The Pippa Peplum

Another project for Kids Clothes Week (KCW)!

Since the Pippa and Penelope Peplums patterns have been released I knew I had to put my hands on them. I love Kate's (See Kate Sew) patterns and I have tried the Bubblegum Coat (I was lucky to test it, here) and the Kaleidoscope Top (I did two for last season of KCW, here).

January is being a month so full of sewing fun! And one of the many events that are tooking place is the Pippa and Penelope peplums sew-along and pattern tour- see it here.
I have been wanting a chance to join and here it is!

I used a jersey knit with red flowers print on a brown background. 
I usually don't use fabrics with dark colors for my kids clothes but I chose this one because I want to match it with a Swing Skirt from Compagnie M. that I am going to make out of a red twill - it is in my to-do list for this season of KCW (let's see if I find the time to actually make it...).

The pattern is really easy and fast to sew! And,by the way, you don't need a serger to sew knits (in case you were wondering).
It has two sleeve length options (cap or half sleeve) but since the temperature is very low these days I decided to draft a full length sleeve. 

I will have to do one for tiny, has they love to dress matchy-matchy! 


  1. I saw this top at the KCW site... it's just adorable! I keep seeing this pattern, and I thought I had a thing against the peplum-style, but it really is darling on kiddos! happy sewing!

  2. I love how this turned out! I have seen a lot of this pattern lately and I am becoming tempted to make one myself!! And your daughter is adorable, by the way! :)

  3. Oh soo so cute! This pattern was on my massive to-sew list for KCW and unfortunately was one I didn't get to, but I will be getting to it soon! I absolutely adore that fabric! I agree, I wouldn't normally go for dark for kids clothes either but this is perfect. And can we talk about her hair?! So pretty! I think the shirt accents it, love it. I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I could find you! ;)


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