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Everyday tank top

(Here I am today. Again. :) Told you so!) 

My little one was oh-so happy with her new top! Sad thing is... She is going to have to wait a few months to wear it because Fall as arrived around here

This is the Everyday tank pattern by Serger Pepper and it is one of the most versatile patterns I have ever seen. You can make a tank top, a dress or a maxi dress. The tank top can be used as is for hot weather or as underwear now that the weather is cooling off. You can also add some long sleeves and make it a sweatshirt. Or you can even turn it into a vest!

The Everyday Tank : Top & Dresses pattern, by Serger Pepper Patterns.

Floral navy knit + off white knit.

If you're looking a for a basic tank pattern with a twist don't look any further. This is what you need. It is such a cool and versatile patttern! It has a side panel that just adds some interest and fun to it! Think color blocking or lace! It also features optional in-seam pockets.
I have flip it just a bit - I have add a ruffled collar and some lovely bows on the side panels. 

The Everyday tank has super comprehensive instructions, full of suggestions, tips and links on how to sew with knits, for example, and it also offers several hem and binding options. It is a super quick and easy sew!
Irene offers both metric and imperial measurements (I love it when designers have the metric system! :) ) and she also have add an option for you to print only the size you need! Oh, speaking of sizes, the range is 3 to 14 years. (It is suitable for tweens! And even for slim fit women.)

I will be sharing (later on) a tutorial on how to make the side bows and the ruffled collar - both super easy to make! 

Make sure to check all the versions made for this pattern tour. You will get so much inspiration from all these amazing creations and flips!

Serger Pepper - Everyday Tank Blog Tour

Monday, 3rd

Discount and Giveaway!

There is a 40% discount on all Serger Pepper patterns valid up until Nov 9th! Use the code BLOGTOUR40 off on all your cart, on Serger Pepper's shop here and on Etsy

You can also try your luck to win a copy of the Everyday Tank : Top & Dresses pattern! Just enter the rafflecopter bellow!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Irene is such a sweet that if you decide to buy the pattern using the coupon code and then you win it, you will have the choice between having another pattern or a $ 10 coupon code for a future purchase (expiring by the end of the next year 2015)!

Red dots and blisters... It's chickenpox!

So... Did you noticed all the red dots on this litle one? She has chickenpox. Her body is full of red spots and a few blisters. Both of my older kids already had it when I was pregnant of this one so they are fine. Where we live people do not vaccinate kids for chickenpox (Do you in your Country?). And honestly I think that is okay. I mean, except for some discomfort from the itchiness she is just fine. Happy and super smiley as always. :) It all started one week ago - on Tuesday night there were just a few tiny red dots on her left arm and then on Wednesday they were all over the place... Most of the blisters are already gone and all she has now are crusts. That she tries to take off... Her brother has a few marks left from scratching off the crusts but they are barely noticeable. I guess a few more days and we are done with this and she will be able to go back to daycare (where she caught this...) - she loves going there! And we are blessed because her teacher is super sweet and commited to the kids. 

So, hopefully after almost two weeks of me being sick followed by one week of two sick kids, I will finally be back to normal schedule in a few days! :)

Happy sewing!

Sunday Picnic Dress

Hey! Today I am part of the Sunday Picnic dress tour. I love the lovely vintage look of this pattern! Suz does such a great job coming up with amazing vintage looking patterns... 


This is the Sunday Picnic dress, a new pattern by Sewpony Vintage patterns!

Fabric and notions

Suiting tweed, mid-weight wool and cotton blend, in grey with silver glitter (main), muted rose & cabbage cotton print in grey (lining).
Vintage trim, white piping.


This dress is available in sizes 12 months up to 10 years. If offers three sleeve (or sleeveless) options, a pointy collar (or collarless) and a few embelishment options (piping and decorative buttons). The bodice is fully lined! And the A-line skirt features two pockets.
I opted to make a Fall/Winter version made out of a woolen blend for the colder weather, and sleeveless and collarless so it could be used with a blouse underneath.
Instead of using piping (as suggested) for the "V" neckline and pockets, I opted to use a vintage trim and I really like how it looks!
After I have sewn the bodice to the skirt it felt to me like something was missing on my version of this lovely dress... I think it was because I used such a grey & plain fabric (with no print) it was looking very dull on the back, so I decided to unpick the bodice seam and add piping there. I think it looks better this way. :)
I did a small flip on the this pattern. It is supposed to close at the back with an invisible zipper and the front pieces are supposed to be sewn to each other (so the "V" shape is more closed up to the neck), but I opted to skip the zipper (by making a single back piece, instead of two) and leave the two front pieces loose. This way I can easily pull it on and off her head (or feet, if she walks into it, which is also a great way to put dresses on a girl) with no closures!

