Blue, Birds and Flowers

I joined weeks one, two and three of Project Sewn but I was not planning to join this week's  challenge.
I sew so little to myself (a lot more for my kids of course...) that I honestly can't say what my "Signature Style" is because I think I don't have one yet...

As always - when I don't know something... - my brain kept thinking about it and gave me no rest until I was able to find my style... or at least a style I own or like... 

First I went to my closet. After all, the colors and prints and styles of the clothing I wear should say something about it, right? The first findings were: I wear mainly blues and reds (followed by black and pink), and I wear flower prints (what?... that many? I didn't see that coming...), polka dots and plain color blouses and tops (and these outnumber jeans + trousers + skirts all together).

Then I looked at my garment fabric stash. It seems that I have been hoarding fabric for blouses and tops... (Once I make something out of them all I will have a different top or blouse for every single day for several months...) And most of them is in (can you guess?) a flower print , followed by... bird prints! (Really?... Did I really have to buy so many flower prints?... And birds? What was I thinking?...)

After considering these findings I would say my style is: blue and red, flowers and birds, blouses and tops. (Can't say I am totally happy with that, but it is what it is... and I don't want to think much now about what does it say about me... Shhh... Don't say it!...)

So, it was almost lunch time this Thursday when I decided to join this week's challenge... Meaning I had just a few hours left to make something... It had to be simple...

The pattern is really easy to sew and quick to make (which seems also to be one of my signatures...). 

It is self-drafted (after models I have seen here and there) using my body measurements and has only 4 seams (two on the shoulders and two on the center sides). It has a drape look on the sides and I like that.
I have made one before (here) and I am really happy about the way this pattern looks and fits. And I get a lot of compliments on this...

I used a silky fabric in navy blue with flowers and a bird (it is hard to see it in this pictures though...). I have finished all the hems (all around) by hand (don't tell me about it...) with a blind stitch because I don't like the look of topstitching on silky fabrics...

So, this is it. I am pleased with the result! And I have to admit I love this print... 


  1. Oh my! This is really stunning! I love the simple design that really let's the fabric shine. I love it.

  2. I absolutely love this print! Also, if you are having trouble with your "signature style" the coletterie is doing a great series right now on just that thing called "wardrobe architect" you should check it out!

  3. Such a beautiful blouse Sara. Look forward to seeing what it looks like on. I too love florals and birds so your fabric is making me envious!

  4. That is a very pretty blouse! I like simple blouse patterns, too. Especially if you have a busy print, you really don't need much of a design for the blouse. Great job on it, and I am impressed with doing the hems by hand.

  5. ADORO!
    Este tecido é fabuloso e o top, embora sem ver vestido (gostava imenso duma foto com modelo :)), parece lindissimo e de cair que nem uma luva!


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