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How To Sew French Seams - a tutorial

Last Tuesday I shared a tutorial over Patchwork Posse on how to make the most simple girls skirt. Today I am there again sharing an alternative way of sewing the side seams for a perfectly neat finish: French Seams! 

The Most Quick & Easy Girls Skirt - a tutorial

Hi! Today I am over Patchwork Posse blog sharing a tutorial on how to make the most quick and easy girls skirt ever. :) Two pattern pieces, two seams, two folds for the hem, two folds on the waistband to insert the elastic. That's it. Easy-peasy! 

Reusable Snack Pouches - a tutorial

Hi! Today I am over Peek-a-Boo's blog with my monthly tutorial, sharing some quick & easy reusable snack pouches. They are perfect for school, pic-nics, road trips, etc. You can read everything here.

Happy sewing! 

How to Make Bias Tape - a tutorial

Hi! Today I am over Patchwork Posse's blog sharing a tutorial on how to make bias tape, using the one-fat-quarter-miraculously-turned-yards-of-bias-tape method. :) It's true! I am amazed by this method... 

I have lots of fat quarters that I purchased about 7 years ago, before I started to sew clothes (that need way more than that...). I am thinking that since I don't used them I should turn them into bias tape, which is something I use a lot! Either per se or transformed into piping. 

Baby Crib Pouch or Chair Pouch - a tutorial

Hi! Today I am over Peek-a-Boo's blog sharing a tutorial on how to make this Baby Crib Pouch (which can also work as a Chair Pouch!) I made a few weeks ago - you can see it on this post. 
Head over here to see the full tutorial!

Happy sewing!

Clear Vinyl Beach and Pool Pouches - a tutorial

Hi! Today I am over Peek-a-Boo's blog with my monthly tutorial. I am sharing a tutorial on how to make clear vinyl pouches for the beach and/or pool, to keep your wet swimsuits inside. It's so handy!

See the full tutorial here!

Happy sewing!

5 DIY Knit Headbands

Hi everyone! Today I am over Peek-a-Boo's blog with my monthly contributor's post. I am sharing quick ways to make five different knit headbands and head wraps! 

It's a perfect (and easy) sewing project to use up all those knit scraps being kept on a huge bin (I know I am not the only one on this, right?).

I'm a Princess DIY

Hi! This blog has been a bit quiet but it doesn't mean I am not sewing. "Au contraire" the French would say. I have been sewing up a storm! I have about 20 items sewn and photographed but I haven't had either the time or the will to blog about them. :)

Today I am part of the Make Believe blog tour! When Chelsea - who blogs over GYCT - asked a group pf bloggers who would like to join a sewing series about making cool props for kids to play pretend I had to say Yes! My kids *love* to play pretend so this series would be perfect for them to get some new props!

A Fancy Raglan Tee - tutorial

Hi! Today I am at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop's blog with my monthly contributor's post!
I am sharing a super quick & easy way to turn a simple raglan pattern into a fancy (but practical) raglan tee!

How to Gather Fabric - a tutorial

Hi! Today I am on Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop's blog with my monthly contributor's post! This month I am sharing with you a tutorial on how to make gatherings - for a dress, skirt, top, you name it! :) - using EIGHT different methods! Check the whole tutorial here.

My favorite method is the three line gathering! What's yours? :) 

Olá! Hoje estou no blog da Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop com o meu post mensal. Este mês montei um tutorial sobre como fazer franzidos usando OITO métodos diferentes! :) Os franzidos são uma técnica de costura básica e essencial. Soretudo para quem faz vestidos de menina, fofos, folhos, mangas franzidas, golinhas, etc. Podem ver o tutorial todo aqui!

O meu método preferido é o das 3 linhas, e o vosso? :) 

Marble Maze and "I spy" Fabric Games - a tutorial

Today I am over Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop blog with my monthly tutorial
I am sharing two ideas for last minute gifts for toddlers (well, truth be said my two oldest kids loved them too!) - the marble maze and "I spy" fabric games! They are super quick to sew! 

And now I'll have to go back to my sewing... I am finally starting to make all the Christmas presents... (Yes, I only have one week, I know... :) )

Happy sewing!

Hoje estou no blog Peek-a-Boo com o meu tutorial mensal. Este mês tenho dois pequenos tutoriais para jogos de tecido adequados a crianças mais pequenas (se bem que os meus dois mais velhos também adoraram!) - um labirinto de berlinde e um jogo "onde está?". Ambos são super rápidos de fazer!

E agora tenho de voltar para as minhas costuras... Vou finalmente começar a fazer as prendas handmade de Natal que tenho para oferecer... (Sim, eu sei que já só tenho uma semana... Não vamos falar nisso, sim? :) )

Boas costuras!

12 Days of Christmas!

Hi! Today I am joining all the Holiday fun over Sew McCool for the 12 Days of Christmas blog tour, with two super quick and simple projects for you to make - a fabric box and a pouch! They are perfect for holding some candy or to gift small items. 

I had these two projects on my to-sew list for a while now. They are inspired in an old Japanese magazine that I have (in the French version). I love LOVE Japanese design and aesthetic! They make the most beautiful things...