 Here is a sneak peek of the versions of some awesome ladies that are also on the pattern tour today! Go check their full blog post!

Make sure to check the blogs that are also on this tour to see several amazing options of the Sunday Picnic dress! 

Suzanne is offering a discount from Tuesday 28 Oct - Friday 7 November (duration of tour) of 15% with code: SUNDAYTOUR15.  This will apply to both Big Cartel and Etsy store. Go get yours! :)

Red rain boots and a sick girl...

Fall has finally arrived around here! Last week it was all about sun and hot temperatures (we were still wearing short sleeves, shorts and sandals by the end of October!), and suddenly this week it is all about rain and the temperatures dropped like crazy! 
Are you wondering "what's with those rain boots with that outfit"?... Well, this little girl has been ill for about a week now with a virus that caused her severe diarrehea... (I think it is the first time I use the word diarrehea on a blog post, sorry for that. ;) ) We had to take her to the hospital because she had blood on her poop and I kind of freaked out just a little... I am NOT the kind of mom that worries too much, and I can certainly deal with blood and with my kids bleeding but only when it is the "normal" bleeding, like coming from the nose or from skin scratches. Blood coming from the inside organs is not a good thing on my book... Well, apparently sometimes it is not a bad thing also. According to the doctors it is normal that a child bleeds like that when she's infected with a virus of this sort. So I learned something. 
Oh, but back to the boots. :) She is still a bit weak (for not eating properly for a week and being a bit dehydrated) and when I asked her if we could go outside to take a few photos she was "Sure mommy, but I want to take my rain boots so I can jump in the puddles!" She was thrilled it was raining! My kids love rain in fact. (I don't think they are normal... :) ) They love to wear their rain boots and take their colorful umbrellas (the one on the photos is actually mine... hers has a huge Minnie on it and it is very pink and red... it wouldn't look so great on the photos... :) ) for a walk on the city park when it is raining. Of course I had to say yes. :) 

And if you want to see a kid with chickenpox on a sewing blog post come back later today for another post... (and that would be my youngest girl... can you imagine my life in these last seven days with both girls being ill?... Oh well, it could be worse...) I will be showing my version of the Everyday tank top (pattern by Serger Pepper)!

The Ballard

Today I am part of the Ballard pattern tour! 
I was really sad that I couldn't apply to test this pattern when I saw the tester call. My schedule was already fully booked for that period... So, when Kimberly invited me for this tour I was thrilled! (Thank you Kimberly!) 

This top is made out of knit, it is super comfortable and a super quick sew! 

Pattern: the Ballard top, pattern by Straight Stitch Designs
Fabric: light-weight knit with a panel print that I used for the bands (neckband, waistband and sleeve band) to add some color contrast to the pale main color. (I don't know what I had in mind when I chose this knit because this color doesn't suit my skin tone at all... oh well, lesson learned! :) )
Details: This top features a gathered scoop neck, 3/4 sleeve (perfect for Fall weather), banded hem (which I love!) and an open back detail. The pattern is really great, the fit is perfect, and the instructions are fantastic (each step has a well designed illustration). I already have in mind a few ideas to flip it a bit and that means that I love this pattern! My next version will be just like this one on IndieSew. It is a perfect addition to my fall wardrobe!

I am loving all the versions for this tour - like this floral and this striped, oh and this houndstooth version?... {swooning...} -, so make sure to check them all! You will get lots of inspiration!

Kimberly is definitely a new designer you should keep an eye for. Her first pattern was the Ravenna and I can't wait to sew it! It has the most beautiful detail on the back. I am looking forward to see what she will be coming up next as her third pattern! I am sure it will be amazing...

