A wallet for the little Mr.

My son is turning 7 in a few days... Where did time go? He was the sweetest baby! For the first 6 months of his life all he did was eating and sleeping... He would be awake for a few periods of half an hour everyday and almost didn't cry, except for one hour between 6 and 7pm. :) 
He grew up with a good heart. Well, until he got to primary school last year... I mean, he still has a good heart, but he is now a typical primary school boy and he is actually having some trouble being quiet in the classroom... I don't think he qualifies for having ADHD though. He is just too smart... :) He does all the assignments too quick and then he gets to distract his classmates who are still working on theirs... We need to find strategies to keep him still and occupied and focus on something else... Any suggestions? Maybe getting him a few drawing books? Any you would recommend? I found these ones from Usborne that I love. {No affiliation here, just sharing something I like.}

Found on Amazon
I got side tracked here, sorry... :) Actually this post is about the Pirate's Treasure Wallet I made for him. :) 
Since October is his birthday's month I thought I should devote sometime this month to make somethings for him. He still gets less sewing time than his sisters... 

He has been asking for a wallet since our Summer vacations this year. He wanted to have his own pocket money to buy ice creams and candy, and some comic books. But since he didn't had a wallet we had to keep his money for him. so I knew I had to make him a wallet once we got home, now to find a pattern... 
I couldn't believe when Fenna asked for people to join this tour! I would finally have the chance to make a boy's wallet!
Can you imagine how happy he was when I surprised him this week with this wallet? He was thrilled!

Pattern: the Pirate's Wallet patttern, by Fabulous Home Sewn.
Fabric: black and rusty orange baby wale corduroy and Phineas & Ferb comic print (it is the Springs Creative Disney Phineas and Ferb Agent P Comic patch fabric)
Details: This pattern features a bill pocket, three card pockets, a vinyl pocket for an ID card and a pleated pocket for change. This pattern is not difficult but I would rate it as "adventurous" beginner because of the zipper and all the pocket construction - which is easier then it looks! I have made something different - when closing and turning (the final step) I left the opening for turning on the zipper pocket side and not on the upper side. This way I had to top stitch (to close the opening) on the side - which is barely noticeable and in fact invisible when the wallet is closed - instead of top stitching all the upper end. I wouldn't mind that if I could just top stitch all around the wallet but that is almost impossible due to all the necessary bulkiness at the bottom edge. My son really enjoyed his new wallet! And my dear husband already let me know he wants one too - comic print and all. :)

There is a giveaway running if you want to try your chance to win a patern of your choice fro FABulous Home Sewn! 

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There is a blog tour showcasing the Pirate's Treasure Wallet pattern and the Perfect Petal Purse - both patterns from Fabulous Home Sewn. 
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  1. Thanks so much, Sara!! It looks great!

  2. há uns meses fiz uma carteira para o meu sobrinho, mas já andava com planos para outra pois a que fiz não tinha compartimento para as moedas e além disso ele perdeu a 1ª. não era tão cool como a tua, mas já me inspiraste. possivelmente farei uma nova para o seu aniversário em novembro.


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