Bubble Skirt (KCW Fall 2013)

I am so excited to be part of this season's Kids Clothing Week!

I was planning to join KCW for all last seasons but there was always something that kept me for having time and energy to go for it. So this is my first time ever at KCW! 

I have been preparing this for two weeks now, going through patterns and pattern magazines and books. I think I have too many projects that I would like to sew through this week! [So many ideas so little time... Know the feeling?] Oh well, lets see how this goes - no pressures, I just want to have fun! That is the point of KCW, right?

So this is my first project for KCW Fall. A bubble skirt!

While I was searching for inspiration I looked through my fabric stash. Once I pulled this blue cotton with large white polka dots I knew it had to be used on a bubble skirt.

I drafted the pattern for this skirt - a basic skirt pattern with a bit more width and length (I will try to put it on paper as a free pattern, once I figure out how to turn a pattern into a pdf file...). It turned to be a bit too large for my skinny 4 year-old (as you may notice from the picture above). I guess she will only be wearing it next Spring!

I added a few details to this basic pattern, such as: an adjustable waistband (I found it really easy to do), piping and a fabric flower on the side. 

This KCW is just starting, so I am off to my next project! See you!

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