{And now you can skip a few ramblings on selfish sewing and body image if you want to... I won't take personally. :) }

This post doesn't have many photos, I am aware of that. And no, it wasn't because they were all blurry (they weren't, my dear husband always does a good job taking pictures of me - thank you sweetie!). The truth is I had a hard time picking a few photos because I don't like what I see in them. I don't recognize myself in this after-having-three-kids-in-less-than-four-years body. I keep focusing on all the curvy spots (as seen in the photo above), I can't see past that and I'm having a hard time sharing it with the world. (Adding to the fact that I am shy... {I am sure all my real friends are laughing out loud now... :) })
 I really want to sew more for myself - I know that my wardrobe needs it more than my kids do, now that I have been sewing for them like crazy in this last year :) - but I am dreading having to take photos and blogging about it. I would rather not. And the truth is I don't have to, right? I can sew just for fun and don't blog about it...
But then I keep telling myself that I have to face it. That I have to accept this figure as it is. That I can't wait for the perfect time, sometime in the future, when I'll loose all my baby weight and be back to my pre-mom body. Because honestly, I don't think I ever do. And the present is now and I can't live thinking about the future and saying to myself "Then it would be perfect!..." Stop that, Sara. Stop finding excuses not to sew for yourself. "I don't want to cut into all the gorgeous fabric I have been keeping on my stash before I loose all the extra weight... I will be ruining good fabric!"... Humm... Not an excuse because if you saw this post you know I have cut a beautiful fabric that was seating on my stash for about one year, on a dress for one of my girls and you know how fast kids grow, right?... "I haven't find the perfect pattern"... No, there are a lot of amazing patterns out there! 
So, I think it is just about time I stop finding a few excuses and start sewing more for myself. It is about time I accept my body as it is and stop wondering "what if?" or thinking "one day..." 
And maybe I blog about my makings maybe I won't... :)

So... Is there anyone out there that would like to join me? Together we can do it!

The Franklin dress

If you follow my blog you alredy know how much I love to find new pattern designers. I already talked about how it always feel as a shoot in the dark but hey, I guess I like to live dangerously. :) So, when Erin from Brooklin Pattern Co. asked me if I would like to join the Franklin dress & top pattern tour I immediately said yes! I loved the pattern from the minute I saw it and I would have the chance to work with a new designer.

Erin was born in the UK but grew up in the east coast (USA). She worked as a costumer and a patternmaker on Broadway for several years until she became a mom to two munchkins. She is now lauching her patttern company with this debut pattern.

I was very impressed with the overall quality of this pattern. The pattern pieces have a lot of notches, on the right places and they match perfectly (I won't talk again about the importance of notches :) ), and the instructions look amazingly professional (something it is not common to find in the indie pdf patterns).

The Franklin dress pattern by Brooklin Pattern Co. 

This fabric is rayon challys. It worked great! It is super soft and it drapes beautifully. 
This fabric was chosen by my little princess from my stash, so no suprise it is... a floral print. :) I had 3 yards of this print and I was saving them to make something for me (I have to say it was a favorite fabric from my stash... but what's a mom supposed to do when a child asks for it?...) but because I had to fussy cut the print to center and match front, back and sleeves, I was left with 2 yards of scraps... I really don't know to do with them... They are big enough to make maybe a girl's blouse or top but I am not sure I will be able to match the print perfectly... Oh well...

This pattern is available in sizes 6 months to 8 years. It features a beautiful pleated yoke, gathered sleeves and in seam pockets. I love it!!
I did some things differently though: I have made the button placket a girl's placket (the pattern instructs on how to make a boy/ unisex placket) and I have enclosed the yoke seam (so it wouldn't itch, not that it would in this case because this fabric is really soft, but I am used to make enclosed seams since I personally prefer it to exposed seams).

She wanted to take it to school today and I was "hummm, no!" :) She would be comfortable, no doubt on that, but it is a bit too much of a dress up style to go to school, don't you agree? :) 

I think I am on an experimental phase of my sewing... 
I should be making pratical clothes for my kids, things they really need, but instead I am finding myself lately wanting to try new things and to use new or fancier fabrics... It is a shift on my sewing style? Only time will tell...
I began sewing for me not for my kids. Then when I found the whole sewing-mom-blogger online community I was compelled to sew for my kids - something that surprisingly has never crossed my mind, maybe because I thought it wouldn't be worth it since they grow up so fast and let's face it, sometimes a handmade outfit costs the same or even more than those from RTW... 
So, even when I decided to start sewing for my kids it was more about me (about learning more and making sewing experiments and finding new patterns, new designers, new techniques...) then about them (making them clothes they need)... I guess that for me selfish sewing is not just about sewing for myself but also sewing for my kids... I mean, sewing is my hobby and just as any other hobby it is supposed to be a creative outlet or something that keeps you sane or something that makes you relaxed... So it is always a bit about ourselves and our well being, right?
Is it shocking? Or is it something you relate with? I wonder... 

