says
Tuesday, September 2 verypurpleperson || Things for Boys || The Crazy Tailor
Wednesday, September 3 Our Family Four || Rebekah Sews || a happy stitch
Thursday, September 4 Sew a Straight Line || la inglesita || Made by Sara || Knot Sew Normal
Friday, September 5 Knot Sew Normal || Gracious Threads || Sofilantjes || Max California

The Zee's Tee - Bundle UP Boys

Today I am part of the Bundle UP! Boys edition pattern tour and I had the chance to make a Zee's Tee, pattern by Tie Dye Diva!
The Bundle UP is a collective of talented PDF pattern designers coming together to offer an amazing deal on a bundle of all-new pdf patterns for boys!! (Although some, if not all, can also be sewn for girls - just use your creativity to make them more girly girl! :) ) You can find it here! And hurry - it will be on sale only from August 22-29!

Bundle UP

My local fabric store doesn't have many knits. So, when I find any I always add some to my stash. This one is a (double-faced) French terry that I have found sometime ago in the remnants bin, but you can use jersey, interlock, thermal, rib knit, as long as it has a minimum of 25% of stretch.
I also have this exact same knit in pink (with pink stripes) so I see a girly girl's Zee's Tee in my near future. :) (Yes, I am one of those moms who likes to dress their kids matchy-matchy...)

This pattern has several options - pocket tee, yoke tee or colorblock tee, and two sleeve lengths (short or long). I have opted for the pocket tee with long sleeves. Although around here summer usually lasts until October this boy has outgrown almost all of his long sleeve tees so this mom here needs to sew a ton more before the cold weather arrives. :)

Instead of hemming by folding the edges to the inside I have folded them to the outside (both at the bottom and at the sleeves) to make them contrasting. I love the way the stripes show onto the green color block side and vice-versa. Then I have sewn just a few stitches right at the side seams ("stitch in the ditch") to keep the hems rolled to the outside (again both at the bottom and at the sleeves).

I have used the measurement chart to choose which size to sew and the fit is spot on! 

If you have never sewn with knits this is such a great pattern to adventure yourself! It is a super quick sew! The instructions are clear and easy to follow and they include two pages with great tips for sewing with knits. 

This pattern is perfect as it is but I have decided to add elbow patches! And I thought I would share with you a simple and super quick tutorial on how to add elbow patches to any tee's or shirt's pattern.

Tutorial - how to add elbow patches to any pattern in two simple steps!

Step 1 - Make the elbow patch pattern piece

 You can do this by two very simple ways:
  •  Using a pins magnet - I always love to find new uses for sewing objects! :) Just trace all around with a pencil. This patch will be suitable for smaller sizes.
  • Or use a glass! You have to trace two partial overlapped circles and draw two lines, one on each side. This patch is bigger than the previous.
Of course you can use any other oval shape object you have around. :)
Trace the patch pattern to the patch fabric and cut (two pieces). Optional: you can apply fusible interfacing.

Step 2 - Placing and Sewing
Fold the two sleeve pieces (just the cut fabric, not yet sewn) in half and press to create a crease (in the middle). Unfold. You now have a center line.
Place the patches over the sleeves pieces onto the back part of the sleeve (I have marked the front half with a pin at the top - can you see it?). You should place it at the center point (right next to the crease and half way between top and bottom).
Repeat for other sleeve piece, making sure both sleeves are mirrored images.
Sew around the edge with a small zig zag stitch or blanket stitch, for both patches.

You're done! 

This is definitely a go-to t-shirt pattern to have in your pattern library!

Here is a preview of all the patterns on this great Bundle Up and don't forget they will only be for sale for ONE week starting this Friday! 

Bundle UP

Make sure to check the pattern tour for more inspiration!

A Star Wars inspired outfit - a guest post

Today you can find me over Mae & K where I am sharing an outfit I made inspired by Star Wars! Mae & K and Friends Stitched Together are hosting this super fun sewing series (competition and sew-along!), the CraftingCon!

I have made a not-so-geeky Star Wars boy's outfit - I wanted to make something my little man would be able to wear in the everyday. ;) I can't say much - you will have to go to Mae & K to see the whole thing! -, I will only tell you that I used the Mulberry tunic pattern from Kid Approved for Willow & Co., and I made a remix/ mash up/ flip of the Kudzu cargos pattern from Charming Doodle (also for Willow & Co.) and the Small Fry Skinny jeans from Titchy Threads - these are some of my all-time favorite patterns!

We had this photoshoot while having a fun ride at a beautiful huge natural park. They all love to ride! 

Join all the CraftingCon fun! 
Crafting Con

And please take a look at the gorgeous Star Wars girl's outfit that Karly from Paisley Roots made! (It looks very similar to what I had envisioned in the first place - I guess we are great minds!... :) )