Today is all about Inespiration!

Today is all about Inês and the incredible makings that she shares on La Folie - Sewing Booth blog and on Instagram. A group of sewing bloggers wanted to express how much Inês is an inspiration to us and to the online sewing community. So, can you see how I was inspired by Inês on this baby outfit? Well, I used Nosh knits (they are the best!) and picked colors that Inês woud pick (blue and black). 

I first met Inês on a pattern testing group, back in 2014. We were lucky to be picked to test several patterns from the debut collection of Willow & Co. I was so excited to meet another fellow Portuguese sewist! We soon became friends and spent lots of time chatting on Facebook. Me and other sewing bloggers begged Inês to start a blog so she could share her beautiful makings. We were oh so happy when she did! 

It has been so amazing to see Inês growing a style of her own. I wish I had one, but I don't, I sew so many different things in so many different styles... But not Inês. She developed a aesthetic and style that can be easily identified on a photo even when the owner/maker is not identified. Maybe it's the colors, or maybe it's the knits she uses (mainly NOSH), maybe it's the prints, or maybe it's the overall look of what she makes, but she definitely has an amazing style of her own. And because of that she became such an inespiration (see what we did there? hehe) to so many people in the online sewing community. 

We <3 you, Inês! We love your makings, the fabrics and knits you pick, we love your style, and we love that smile of yours - the best in the world! Please keep that sewing groove going and keep us inespired! :) 

When I thought about what to make inspired by Inês makings I couldn't make up my mind... Her makings are all so, so good, both the older ones from 2014 and up until now. It was not an easy choice. 

One of the things that best characterizes Inês is that she often uses NOSH knits and I happened to have a few on my knit stash that were kindly sent by NOSH and were waiting for a chance to be used in some baby sewing. (Oh wait, baby T. just turned 1 year-old... do I get to still call it a baby? [insert crying face here])

I haven't been sewing much in the last months, well, in the last year actually, because of baby #4. I am managing my time a bit better now that he is growing up, but I haven't been able to establish a sewing routine yet. I was so used to sew several hours straight in a day, with no interruptions, that I am having serious trouble developing the habit of sewing for little stretches of time. I'll get there... Hopefully. :) 

The knit colors - blue and black - are also so Inês! 

- self drafted sweater, with the same batwing sleeves draft I used to make this dress
- self drafted harem pants (I was going to use the Basic Joggers pattern by Elemeno but my home printing machine broke and now I can't print PDF patterns. Oh well, I guess that means I'll stop being a slacker and start putting my drafting skills to use, haha.)

NOSH organic knits - Pesukarhu (in jersey light blue), loopback sweatshirting (in black, wide), 1x1 rib opened (in light blue and white). 

NOSH knits are really soft and organic, which is perfect for baby clothing. They are the best quality and so easy to sew with! 

I have some of the loopback sweatshirting left and I am planning to make my hubby something with it. Any pattern recommendations? (Please share on comments, thank you!)

They have just released the new Fall collection and I can't wait to put my hands on some. So yummy! 

Disclosure: This post is a co-operation with NOSH fabrics. I was kindly sent these knits by NOSH but all opinions are my own. They truly are of an amazing quality! 

Inês has an enormous heart and is an advocate of sewing to gift. If you search her blog you will find several things she made as a gift to her loved ones, friends and friends' babies. :) I was lucky to be gifted with a beautiful set of baby hats made out of NOSH knits (of course), as a virtual baby shower when baby #4 was born. They were truly cherished and heavily used. (Thank you again, Inês!)
Here are some of Inês's sewing friends who joined the #inespiration fun and are joining their makings inspired in Inês's makings today: 

You can also find them find them on Instagram. Click on their handles or check the hashtag #inespiration! 

How amazing is this drawing made by the uber talented Toya? (Thank you, Toya!) 

Hope you'll have fun and, above all, be inespired! 

Happy sewing!


  1. Ahhhhh, he is sooooo cute and what an adorable outfit you made him. And I can't believe that you two met in the Willow testing group? I don't think I knew that but that makes my heart happy. Thank you for arranging this series and for inviting me. It was such a pleasure!

  2. Oh my goodness, I can't believe he's already a year old!! He looks so adorable in his Inespired Nosh outfit - it's perfect! Thank you so much for organizing this fun surprise for Ines, and thank you for inviting me along. You are the best!

  3. So cute, he looks just like your daughter. I used the loopback sweatshirting for a cardigan, never would have thought about using it for pants, but it works really well, especially for a baby. I think a matching top would be really cool ;-) Though his racoon sweatshirt is really cute, I'm so glad Nosh now do prints. Yayyy!!!

  4. Aaaa! I love your girls so much, but he might be the new blog star! Squishy cheeks definitely help his case. :) :) He is soooo cute in his outfit! Thank you for organizing such a fun event! I had a ton of fun! 💙💙💙💙

  5. This is such a cute outfit Sara, and how adorable is baby T (he's definitely still your baby!). You can definitely see the influence of Ines here. Thanks so much for organising this and inviting me!


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