This post is part of the Franklin dress pattern tour. Take a look at all the other participants versions for some inspiration!

Erin is giving away a Franklin dress pattern, just entry the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Sunny top

This is the Sunny top, a pattern by sewVery!
This pattern is available both in top or dress length, size ranging from to 2T to 12. It also features an open back with tied crisscrossed straps and has an option for a neck ruffle, both of which make this pattern so unique and totally adorable!

When I made this top we were already T-minus counting the days for our beach holiday trip so I decided to make the top length with the neck ruffle, in a kind of hawaian floral print double gauze - isn't it perfect for summer and the beach? 
I must share a curiosity with you: this fabric is from a remnant bolt from SS2014 Zara's collection and is being sold along with several other fabric remnants at my local fabric store. How fun is that? (Marta from DoGuincho was also able to find another remnant fabric from Zara with a flamingo print and used it for this amazing Charlie dress here.)

I have to add that this pattern is also suitable for winter, to layer over shirts or blouses. If you don't believe it have a look on this winter version from my sewing friend Jenya over While She Was Sleeping!

This is Veronica's first fully graded pdf pattern and you wouldn't tell since it is so well done. The instructions are very clear and detailed - some of the best I have seen for a first-timer -, and it is a quick sew! This is a great pattern for beginners and - the best part - it has only 8 pattern page sheets to print! (How awesome is that?)

Thank you Veronica for having me in this pattern tour! The Sunny top and dress is definitely one of my favorites.
Here is the tour's schedule for more inspiration on looks and styles!

You can find the Sunny top and dress pattern at sewVery pattern shop
*Discount code*: This pattern will be on sale for 20% off during the pattern tour (August 11-17) with code SUNNY20!
*Giveaway*: You can win a Sunny top and dress pattern! Just enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win. Veronica is generously giving away two copies!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are wondering about the gorgeous skirt she is wearing (yet to be blogged), it's the Betty skirt from the amazing Shaffer Sisters! (Have you heard they are competing for season 10 of Project Run & Play? I can't wait to see what they are making... Good luck ladies!)

The Cherry Pie skirt

I am so excited to be part of the Cherry Pie skirt blog tour today!
The Cherry Pie skirt is a new pattern from PiePie Designs and I will be showing you today the first two I have made.

This pattern offers 10 options - yes, you read that right! Ten! And the best part is that it is such a quick and easy sew! (I would say it takes about one hour from start to finish.)

My two girls love to wear skirts and have outgrown most from last Summer so I was looking for a good skirt pattern to make them a few. Guess what? I don't need to look further! With 10 different options and being so versatile that you can come up with one hundred more yourself, I am making several skirts for my girls from one single pattern. This is such a win!

The given options are: basic skirt, basic skirt with trim, bias tape hem skirt, lined back skirt, reversible skirt, reversible skirt with ruffle, color blocked skirt, sheer overlay skirt, basic skirt with yoga waistband. 
This skirt is a simple gathered skirt with a high-low look and elasticized waistband. I have to confess I was feeling a bit uncomfortable about making the round hem - round hems can be tricky - but this one was easy! (I won't say my hemming is perfect but I was really happy with the result! Yay for a good steam and iron!) 
This patern is available for sizes 12m up to 12 and there are options for woven fabric or knit!

This is the first one I made - a size 3 on my skinny 5 year-old -, I have made it for the little one (who is almost 3) but then my oldest girl wanted to try it and it fitted her just fine. Well, I think it is maybe a bit short on her but I meant it to be a Summer (beach) skirt since I used cotton lawn for this one, so I think it is okay this way. 
It is the Basic option (plain and simple, with no modifications) but I decided to add a trim into the hem all around since it is a high-low skirt and the back hem would be showing. I also made a simple flower brooch to add some interest.

