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Sewing For Kindergarten 2016

Hi! School as (finally) started so I am finally on holidays, haha! If you have several small kids I know you know what I am talking about! It's so good to spend three months with them 24/7, having no schedule, going out to the beach, doing fun stuff with them, but at the same time - thank God school started! I was in serious need of a few daily hour of peace and quiet. Specially now that I am almost 36 weeks preggo! 

Today I am joining Sewing for Kindergarten 2016, a fun blogging series hosted by the.all.amazing Mie of Sewing Like Mad. This series is up since 2012 and it's the second time I join it (you can see my first time here and here, in 2014). Gladly it won't be my last, since I'll be able to join again in 4 years from now. :)  (if Mie allow's me to participate again, that is. :) )

I Heart Japanese Patterns

Today I am joining the London Sew Social / Tuttle Publishing Blog Tour

If you follow me you already know that I love Japanese sewing books. They have the most lovely, interesting, simple & practical, pretty & casual, comfortable patterns. The instructions are simple, straight to the point, and make use of all the proper techniques. Yes, they just have it all! And the styling on the books is just... perfect! 

1st Japanese Sewing Week - Day One!

Welcome to day one of the 1st Japanese Sewing Week!

Just in case you missed the announcement, read this. :)

Today we have four uber talented bloggers showing their amazing creations made out of Japanese sewing patterns! With no further ado here's their sneak peeks and link to their blogs so you can see the whole feature!

1st Japanese Sewing Week - Get ready!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to make this announcement! Get ready for the very First Japanese Sewing Week

The Love for Japanese Sewing Patterns

I have been in love with the Japanese aesthetic, sewing patterns and all their lovely craftiness since 2007, when I bought my first two Japanese sewing mooks (crafty books with recipes, or instructions if you prefer). By that time I also started to buy Japanese fabrics, specially cotton and linen blends with kawaii prints. Since that my love for all things Japanese sewing & crafty related has grown. 

I knew I was not alone and over the last couple of years I was able to find lots of other people that share the same passion for Japanese sewing patterns and aesthetic. That was when my lovely friend Monica, who blogs over Adirondack Inspired, and I joined to create a Facebook group where we could all share our Japanese makings and help each other out with... the Japanese wrinting. :) Fortunately there are already several books translated to English but the vast majority is still in Japanese. 

So, this week a bunch of Japanese sewing pattern lovers from all over the world (Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Portugal, UK, Spain and Japan!) are joining together on a tour to show you lots of kids and women clothes made out of Japanese patterns!