The Rushbrook Top

I bet you must have seen a lot of beautiful Rushbrook tops and dresses on social media by now. The Rushbroom is the latest pattern by the all.amazing.super.talented Laura of Titchy Threads. After designing several patterns mainly directed to boys she is now starting to work on girls patterns as well! I was so happy! Laura is one of the best pattern makers out there. She makes patterns of such an amazing quality (and by quality I mean well drafted pattern pieces, notches, good grading, great instructions and all the best sewing techniques, no shortcuts, no clumsy "techniques"). Well, today I am joining the Rushbrook Dress& Top pattern tour with the most plain & simple Rushbrook version you will ever see. The pattern offers several options for adding ruffles but my almost-9-year-old-acting-like-a-teenager-already girl didn't want any ruffles. No. Ruffles. She said. Not on the sleeves, not on the placket, not in the bottom of the bodice. No. Ruffles. And this mom obeyed. I think I got a bit really tired of making things for my kids only to be worn a couple of times because they weren't exactly what they liked... So, now I ask and let them choose. And my fun sewing days are over. ahaha

The Rushbrook Dress & Top by Titchy Threads.

Birdseye cotton pique, purchased at a local fabric store.

The pattern offers many options: dress or top length, two hem styles (hem facing or ruffle hem), flutter sleeves, placket ruffle and gathered pockets (as options). Well, my girl was clear: no ruffles, so I had to go with the most dull plain version. haha Good thing is, we both like the end result! Although it's simple it fits perfectly and that structured bodice is really cool. 

I didn't had enough fabric for the hem band pieces so I had to cheat and use bias tape instead. I have to say that although it works I do prefer (a thousand times more) the bigger hem line when using the given hem band.

The pattern is available in sizes 12-18 months to 12 years.I have opted for size 7 weight + size 9 height. 

Summer is still strong around here so this top is already in rotation, but I have plans to make a couple of Fall/Winter versions with corduroy (a type of fabric that I love!), flannel or viyella.

These two. Love each other. Hate each other. haha They asked for a photo together, so here it is. The next minute they were fighting over who would read a story to little brother. My sanity is very dim these days, haha. I hope I'll surprise these years. Really. 

Happy sewing!


  1. This is such a beautiful fabric Sara, the no ruffle options work really went with the print. I remember being the same at your daughter's age. That photo of your two girls together is so sweet! Thanks so much for joining the tour today.

  2. This version is so gorgeous! Although I am a fan of ruffles, I have to admit that I really love this look without them. I am dreading that day when my girls fully dictate what I can and cannot make for them (though I have to admit it has already begun....). Love your fabric, too!

  3. The top looks lovely. I was laughing reading about No Ruffles Anywhere hahaha Our kids are growing up and making their own decisions (and make us obey hahaha). Love the photo of your two girls together :)

  4. Such a pretty top, Sara! Perfect for an older girl!


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