The Zee's Tee - Bundle UP Boys

Today I am part of the Bundle UP! Boys edition pattern tour and I had the chance to make a Zee's Tee, pattern by Tie Dye Diva!
The Bundle UP is a collective of talented PDF pattern designers coming together to offer an amazing deal on a bundle of all-new pdf patterns for boys!! (Although some, if not all, can also be sewn for girls - just use your creativity to make them more girly girl! :) ) You can find it here! And hurry - it will be on sale only from August 22-29!

Bundle UP

My local fabric store doesn't have many knits. So, when I find any I always add some to my stash. This one is a (double-faced) French terry that I have found sometime ago in the remnants bin, but you can use jersey, interlock, thermal, rib knit, as long as it has a minimum of 25% of stretch.
I also have this exact same knit in pink (with pink stripes) so I see a girly girl's Zee's Tee in my near future. :) (Yes, I am one of those moms who likes to dress their kids matchy-matchy...)

This pattern has several options - pocket tee, yoke tee or colorblock tee, and two sleeve lengths (short or long). I have opted for the pocket tee with long sleeves. Although around here summer usually lasts until October this boy has outgrown almost all of his long sleeve tees so this mom here needs to sew a ton more before the cold weather arrives. :)

Instead of hemming by folding the edges to the inside I have folded them to the outside (both at the bottom and at the sleeves) to make them contrasting. I love the way the stripes show onto the green color block side and vice-versa. Then I have sewn just a few stitches right at the side seams ("stitch in the ditch") to keep the hems rolled to the outside (again both at the bottom and at the sleeves).

I have used the measurement chart to choose which size to sew and the fit is spot on! 

If you have never sewn with knits this is such a great pattern to adventure yourself! It is a super quick sew! The instructions are clear and easy to follow and they include two pages with great tips for sewing with knits. 

This pattern is perfect as it is but I have decided to add elbow patches! And I thought I would share with you a simple and super quick tutorial on how to add elbow patches to any tee's or shirt's pattern.

Tutorial - how to add elbow patches to any pattern in two simple steps!

Step 1 - Make the elbow patch pattern piece

 You can do this by two very simple ways:
  •  Using a pins magnet - I always love to find new uses for sewing objects! :) Just trace all around with a pencil. This patch will be suitable for smaller sizes.
  • Or use a glass! You have to trace two partial overlapped circles and draw two lines, one on each side. This patch is bigger than the previous.
Of course you can use any other oval shape object you have around. :)
Trace the patch pattern to the patch fabric and cut (two pieces). Optional: you can apply fusible interfacing.

Step 2 - Placing and Sewing
Fold the two sleeve pieces (just the cut fabric, not yet sewn) in half and press to create a crease (in the middle). Unfold. You now have a center line.
Place the patches over the sleeves pieces onto the back part of the sleeve (I have marked the front half with a pin at the top - can you see it?). You should place it at the center point (right next to the crease and half way between top and bottom).
Repeat for other sleeve piece, making sure both sleeves are mirrored images.
Sew around the edge with a small zig zag stitch or blanket stitch, for both patches.

You're done! 

This is definitely a go-to t-shirt pattern to have in your pattern library!

Here is a preview of all the patterns on this great Bundle Up and don't forget they will only be for sale for ONE week starting this Friday! 

Bundle UP

Make sure to check the pattern tour for more inspiration!


  1. Gorgeous tees and thank you for the tutorial - I will share it for sure!

  2. Great tutorial, Sara!
    (Tenho mesmo que ver se me aventuro com malhas e começar a costurar as t-shirts das minhas filhas...)
    Super inspirational!

  3. What a great tee! Love the contrasting fabric on the back, pocket and sleeves :)


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