A Star Wars inspired outfit - a guest post

Today you can find me over Mae & K where I am sharing an outfit I made inspired by Star Wars! Mae & K and Friends Stitched Together are hosting this super fun sewing series (competition and sew-along!), the CraftingCon!

I have made a not-so-geeky Star Wars boy's outfit - I wanted to make something my little man would be able to wear in the everyday. ;) I can't say much - you will have to go to Mae & K to see the whole thing! -, I will only tell you that I used the Mulberry tunic pattern from Kid Approved for Willow & Co., and I made a remix/ mash up/ flip of the Kudzu cargos pattern from Charming Doodle (also for Willow & Co.) and the Small Fry Skinny jeans from Titchy Threads - these are some of my all-time favorite patterns!

We had this photoshoot while having a fun ride at a beautiful huge natural park. They all love to ride! 

Join all the CraftingCon fun! 
Crafting Con

And please take a look at the gorgeous Star Wars girl's outfit that Karly from Paisley Roots made! (It looks very similar to what I had envisioned in the first place - I guess we are great minds!... :) )


  1. Love the outfit Sara! It is both fun and practical.

  2. Such a great outfit for an active boy! I love that you've used the theme without making it costumey at all :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 15, 2014

    Espetáculo Sara. O tecido é demais. Adorei <3

  4. Looks great Sara. That location looks amazing!! and I love the biiiig photos, he he :-)

  5. Muito bom! Esses calções estão super! Como foi coser com ganga? A minha máquina morria se eu tentasse fazer algo assim... :)

  6. THAT MULBERRY!!! Can I have it when you're done?? :D

  7. muito bom Sara! gosto imenso de ver coisinhas p os meninos, smp gostei mm antes de ter o meu... vamos lá ver se lhe dedicas mais costuras a ele para me inspirares. bjoca


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