These can be made with any size and fabric print but since this is a Christmas tour I had to go with some Christmas prints, right? :)

You will need:
  • For the box: two squares of 8''x 8'' from two different fabric prints and one square 8''x 8'' from fusible interfacing.
  • For the pouch: two squares of 6''x 6'' from two different fabric prints and about 25'' of ribbon.

How to make it:

The basic construction for the two projects is the same, only the final step is different.

1. Place the two squares together with right sides facing - if you are making the box, iron the interfacing to one of the squares prior to this step. Pin and stitch all around with a 1/4'' seam allowance leaving a gap of about 2''.

2. Clip corners. Turn right side out, making sure all the corners are neat. Press. Close the gap with a slip stitch.

3. Mark with pins 3.5'' for the box and 2.5'' for the pouch from the corner on all four corners. Fold corners as shown in the picture above. Press.

For the pouch follow step 4. For the box jump to step 5.

4. Making the pouch: Stitch 1/2'' from the folded edge to create a casing. Insert the ribbon through all four casings with a ribbon needle or a safety pin. Pull to gather the pouch - this will form those cute petals - and tie a bow. You're done!

5. Making the box: Make box pleats on all four sides (as shown above). Mark the center side and the corners crease edge with pins. Fold one of the pleat sides and stitch close to the edge. Fold the other side of the pleat and stitch. (You can stitch the pleat at once but personally I prefer to stitch each pleat "flap" in separate on the inside so the stitching won't show on the outside of the box.) Repeat on all sides. You're done!

If you are looking for Christmas decorating tutorials check this two I have made: 

Have fun and have a great Holiday season! 

12 Days of Christmas Holiday Blogger Challenge with large

Join all the 12 Days of Christmas fun! Don't forget to visit all of the bloggers who are creating tutorials for the Sew McCool 12 Days of Christmas challenge. Voting will begin on on December 13 and go through 11:59 p.m. U.S. Eastern time on December 20.

December 5 - Beth Jarrett | Just Joshin
December 8 - Addie K | Not My Tree

Happy sewing!

Christmas Braided Wreath - a Tutorial

Hi! Today I am over Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop's blog with my monthly tutorial! I am sharing how to make this lovely Christmas wreath. It is a great sewing project for Christmas decorating or for some Christmas gifts! Thanksgiving is just a few days ahead and you still have to time to make a couple of these to give to someone you love. I think I love Christmas wreaths even more than Christmas trees. :) Head over there and if you make one yourself please share it with me! I would love to see it. 

Happy sewing and Happy Thanksgiving!

DIY Tulle Skirt (simple and easy!)

Hi guys! Today I am over Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop's blog sharing a super simple tutorial on how to make a tulle skirt. You can whip it up in 10-15 minutes and you can use it as it is OR sew it together with a tee to make it a dress OR sew it together with some leggings for a more comfortable and warm outfit. 
You can play with the tulle and tee colors to make princess dresses - they make perfect last-minute costumes!

Happy sewing!

Hoje estou no blog Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop's blog a partilhar um tutorial super simples para fazer uma saia de tule! Pode ser feita em 10-15 minutos, e pode ser usada simples OU cosida a uma t-shirt para fazer um vestido OU cosida a umas leggings para torná-la mais confortável e quente.
Pode jogar-se com as cores do tule e da t-shirt para transformá-la num vestido de princesa! Basta pensar em branco e azul para um vestido à Frozen, ou amarelo com azul para um vestido à Bela Adormecida... As possibilidades são ilimitadas!

Boas costuras!

Tutorial - Envelope Pillow Covers

Hi! Today I am over Peek-a-Boo pattern shop sharing a tutorial on how to make envelope pillow cases to jazz up your decoration on a snap! 

It is a very simple and super quick project you can make all year around to change your home decor according to the season. It is an unexpensive project and it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Since Fall just started yesterday, I am showing on the tutorial some ideas on how to embellish these envelope covers for a Fall decor. 
Go check it here!

Oh, and just in case you missed my previous contributor's post over there - a tutorial on how to make a roll-up reversible place mat, perfect for pic nics or for school lunches - it is here.  

Olá! Hoje estou novamente no blog Peek-a-Boo pattern shop a partilhar um tutorial sobre como fazer capas tipo envelope para almofadas de sofá. É um projecto ideal para mudar a decoração lá de casa num instante!

É um projecto super simples, rápido (apenas 10-15 minutos) e económico. Uma maneira óptima de redecorar sempre que nos apetecer, de acordo com as estações/épocas do ano, por exemplo.

E uma vez que o Outono começou ontem (ainda que hoje, por aqui, pareça Verão outra vez depois daqueles dias todos cheios de chuva...), no tutorial mostro como embelezar as capas para uma decoração com temas de Outono.
Vejam o tutorial aqui!

Ah, e caso tenham perdido o tutorial do mês passado - sobre como fazer um marcador de lugar reversível (e que se enrola para poder ser levado para o trabalho, escola ou pic-nic) -, podem encontrá-lo aqui.

Jam Jar Covers - a tutorial

Today I am guest posting at Mabey She Made It. I am sharing a tutorial on how to make these cute jam jar covers! Make sure to head over there to check the whole tutorial.