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The Hawthorn zip-up sweatshirt

Here is one more pattern to be released by Willow & Co, the Wanderlust collection - tomorrow is the "R" (of release!) day for these talented ladies! - the Hawthorn zip-up sweatshirt!

The Hawthorn was designed by Laura from Titchy Threads (aka Craftstorming).

I had the privilege to test Laura's Small Fry Skinny jeans some time ago (here's the post) and I was really excited when she told me I was one of the lucky testers for the Hawthorn! 
I love - LOVE - Laura's patterns! Her instructions are very clear and easy to follow, and the finished garments look so professional! She is amazing...

I think the Hawthorn just goes perfectly with the Small Fry Skinny jeans! (So you should get both... :))

The Hawthorn comes with several options: full zip or half zip, in-seam pockets, and regular seam or split side seams. Sizing ranges from 6-12 months to 12 years.
Fabric options are: medium weight knits such as interlock, french terry, fleece.

I was assigned an half-zip and regular side seams, and I opted for the in-seam pockets - I love pockets. And so does she! She has worn her Hawthorn so many times since I made it...

I used a floral french terry from a sweatshirt I had just bought to myself... :) When I was looking through my fabric stash to choose a knit or a fleece fabric I couldn't decide myself... And then I thought how lovely would it be to make a floral Hawthorn! So I just went for it and cut my brand new sweatshirt to make this cutie hers. 

The construction is very good  - again, very professional - and the instructions are very detailed and easy to follow. Oh, and the pattern pieces have notches! So there is no way you will be messing up when sewing all the pieces together.

Before I forget, let me tell you this: this pattern's PDF file has one layer for each size so you can just print the size you want! (Isn't that great?)

And the best part is: this pattern is suitable for both boys and girls! (That is a money saver!)

Have a look at my fellow testers' versions of the Hawthorn to get inspired!
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Make sure to stop by Willow & Co blog and Facebook page to follow all about the Wanderlust collection release and to get the discount codes!

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The Little Man Color Block Polo Shirt

Every time my little man sees me starting a sewing project he asks "Who is it for?". And 99% of the times I answer "It's for your sister A" or "your sister B" and he walks away... head down... with a sad look... It-breaks-my-heart... 

These last (6...8...?) weeks have been sewing madness weeks. Lots of pattern testing to do, sew-alongs and series... I think I have made more garments in these weeks than in my whole life (no, seriously...)... And only two things out of a bazillion were for him... (you can see them here).

So, this week I wanted to sew something for PR&P w4 - Signature Style challenge -, and for this April's Flip This Pattern series. I immediately started to sketch something for one of my girls that could figure in both challenges... A Dress... No, a blouse... Color block... Tulip sleeves... A-line... a bit of lace... In my mind it was beautiful! 
But, again, my little man came by and threw the question "Who is that for?"... It brook my heart knowing that I was going to break is heart... again... "I am making something for you, my sweet little man!", I said. His eyes glowed! In that instant I decided I was going to make something for him.

Well, I had just put myself in a lot of trouble... I had my mind set in a project for a girl and now, all of a sudden, and with just a day to work on it I had to come up with something suitable for a little guy...

I didn't know were to turn to!
"Focus, Sara, focuuusss!"

Ok, I had something to start with - this month's project for Flip This Pattern series is the Colorblock dress from Heidi & Finn. It couldn't be a dress so... it had to be a shirt. A polo shirt! And, as always, I wanted to keep the main design or main feature, so I decided to keep the color block design.

How I flipped the color block dress to a polo shirt:

  • The opening was turned from the back to the front (I add to adjust the neckline) and I added a placket (I left it open but I think I'll add snaps - I made it a bit narrow for buttons...)
  • I added a collar
  • I adjusted the armholes and added sleeves
  • A color block pocket at the front

I used piqué cotton (after all it is a polo shirt, right?) I had in my stash, in three different colors - white, red and navy blue.

He loved it! I made it in about 4 hours (from drafting and cutting to sewing and finishing) with 4 kids at home, and just in time for him to use it for a walk to the park.
While I was trying to sew I had to bribe them saying we would go play at the park if they'd let me finish this... If you ever tryed to spend a whole day with 4 kids locked at home you know what I mean... Well, I always always always keep my promises.

