A Feliz Blouse

Hi! Today I am joining StraightGrain's Feliz Blog Tour. When An asked me to join this tour I was so, so happy! (Feliz means happy in Portuguese, how fun is that?) Feliz is such a great pattern, full of options! You *need* this one in your pattern stash. Besides, An knows how to make the best patterns, well drafted, so it's a perfect investment. (That's how I justify my pattern purchases with DH, "it's an investment dear, I can save all this money by buying this pattern and using it for so many years to make clothes for our kids", of course he doesn't realize I already have way more patterns than I'll be able to use in a life time... haha)

Feliz Dress & Blouse, pattern by StraightGrain. Available in PDF or paper, English or Dutch.

Keiko Goke "Heart Heart III", printed by Yuma (Made in Japan), purchased from Miss Mitatabi (not sure if it's still available since it was purchased over one year ago). I was saving it for something special (aka, a very good pattern, one you know is perfectly drafted and totally worth spending a good fabric on, aka, StraightGrain's patterns. :) )

This pattern has so many options it was really hard to choose:
- dress or blouse, 
- back with hidden zipper or buttons, 
- sleeveless/dolman sleeves/three-quarter sleeves/narrow flutter sleeves/ wide flutter sleeves/ bell sleeves, 
- gathered skirt or pleated skirt. 

I have opted for the blouse option, with button back closure and bell sleeves. 

All my girls want to wear these days are...shorts! So the best decision was to make a blouse (instead of a dress). She loved it! I am sure it will get lots of wear, which is marvelous because there's a point in time when us, sewing mamas, get tired of sewing stuff that isn't loved by our munchkins, or that they grow out fast (mostly because it was made just at the right size), right?

I have also opted for the bell sleeve option because it's all the rage now in fashion and I've been wanting to make something with this type of sleeve. As soon as I saw An's option for this pattern I immediately knew which to make! 

I have made one change to the pattern: I didn't made it lined, I used hong-kong seams at the bodice-skirt seam and bias facing on the neckline. This girl doesn't like to use many layers, and that include lined tops... It worked great though, so that's an option for anyone who might want to skip the lining steps. 

This pattern is available in sizes 3M to 11/12Y (so great!). I have made a size 7, for this girl who just turned 6 a few days ago. :) (She's big for her age.)

I have been so out of the blogging tours & pattern testing loop for over one year now, with just a few exceptions. Pregnancy + baby takes a lot of energy and time (I would say it takes it all?). Thank you An, for thinking of me! It was really lovely to have a deadline and feel the pressure to make something. Sometimes it seems it's the only way I get things done... We are all different and some people just work better this way. Experts say it's the most creative people who can only work under the pressure of a deadline. I can take that. :) 

- super cute kitty cap by H&M (SS17)
- denim shorts by Zara (SS17)
- leather sandals by Zippy (SS17)

 You can get this amazing pattern here

Here's the line up for this tour. Don't miss all the sewing inspo! 


  1. OH Sara, what a sweet top! This fabric was certainly worth saving for something as special as this top. Love seeing your makes. I am glad you got a chance to blog about this gorgeous top. I can't believe you little girl is 6!!!

  2. Very cute, and modern! Your girls are getting so big, and it's so good to see you back!

  3. She's turning into a beautiful young lady! So lovely, the style you chose and the fabric, are perfect together. I'm always reluctant to buy fabric with no sewing project in mind, but it goes to show the right one always come along!

  4. I love this blouse, such a perfect fabric! I love seeing your work! XO


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