Please don't mind her toddler bruises and bug bites on her legs... :)
Skirt number two was made with a very light and soft denim. I came up with my own version by tweaking the pattern just a bit for this one - it is a faux wrap skirt! And I will be posting a quick tutorial on how to do it later this week!
I have add piping all around the front hem and the wrap edge, and on the back hem in the inside of the skirt.

Make sure you take a look at all the different versions on the blog tour to see the endless possibilities of this pattern!
 photo tour_image_zpsfa53f77f.jpg
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**Giveaway Alert**
You can purchase the pattern on Etsy or Craftsy for a special release price of $5 up to June 27th. Nevertheless you can try your luck on winning a free copy of this pattern! Lisa from PiePie Designs is giving away a copy of the Cherry Pie Skirt Pattern to one lucky winner! Just entry the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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Estou super contente por hoje fazer parte to blog tour promocional do molde da saia Cherry Pie!
A saia Cherry Pie é um novo molde da PiePie Designs e hoje vou mostrar-vos as primeiras duas saias que fiz a partir deste molde.

O molde oferece 10 opções diferentes - sim, leram bem, são dez! E a melhor parte é que é um projecto super rápido e muito fácil de fazer! (Diria que demora cerca de uma hora.)

As minhas filhas gostam muito de vestir saias e a coisa estava "mal-parada" porque a maioria das saias do Verão passado já não lhes serve. Por isso andava à procura de um molde de saia para lhes fazer umas quantas. E sabem que mais? Não preciso de procurar mais! Com 10 opções diferentes e sendo um molde tão versátil, podemos facilmente conseguir inventar mais umas cem variações! :) Vou concerteza fazer mais umas quantas e todas a partir de um único molde. É ganho certo!

As opções dadas são: saia básica, saia básica com galão, saia com aplicação de fita de viés na baínha, saia com forro, saia reversível, saia reversível com folho, saia com blocos de cor, saia com camada transparente, saia básica com cós tipo "yoga".
Esta saia é uma saia simples, franzida, mais comprida atrás do que à frente e com um cós elástico. Tenho que confessar que estava a sentir-me um pouco desconfortável em ter de fazer aquela baínha em redondo - as baínhas redondas são um pouco (às vezes muito) manhosas! - mas esta foi fácil! (Não vou dizer que as minhas baínhas ficaram perfeitas, mas fiquei satisfeita com o resultado. Viva o ferro a vapor!)
Este molde encontra-se disponível nos tamanhos de 12 meses a 12 anos, e tem opções para algodão ou malha.

A primeira saia que fiz foi um tamanho 3. Fi-la para a pipoca mais pequena mas depois a mais velha viu-a primeiro, quis experimentá-la e serviu-lhe! (É uma magricela, como se pode perceber nas fotografias... :) ) Parece-me apenas ser um pouco curta, mas fi-la a pensar no Verão e na praia e por isso se calhar não fica mal assim...
Esta versão é a opção Básica, mas decidi acrescentar um galão na baínha - na parte de dentro da saia - para dar um ar de graça, uma vez que a baínha de trás fica a ver-se. Também fiz uma pequena aplicação em flor que acrescentei na frente.

A segunda saia foi feita com uma ganga muito fininha e macia. E acabei por inventar uma nova opção! Alterei o molde um pouco e fiz uma versão de falso trespasse (tem trespasse mas está fechado/cosido, por isso não abre). Durante esta semana vou publicar aqui um tutorial sobre como fazer esta versão.
É um tamanho 3 de largura e 2 na altura (e mesmo assim parece-me um pouco comprida...). Nesta versão acrescentei vivo em toda a volta da parte da frente e do trespasse, e na parte de dentro da baínha de trás.

Vão dar uma vista de olhos nas diferentes versões que foram feitas para verificarem a versatilidade deste molde! (Links ali em cima)

** Alerta de Oferta!**
Podem comprar o molde no Etsy ou no Craftsy por um peço especial de lançamento de US$5 até ao dia 27 de Junho. Não obstante, podem tentar a vossa sorte no sorteio de oferta de um molde da Cherry Pie! Basta participarem no rafflecopter acima. Boa sorte e boas costuras!