Everyday tank top

(Here I am today. Again. :) Told you so!) 

My little one was oh-so happy with her new top! Sad thing is... She is going to have to wait a few months to wear it because Fall as arrived around here

This is the Everyday tank pattern by Serger Pepper and it is one of the most versatile patterns I have ever seen. You can make a tank top, a dress or a maxi dress. The tank top can be used as is for hot weather or as underwear now that the weather is cooling off. You can also add some long sleeves and make it a sweatshirt. Or you can even turn it into a vest!

The Everyday Tank : Top & Dresses pattern, by Serger Pepper Patterns.

Floral navy knit + off white knit.

If you're looking a for a basic tank pattern with a twist don't look any further. This is what you need. It is such a cool and versatile patttern! It has a side panel that just adds some interest and fun to it! Think color blocking or lace! It also features optional in-seam pockets.
I have flip it just a bit - I have add a ruffled collar and some lovely bows on the side panels. 

The Everyday tank has super comprehensive instructions, full of suggestions, tips and links on how to sew with knits, for example, and it also offers several hem and binding options. It is a super quick and easy sew!
Irene offers both metric and imperial measurements (I love it when designers have the metric system! :) ) and she also have add an option for you to print only the size you need! Oh, speaking of sizes, the range is 3 to 14 years. (It is suitable for tweens! And even for slim fit women.)

I will be sharing (later on) a tutorial on how to make the side bows and the ruffled collar - both super easy to make! 

Make sure to check all the versions made for this pattern tour. You will get so much inspiration from all these amazing creations and flips!

Serger Pepper - Everyday Tank Blog Tour

Monday, 3rd

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Red dots and blisters... It's chickenpox!

So... Did you noticed all the red dots on this litle one? She has chickenpox. Her body is full of red spots and a few blisters. Both of my older kids already had it when I was pregnant of this one so they are fine. Where we live people do not vaccinate kids for chickenpox (Do you in your Country?). And honestly I think that is okay. I mean, except for some discomfort from the itchiness she is just fine. Happy and super smiley as always. :) It all started one week ago - on Tuesday night there were just a few tiny red dots on her left arm and then on Wednesday they were all over the place... Most of the blisters are already gone and all she has now are crusts. That she tries to take off... Her brother has a few marks left from scratching off the crusts but they are barely noticeable. I guess a few more days and we are done with this and she will be able to go back to daycare (where she caught this...) - she loves going there! And we are blessed because her teacher is super sweet and commited to the kids. 

So, hopefully after almost two weeks of me being sick followed by one week of two sick kids, I will finally be back to normal schedule in a few days! :)

Happy sewing!


  1. Oh, cute with the bows. And hadn't thought about a ruffle..I need to try it!

  2. Ficou tão gira :-) Adorei a gola e os laços!

  3. Adoro! O teu flip e a parte do top que mais gosto! :)

  4. So cute! I love the sides, I hope I win ;o)

  5. Muito giro!

    As melhoras para a tua mais pequenina.
    Banhoca com farinha maisena ajuda a evitar que fiquem marcas ;)


  6. Really good details you added, thanks for adding a bit of you to my pattern, I really appreciate!
    I hope your bugs are going away soon ;)

  7. Stop it!!! Seriously gorgeous Sara. I always love how beautiful your work is.

  8. Tão fofa!
    As melhoras :)

  9. eu não sou muito de folhos cm sabes, mas adorei este top.. e o detalhe dos laços!?

  10. I love the bows on the sides! Such a cute touch. And we do vaccinate for chicken pox but I feel it's a more ridiculous one. I had them when I was a kid and yes, it was miserable but just a part of childhood. Hope she's feeling better!


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