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How To Sew French Seams - a tutorial

Last Tuesday I shared a tutorial over Patchwork Posse on how to make the most simple girls skirt. Today I am there again sharing an alternative way of sewing the side seams for a perfectly neat finish: French Seams! 

How to Make Bias Tape - a tutorial

Hi! Today I am over Patchwork Posse's blog sharing a tutorial on how to make bias tape, using the one-fat-quarter-miraculously-turned-yards-of-bias-tape method. :) It's true! I am amazed by this method... 

I have lots of fat quarters that I purchased about 7 years ago, before I started to sew clothes (that need way more than that...). I am thinking that since I don't used them I should turn them into bias tape, which is something I use a lot! Either per se or transformed into piping. 

The Balmy Breezes tunic

I love sewing. I love trying new techniques and methods. I always jump at the chance of trying something new. I always accept a new fun challenge. 
This time was no different. When Maegan from Mae & K blog asked a few bloggers to join a fun sewing series on free patterns - Free Friday Pattern - I looked at all the patterns being showcased on every week this year and I immediately signed up for the Balmy Breezes Tunic.

The Balmy Breezes Tunic is a free pattern by Call Ajaire (for Sew Mama Sew) available only in size 3, that comes along with a tutorial on how to make Lattice smockingIf you follow my blog you may remember that a few posts ago I mentioned that there are two sewing techniques I have never tried: smocking and heirloom. Now there is one left: heirloom. Or... maybe not.

The first title I wrote for this post was: Lettuce smocking aka a failed attempt to make a Lattice smock. :) 

And I am sorry (not sorry) if I am already spoiling this post by revealing how this whole story ends. But I needed to spill it out. Phew! That felt great.