The Hawthorn zip-up sweatshirt

Here is one more pattern to be released by Willow & Co, the Wanderlust collection - tomorrow is the "R" (of release!) day for these talented ladies! - the Hawthorn zip-up sweatshirt!

The Hawthorn was designed by Laura from Titchy Threads (aka Craftstorming).

I had the privilege to test Laura's Small Fry Skinny jeans some time ago (here's the post) and I was really excited when she told me I was one of the lucky testers for the Hawthorn! 
I love - LOVE - Laura's patterns! Her instructions are very clear and easy to follow, and the finished garments look so professional! She is amazing...

I think the Hawthorn just goes perfectly with the Small Fry Skinny jeans! (So you should get both... :))

The Hawthorn comes with several options: full zip or half zip, in-seam pockets, and regular seam or split side seams. Sizing ranges from 6-12 months to 12 years.
Fabric options are: medium weight knits such as interlock, french terry, fleece.

I was assigned an half-zip and regular side seams, and I opted for the in-seam pockets - I love pockets. And so does she! She has worn her Hawthorn so many times since I made it...

I used a floral french terry from a sweatshirt I had just bought to myself... :) When I was looking through my fabric stash to choose a knit or a fleece fabric I couldn't decide myself... And then I thought how lovely would it be to make a floral Hawthorn! So I just went for it and cut my brand new sweatshirt to make this cutie hers. 

The construction is very good  - again, very professional - and the instructions are very detailed and easy to follow. Oh, and the pattern pieces have notches! So there is no way you will be messing up when sewing all the pieces together.

Before I forget, let me tell you this: this pattern's PDF file has one layer for each size so you can just print the size you want! (Isn't that great?)

And the best part is: this pattern is suitable for both boys and girls! (That is a money saver!)

Have a look at my fellow testers' versions of the Hawthorn to get inspired!
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Make sure to stop by Willow & Co blog and Facebook page to follow all about the Wanderlust collection release and to get the discount codes!

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  1. Parece-me que já tens quase toda a nova colecção willow and co. costurada, Sara!
    Muitos parabéns! Todas as peças estam girissimas!

    1. Obrigada, Marta! As que não tenho costuradas já estão a ser pensadas! :)

  2. What a cute and comfy sweatshirt! I just love it made out of the floral fabric :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Teri! I love the floral fabric too...

  3. Okay, so I'm loving everything over here, but there's something about this one that I especially love!! So glad to 'find' you and your blog!

    1. Thanks, Monica! So glad you found me! ;)

  4. I love this sweatshirt Sara! I think the risk of cutting up your own sweatshirt really paid off. The little hints of pink contrast look great too. Thanks so much for all your help with testing.


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