So, how does this relate to PR&P s9 w4 - Signature Style challenge? It does. 

I sew 99% for my girls - it's all pink and girly colors, florals and polka dots, blouses and sweet dresses, piping and lace - this is my Signature style. But I want my signature style to be also blue hues and green shades, stars and space rockets, shirts and trousers. So, I want to take a pledge. I pledge I will sew more for my little man - he deserves it! I don't ever ever want to feel like I am breaking is little heart... 'cause I know that is one thing he will remember when is all grown up... And I want to change that. I want him to remember of all the cool clothes his mommy made him when he was a kid... And I just have a few more years for that... He is 6, you know?...

Does anyone want to join me?...

Project linked to:

Flip This Pattern

The Schoolboy vest (and an Easter outfit!)

This is the Schoolboy vest!
It is a great new pattern from Abby of Sew Much Ado and you can find it here!

I have to say that this pattern is p-e-r-f-e-c-t and the instructions are so easy to follow! It may seem like it takes a lot of sewing skills but it doesn't! It is great for a beginner.

It comes in sizes 6 months to 12 years and has two pocket options (welt or faux welt pocket) and optional back ties (I love them!).
Plus, you can find instructions on how to make a reversible vest!

I was really happy when Abby contacted me for the pattern testing because getting to test boy's patterns (actually this one is for both genders) pushes me to sew for him and not for his sisters (who always get all the sewing...). I enjoyed so much making this one for my little Mr. that I will be making more! 

I used a dark thin whale corduroy as the main fabric and a dark red cotton + polyester blend print for the lining (the same used for the bow tie). The brown buttons where chosen from my vintage buttons collection. I just love to add a vintage detail to things...

And if you are wondering about the bow tie: it is the Gentleman's bow tie, a pattern from Allison of Freshly Completed who was one of the pattern testers. 

My little Mr. has an Easter outfit!

Este é o colete Schoolboy!
É um molde novo da Abby do Sew Much Ado e podem encontrá-lo aqui.

Tenho a dizer que este molde é p-e-r-f-e-i-t-o e as instruções são muito fáceis de seguir! Pode parecer que para fazê-lo são necessárias muitas competências de costura, mas não! Pode ser feito por um iniciante.

O molde está disponível nos tamanhos 6 meses a 12 anos e tem duas opções para bolsos.
Adicionalmente, as instruções mostram como fazer um colete reversível (para usar dos dois lados), como opção.

Fiquei muito contente quando a Abby me contactou para testar este molde porque testar moldes para roupa de rapaz é uma forma de me forçar a fazer roupa para o meu pequeno homem e não para as irmãs. Gostei muito do resultado e certamente irei fazer mais!

Usei uma bombazine fina de cor escura da parte de fora, e um tecido misto de algodão e polyester num padrão simples em vermelho escuro para o forro (é o mesmo tecido do laço). Os botões castanhos foram escolhidos da minha colecção de botões vintage. Gosto de adicionar um toque vintage às peças...

E caso estejam a perguntar-se de onde vem o laço: é o Gentleman's bow tie, um molde da Allison do Freshly Completed, que também testou este molde.

O meu pequeno homem já tem uma fatiota para a Páscoa!

My Gentleman's Bow Tie

(scroll down for english) 

Já aqui disse que costuro mais para elas do que para ele... Sempre que uma designer me escolhe ou convida para testar um molde novo para rapaz fico contentíssima - desta forma sou mesmo obrigada a fazer uma peça para ele.
Foi o que aconteceu desta vez! Testei um molde que ainda não posso revelar (só depois de ser lançado no mercado) mas decidi fazer este laço para acompanhar - acho que é a cereja no topo do bolo! O molde é o Gentleman's bow tie da Freshly Completed e podem encontrá-lo aqui.

Ele adorou! E acho que já temos fatiota nova para a Páscoa... 

I already mentioned here that I sew a lot more for my girls than for him... Poor little guy... So everytime I am choosen or invited to test a new boy's pattern I get very excited for the opportunity of being pushed to make something for him.
I have tested a new pattern (can't reveal it yet but it is gorgeous!) and this bow-tie is the cherry on top! The Gentleman's bow-tie pattern is from Freshly Completed and you can find it here.

He loved it! And it seems to me that I already have the Easter outfit for one of my kids. (Two more to go...)