Sunday Picnic Dress

Hey! Today I am part of the Sunday Picnic dress tour. I love the lovely vintage look of this pattern! Suz does such a great job coming up with amazing vintage looking patterns... 


This is the Sunday Picnic dress, a new pattern by Sewpony Vintage patterns!

Fabric and notions

Suiting tweed, mid-weight wool and cotton blend, in grey with silver glitter (main), muted rose & cabbage cotton print in grey (lining).
Vintage trim, white piping.


This dress is available in sizes 12 months up to 10 years. If offers three sleeve (or sleeveless) options, a pointy collar (or collarless) and a few embelishment options (piping and decorative buttons). The bodice is fully lined! And the A-line skirt features two pockets.
I opted to make a Fall/Winter version made out of a woolen blend for the colder weather, and sleeveless and collarless so it could be used with a blouse underneath.
Instead of using piping (as suggested) for the "V" neckline and pockets, I opted to use a vintage trim and I really like how it looks!
After I have sewn the bodice to the skirt it felt to me like something was missing on my version of this lovely dress... I think it was because I used such a grey & plain fabric (with no print) it was looking very dull on the back, so I decided to unpick the bodice seam and add piping there. I think it looks better this way. :)
I did a small flip on the this pattern. It is supposed to close at the back with an invisible zipper and the front pieces are supposed to be sewn to each other (so the "V" shape is more closed up to the neck), but I opted to skip the zipper (by making a single back piece, instead of two) and leave the two front pieces loose. This way I can easily pull it on and off her head (or feet, if she walks into it, which is also a great way to put dresses on a girl) with no closures!

 Here is a sneak peek of the versions of some awesome ladies that are also on the pattern tour today! Go check their full blog post!

Make sure to check the blogs that are also on this tour to see several amazing options of the Sunday Picnic dress! 

Suzanne is offering a discount from Tuesday 28 Oct - Friday 7 November (duration of tour) of 15% with code: SUNDAYTOUR15.  This will apply to both Big Cartel and Etsy store. Go get yours! :)

Red rain boots and a sick girl...

Fall has finally arrived around here! Last week it was all about sun and hot temperatures (we were still wearing short sleeves, shorts and sandals by the end of October!), and suddenly this week it is all about rain and the temperatures dropped like crazy! 
Are you wondering "what's with those rain boots with that outfit"?... Well, this little girl has been ill for about a week now with a virus that caused her severe diarrehea... (I think it is the first time I use the word diarrehea on a blog post, sorry for that. ;) ) We had to take her to the hospital because she had blood on her poop and I kind of freaked out just a little... I am NOT the kind of mom that worries too much, and I can certainly deal with blood and with my kids bleeding but only when it is the "normal" bleeding, like coming from the nose or from skin scratches. Blood coming from the inside organs is not a good thing on my book... Well, apparently sometimes it is not a bad thing also. According to the doctors it is normal that a child bleeds like that when she's infected with a virus of this sort. So I learned something. 
Oh, but back to the boots. :) She is still a bit weak (for not eating properly for a week and being a bit dehydrated) and when I asked her if we could go outside to take a few photos she was "Sure mommy, but I want to take my rain boots so I can jump in the puddles!" She was thrilled it was raining! My kids love rain in fact. (I don't think they are normal... :) ) They love to wear their rain boots and take their colorful umbrellas (the one on the photos is actually mine... hers has a huge Minnie on it and it is very pink and red... it wouldn't look so great on the photos... :) ) for a walk on the city park when it is raining. Of course I had to say yes. :) 

And if you want to see a kid with chickenpox on a sewing blog post come back later today for another post... (and that would be my youngest girl... can you imagine my life in these last seven days with both girls being ill?... Oh well, it could be worse...) I will be showing my version of the Everyday tank top (pattern by Serger Pepper)!


  1. This is so cute Sara! I love how you made it like a tunic. I love woolen dresses too and this is the first time I have seen the sunday picnic dress made in wool. Your daughter is stunning too! Thank you!!

  2. Okay, you really have me with this version. This is one of the most beautiful dresses ever. I love it how different the dress can look depending on the fabric. Your's is so incredibly classy wiht this grey wool and paired with the white blouse. Super beautiful!

  3. O vestido ficou tão delicado, lindo :-) e as botas até combinam, fazem um contraste giro ;-)
    Também já tivemos um vírus desses cá em casa e é assustador!! As melhoras :-)

  4. This is so classic! I love the dress paired with the red boots- stunning combo. Your daughter is a beauty! -E

  5. O vestido está lindo Sara. Mesmo a condizer com o tempo que se adivinha. Adoro <3

  6. Está tão giro!

    Sempre gostei destes vestidos assim em fazenda :)

  7. Adoro este vestido! Adoro mesmo, portanto se algum dia te fartares dele eu dou-te a minha morada, ok? :-)

  8. Ficou super bonito!!! E adorei a ideia de ser aberto à frente para ser mais fácil de vestir. E por acaso gosto bastante de o ver com as galochas vermelhas ;) espero que a princesa já esteja melhor...

  9. That is a super cute and different (in a good way) version. Love the very stylish look. And I'm pretty sure your kids are VERY normal.....I thought all kids love to jump in puddles?! Sorry your girls are ill, ugh.

  10. Oh poor sweetie! Hope she will get more energy soon! Red boots look super cute with her new dress. The dress looks very smart and cute and girly all at the same time :)

  11. This is darling! I love it! Really, the trim was an amazing touch! And I am so sorry your poor girl was sick! That sounds just awful! I hope she's feeling better now.

  12. Super giro - e fica o máximo com as galochas vermelhas ;)
    PS. Por aqui também tenho 2 que adoram chuva, poças e guarda-chuvas :)


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