Boys can wear pink!

When Kelly - who blogs over Handmade Boy -  said something about hosting a blog series on boys wearing pink I immediately said yes! I never say no to a chance to sew something for my little guy since he gets so much less sewing from mom than his two sisters. 

He is always so happy when I do! (As in opposed to his sisters who often say things like "Oh no mommy, another dress?!? Don't I have enough yet?" As if it was possible that a girl could ever have too many dresses!... Well, according to their book it is, haha! ) 

And I love new sewing challenges and I knew sewing something pink for him would be a challenge. And I wasn't wrong. 

When I first started planning this blog post I had something with so much pink in mind. It was really pink. As in a whole piece in flamingo-hot-bright-neon pink. But he didn't agreed to it. (Much to his Dad's contentment, ha!). And I was going to pair it with a white and mint green piece. 

So, from all the fabrics I had in pink or with some pink he picked this colored stripes in black background jersey knit. (Can you spot a pink stripe in there?)
Since this was a dark background knit I opted to go along with an off white french terry. And some hints of bright flamingo pink french terry or the sleeve tabs and the back yoke.
Since this was an all knit piece I opted to use snaps instead of buttons. 

I only showed him the final result when it was done and he loved it!! Like in crazy love love.
We took this photos last Sunday. The weather was cold and the sky was overcast. He braved himself through a 7 minute photo shoot in short sleeves. (Some people passed by and must have think I was crazy, haha!) When we were heading to the car I told him he had to change clothes (as in 4 layers of long sleeves...) and this 7 year-old boy almost started to cry because he didn't wanted to take it off! He loved the pink details! And the kangaroo pocket. And the hood. 

Again I have used the Mulberry tunic pattern, from my sweet friend Olga who blogs over Kid Approved
I have to be honest... I almost never go back to use a pattern again - because you know me already, I love to try new patterns! - but this is actually the one I have used more times since I sew for my kids! You can see my first (girly) version here and my cool Star Wars inspired version here. I know for sure this won't be the last time I'll use it since it offers several versions (long/short sleeves, front and in-seam pockets, hood/no hood) and the end-result is amazing.

The kangaroo pocket and the hem band are not in the pattern but I just had to copy this gorgeous version from Mie, at Sewing Like Mad. (Sorry, my friend! :) ) 

So... I think this is actually the first piece of clothing this little guy has with some pink on it! Doesn't pink look great on boys too? Just take a look at fashion magazines and you will see it for yourselves... Men can look pretty handsome in pink. My next mission is going to get his Dad to wear some pink too. (And I am sure he is shaking is head and saying "Oh no you I won't!" :) )

If you want to get inspiration to some pink sewing for the men in your life make sure to check all the stops for this tour. And don't forget to take your chances on this amazing giveaway that Kelly has put together along with some great sponsors, by entering the Rafflecopter below! You can win: one yard of solid cotton/lycra fabric and one yard of coordinate from the Purple Seamstress, a $25 gift certificate plus a surprise fat quarter from the Phat Quarter Shop, one pattern of choice from several designers - Paisley Roots, Patterns for Pirates, Mouse House Creations -, $20 store credit from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, the Bottoms Up Pants Pattern from If Only They Would Nap and 10% off code for visitors and 1 yard of the fabric 'Pit Stop' poplin in pink from Mabel Madison. That's a great prize bundle! 

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Happy sewing!


  1. Tens um jeitao para styling!!! Adoro as alteraçoes que fizeste a Mulberry... And the little guy rocks pink big time! :)

  2. This looks SO great on him and I'm so happy I inspired you. No need to any kind of apologies silly!! :-)

  3. Espectacular! Adoro o tecido que ele escolheu e a aplicação no bolso e no capuz. Ficou mesmo gira! Também acho que tens que fazer mais coisas para ele! ;D

  4. THis is amazing, Sara! I love love love it! You have the right balanc of pink and white and stripes and it looks very masculine! Well done! And thank you so much for uaing my pattern! I am very happy you like it!

  5. Wow this is one very cool shirt, love the details!

  6. Rosa para rapazes, não sei, mas gosto muito desta túnica! E deve ser super confortável! Adoro as fotos e o novo loook do blog! ;-)

  7. Eu gosto de ver rapazes de rosa ;-) e o teu filho ficou o máximo (apesar de ser pouco rosa). A túnica está muito gira :-)

  8. Wow this is super cool! Love those stripes! And the pink details are perfect.

  9. Your boy is absolutely handsome and he is rocking his new hoodie! Love the pocket and the pink accents on the hoodie. I can't think of a better compliment than a kiddo not wanting to take something mummy-made off, even when they are freezing cold!

  10. I love it. Your son is a cool dude in pink.

  11. Ooh, Sara this is so great! I love everything about it!

  12. I love it!!
    And actually both my boys (and even my husband) wear pink, as in rusty pink or lighter shades of pink. Especially in the summer and I always love it.
    Nevertheless, my advise is "always start with small details" - they will be addicted for sure :)

  13. Adoro! Eu acho que eles podem usar rosa. A côr fica tão bem ao meu filho que é morenaço mas não sei muito bem porquê nas últimas semanas começou a dizer que cor-de-rosa é para meninas... E nem são ideias do pai. O pai veste camisas, polos e calções de banho cor-de-rosa.

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