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Sew Crazy Challenge - February

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Sew Crazy Monthly Challenge with Crazy Little Projects

Está revelado o desafio do Sew Crazy Challenge para o mês de Fevereiro!
Home is where the heart is!

A ideia é fazermos alguma coisa para a nossa casa, e podemos escolher um dos vários projectos propostos:

#1 Fazer uma pega para o forno (em forma de coração ou a clássica, tutorais aqui

#2 Fazer uma almofada (com duas opções, tutoriais aqui)

#3 Fazer um puff (tutorial aqui)

#4 Fazer uma peça à escolha que tenha um vivo (tutorial sobre como fazer um vivo aqui)

Gosto muito de almofadas, e até fiz umas para a decoração de Natal da minha sala. Se calhar vou fazer outras... 

Algum projecto favorito?

And the Sew Crazy Challenge for the month of February is...
Home is where the heart is!
It is time to sew something for our homes! 
We can choose from the following project options:

#1 Make a oven mitt (heart shaped or classic, tutorials here)

#2 Make a pillow (two options, tutorials here)

#3 Make a bean bag chair (tutorial here)

#4 Use piping on a project of your choice (tutorial on how to make piping here)

I really love pillows and cushions, and I even made a few for my living room's Christmas decoration. Maybe I will sew a couple of them again... 

So, any favorite?

Christmas table

Sentar 25 pessoas à mesa pela primeira vez...
Foi um óptimo almoço e um dia de Natal fantástico!

Seating 25 people at my table for the first time.
It was a great lunch and a great Christmas day!

DIY zippered pillow covers for Christmas - a tutorial

This year we will be hosting Christmas lunch for our family for the first time. We are so excited!

One of the first things I thought about was... the decor! We moved recently (less then three months ago) so we still have some things to put to place and our home is still a bit "naked" - we still have to get a few rugs, curtains and lots of throw pillows! 
Well, my husband pretty much assumes that now that I sew I no longer need to buy these things since I can make them. :) Humm... no I don't... but, yes I can! :) So, I started an endeavour - I shall make our new home's curtains and pillows. (No, I won't be making rugs. That is weaving not sewing. :) )

I decided to start with the simple quick stuff. Some throw pillow covers! 

I found this gorgeous Christmas upholstery fabrics on a small (but amazing) fabric warehouse on my new town. It is rather funny  because it looks just like some Christmas throw pillows I found a few days later on Gato Preto (a well known home decor chain store around here), so this is almost like a sewing knock-off. :)

I have used some zippered pillow covers I already had (on our living room) to figure out the construction. So this tutorial is for throw pillow covers with a zipper enclosure. If you have never sewn a zipper before do not go away! This is actually a great project for sewing a zipper for the first time.


  • Fabric of choice (quilting cotton, upholstery fabric, etc.)
  • Zipper (about the same length than your pillow's width)

Step 1 - Measure and cut
Measure your pillow (width + heigth). Cut two squares of fabric about 1'' bigger than the measure you obtained, to allow for 1/2'' seam allowance. Finish edges (overlock or zig zag stitch).

Step 2 - Sew the zipper 
Place your zipper right sides together (face down) with one edge of one of the fabric squares and stitch close to the zipper, on the right side, with a zipper foot. Unfold zipper. Place the other fabric square on top. Turn to the other side (where the zipper is showing) and stitch the other edge of the zipper.

Top stitch along both zipper seams. (It will look neater and it helps the seam not to get caught by the zipper teeth when pulling).

Tip: When sewing the zipper, once you get close to the head of the zipper, stop the machine and carefully pull the zipper head up to where you have already stitched

Step 3 - Sew sides 
Fold in half right sides together, matching all corners, and sew the other three edges (pivoting on corners) with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Make sure the zipper is a few inches open for turning. If you haven't finished your edges do it now. Overlock or use a zig zag stitch.

Step 4 - Turn and stuff!
Turn right side out - make sure the corners are neat -, stuff your pillow cover, close the zipper and... you are done!

This project takes about 10-15 minutes. Don't you love it?

And the best thing is - it is a super easy, super quick, inexpensive way to change your home decor anytime you want! Of course I am already thinking what to make next, once Christmas season is over. :)

I would love to see the pillow covers you will be making, so please share!

Christmas inspiration

Um capucino, bolachas de canela e revistas de Natal... Fazem-me feliz!
Cappuccino, cinnamon crackers and magazines (Christmas edition)... They make me happy!

À procura de ideias para a decoração e as receitas de Natal e a desejar que este chegue rápido...
Looking for Christmas decor and recipes inspiration and wishing for Christmas already...


It is almost Summer!