The Prize Garden Dress

New make! I can't believe I am finally getting into the sewing groove again. Baby #4 is (finally) napping at least twice a day! (one nap is at least 1 hour, and on a good day I'm getting two naps of 1-2 hours!! Yay!!!). I don't know how long it will last but I will make the most of it while it lasts! :) I even had the time to draft this quick & easy knit dress from scratch! (Woo-hoo!)

I can't say enough good things about this interlock knit. It's the Prize Garden print from the Sidewalk collection designed by Rae Hoekstra (Made by Rae) for Cloud 9 Fabrics

It's an organic cotton knit (bonus points!), and oh so soft! It has the perfect weight (not too thin and fiddly, not too heavy) and is really stable (it doesn't curl - we all know it's a nightmare when that happens...). It is so easy to work with you will love it!

I love it so much that I almost used it for some selfish sewing... I was sent 2 yards of it for the Sidewalk Tour and I have left a little over half yard... Do you know any women's pattern that uses up only that much? :) 

Now, let's talk the dress. It is a bit roomy, because I made it to my oldest DD but this one saw it first ans snatched it for her. :) Well, it  means there is room to growth, right? :) That or her older sister will use it instead. (If she lets her... errr, not happening.)

I designed it with a couple of cute details, and I can't wait to show them a bit better soon.

  • the sleeves aren't true set in sleeves but dolman style, 
  • love those cuffs on the 3/4 sleeves, 
  • the opening has a self-facing,
  • the woven ties on the back. 
It's such an easy sew! I am actually thinking about making a PDF pattern. Maybe I should add a short sleeve version too? Any other suggestions? Maybe add a circle skirt option? Of course since I don't have much time it may take me months to have this done... but I think this time I am really going for it! 

She is looking so big!... It's only looking at the photos that I realize how much she grew up since I first started to make things for her and blog about them. I truly wish my kids wouldn't grow up. :) 


Prize Garden 100% organic cotton interlock knit, Sidewalk collection by Rae Hoekstra (Made by Rae) for Cloud 9 Fabrics.

When I got Rae's email with the invitation to join the Sidewalk Tour, I was so excited! How in the world one my all-time sewing/blogging heros knew I existed? Wow. But then I thought... Oh I get it, she must have got the wrong Sara. I'll just send her an email back saying there was certainly a mistake. I shared with a few of my sewing-blogging friends and they reassured me that for sure she knew what she was doing. Okay then. I'll go for it, I'll join the tour. I was happy, I was pumped, I was... stressed! It sinked in. I felt the weight of responsibility, and boy it was heavy. But once the yardage that Rae and Cloud 9 so kindly sent me arrived I got super excited again! This knit is really amazing and I couldn't wait to work with it! I am so grateful to Rae (and Jessica) and Cloud9 for having me on this tour! And again, I am sorry it took me a couple more weeks to get this done. :) 

Check all these amazing creations for the Sidewalk Tour for inspiration. All the prints of the Sidewalk collection are so, so cute!  

Happy sewing! 


  1. I love the way this turned out, such a cute pattern and YAY for making it into a pattern! XO

  2. Good thing that you decided to join the tour. This dress is so lovely! And nothing get's you back in a sewing groove then simply starting to sew!

  3. This is so beautiful and she is the cutest. Great job. You inspire me to start sewing

  4. Oh my, the little one pinched the dress for the big one - perhaps it is a very good thing indeed my girls are spaced so far apart agewise hahaha The dress turned out gorgeous. The colours are so vibrant! I wonder if there is a stockist in Oz?

  5. Oh wow such a beautiful dress in such beautiful, cheerful fabric.

  6. Oh wow such a beautiful dress in such beautiful, cheerful fabric.


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