Wear to Where? - a sewing challenge

Hi everyone! Today it is all about style (or the lack of it in my case... but more on that later...) and what to wear to where. And now say that again. :) 

A bunch of sewing and fashion bloggers were challenged by the amazing ladies Katy (Wild and Wanderful blog) and Angelica (Gardening in High Heels) to dress according to the occasion. We were given a theme and we had to dress accordingly. Of course that for the group of sewing bloggers that could only mean one thing: sew an outfit. 
An opportunity to make clothes for myself is a no brainer. So, I was more than happy to join the "Wear to Where?" blog tour.

My theme was "Date night out". I must admit that I usually dress up a bit more than I seem to on my outfit choice for this tour but I was eager to make these two patterns (top and wrap) and so I just went for it. 
I usually wear skinny pants with gorgeous flow-y tops with a nice cleavage and a cool blazer or jacket, styled with a clutch and a cool necklace and long earrings. And flats. Yes, no high heels for date nights. My sweet hubby is only about 2'' taller than me (which I love!) but that makes me not to be able to wear high heels when I am with him. Although he keeps saying he doesn't mind if I look taller than him. (He is such a keeper!) 

The Cosette top, pattern by KZJO's Studio

The only modification I did was to lengthen the sleeves. Although we are having a few days of Summer around here they will be gone soon. 

I really loved sewing this pattern. The facing is a bit challenging because of those corners but if you go slowly and stay focused you can do it! The thing I love the most about this pattern are the side panels. You can barely noticed them on my top because I have opted to make them full black but they are super flattering and I can't wait to play with some color blocking on my next Cosette.

I used a black floral print viscose (rayon challis) that was seating on my stash for a while now. I had two 1 meter remnants (that I got at 2.95€/each, about $3.50) which I had to fussy cut in order to show that lovely floral print in a few selected places. The drape of this top is absolutely gorgeous and it's a shame that it doesn't show on the photos.  

I will definitely be making more of these!

The Laurelhurst Wrap, pattern by Straight Stitch Designs

I modified the armscyes to make it sleeveless. I wanted it to look like a cool "vestigan". (Yes, I know that is not a word but it should be, right?)

I love Kimberly's patterns (I have made several already). They are stylish and well written. 
This wrap has been on my to-sew list since forever. And now I finally had the chance to make it. Yay!

I found this fabric on the remnant bin at my local fabric store (Feira dos Tecidos) last September (at 4.50€, about $5/meter) and I immediately knew I had to make a cardigan or a wrap with it. I really don't know the name for this fabric... It looks like if it was knitted by hand (although it isn't) but I think it is some kind of waffle woven actually because it frays. Any guesses what this is? 

I have opted to make it a transitional wrap thus the sleeveless style. Also, I was afraid I would look really chubby on my arms because of the thickness of this fabric. (And I bet a few of you know exactly what I mean... :) ).

All stripes match on both side seams and in the end that is all that matters to a home seamstress, right? :) 

I meant to style this wrap with a belt but I forgot to take it with me for the photo shoot...  Along with a gorgeous clutch (the All in a Flap bag, pattern by So Sew Easy) I made some time ago as part of the pattern testing. I think I am in serious need of some ginkgo biloba. :) 

You can get both of these patterns at the UpCraft Cluban amazing online pattern shop with lots of great patterns. And I can tell that many more wonderful patterns are coming in soon! ;) 

The UpCraft Club is a modern sewing and crafting association for people who love digital patterns. It has a curated selection of patterns from selected designers. Lots of women patterns, kids patterns, bags, soft toys and quilt patterns that you can buy as a customer or sign in as a member to get a free pattern every month and 20% off all your additional purchases, for $10/month. Doesn't it sound great? Well, it's because it really is. :) 
(You can read all about it here.)

The trousers I am wearing are ready-to-wear (RTW).
I am working on my Ginger skinny jeans (yay!), a pattern by Closet Case Files, but I wasn't able to finish them on time for this post. It is my second time making jeans. My first ones were the Real Deal jeans, a pattern by Winter Wear Designs, which I was lucky to test many months ago. They haven't made it yet to the blog though, but I love them!

So far the Ginger are going well,  it's a great pattern. If you want to make some skinny jeans for yourself this is a good pattern choice. You might also keep an eye for the gorgeous flare jeans pattern, by the huber talented Lauren of Baste + Gather, which are in testing and also the super versatile jeans pattern by lovely Kennis of Itch To Stitch. I know I want them both! I girl can never have too many jeans, right? :) 

Today I am touring along with Gardening in High Heels, Wear.Wag.Repeat, If Only They Would Nap, and The Wholesome Mama. These ladies have style!! 

Make sure to take some time to look at all these fashion and sewing blogs. 

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There is a giveaway with great prizes running along with this tour and also a link up where can join the fun by linking up your outfit of choice for each of the themes! You can find both the giveaway and the link-ups here.

Happy sewing!


  1. Okay, so vesitgan is totally a word now and I want to make one. And the floral details in that top are TO DIE FOR! This is so cute, Sara! I love all of it.

  2. So it is writ, so it shall be - vestigan IS a word and I love it. Just like I love that outfit! The floral details in the fabric are so flirty. I love how you paired it with a wrap that borrowed some color from the shirt. Super fun look, heels or not!

  3. The print on that top is so pretty and I love the vest, it will be SUCH a versatile piece!

  4. Adoro a blusa! O meu primeiro vestido foi com esse tecido, é maravilhoso! ps- adoro o novo look do blogue!

  5. Love that print on the Cosette, it´s beautiful! <3 And the vestigan is just a great idea! (i´ve got a piece of that too, some sort of stretch thick etamine?)

  6. Love the vest Sara! And the top is gorgeous! You look beautiful! Your husband is a lucky man (and you should definitely wear heels)! :D

  7. The whole ensemble is gorgeous! Even though I don't really wear heels either (I don't have the balance to make it work. LOL) I think you totally should wear them!

  8. You look so pretty! Gorgeous floral print! And of course it's always nice to see perfect stripes matching. :)

  9. Love the pattern-mixing! And I totally vote for the word "vestigan" -- I keep trying to make "jazer" happen (jacket + blazer -- or jersey + blazer -- to describe a cozy knit type of blazer).

  10. Beautiful job Sara. I think my favorite part is your vestigan ;-) I just love the fabric you chose.

  11. What a gorgeous outfit! That top! So going to buy it right now while husband is busy putting up Christmas lights haha


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