Bubble Shorts

It is Kids Clothes Week - Winter season (January 2014)! Yeah!

Actually it is KCW and PR&P week, so I am in a sewing marathon (drafting, tracing, cutting, sewing, taking pictures... you know the drill...)!

Day 1

Although I did some preparations last week - choosing patterns and fabrics, printing and assembing PDF - I still have a lot to do... So day 1 was basically a day for tracing patterns and deciding where to start...

I seem to have a full agenda for this week and I can say I won't be able to do everything, but I I am OK with that... I always rather to have several options just in case something doesn't go the way I want.

Day 2

It was a productive day. I managed to sew one Bubble Shorts (great pattern by Marta from DoGuincho) for my tiny.

They were on my to-do list since September last year and I was a bit sad that I would have to wait until summertime to sew them... 
One day when I went to my local haberdashery to buy thread I saw this beautiful thin corduroy that looked a lot like a Liberty print and it immediately came to my mind it would be p-e-r-f-e-c-t for a Winter version of the Bubble Shorts! 

I asked Marta if corduroy would be suitable for the Bubble Shorts and the answer was "yes"! I was thrilled! 

It is a great pattern, quick to sew, and very suitable for beginners! 
There is one tricky step but it is perfectly manageable. And Marta is always available to help!

 I think they are so cute! I am totally in love with this pattern.

And so does she!

I will definitely be making more of these (and I will add an adjustable waistband). 
Can´t wait to sew a couple of them for my girls to wear in the Summer!

(And now... back to sewing... day 3 is here!)


  1. Que giros que ficaram os calções, Sara!
    Muitos parabéns pelo blog e muito obrigada pela publicidade!

    1. Obrigada, Marta! A maior "publicidade" tem sido no Instagram, onde tive vários likes e comentários favoráveis ao molde dos bubble shorts. O mérito é todo teu!

  2. Além de adorar o modelo dos bubble shorts, acho que escolheste um tecido lindo para dar um ar ainda mais fofo ao modelo!

    Adoro a menina modelo, tão fofa e rebelde ao mesmo tempo ;)

  3. Na altura da tour da Marta tb tive o prazer de fazer um par para a minha, em veludo. Lembro-me de ver alguns em bombazine que adorei e é algo que quero fazer desde então, mas as listas são sempre intermináveis não é? Adorei a tua escolha de tecido, os calções ficaram mesmo mimosos.


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