Sewcial back!

Hi! The Sewcial Calendar is back!! 

Back in in January 2014 I started a monthly Sewcial Calendar here at the blog (first post here). It was posted in the beginning of each month listing all sew-alongs and sewing challenges or competitions for that month.

Two years later I took a break because there was at least two other monthly calendar's of all sewing challenges and sew-alongs more thorough than mine. One of them - Swoodson Says - decided not to do it this year and asked for someone who would host it. I immediately said yes! I was actually thinking about getting back to it this year, so this was very timely! 

You can find it here. Have fun!! 

Oh, and if you are hosting any fun event or know of any, please let me know! I will be more than happy to add it there. 

Happy sew-cial-ing! :) 

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