Women's Bundle Up

Hi! I did some sewing for myself! Yay! :) If you follow this little blog of mine you know that one of my (sewing and personal) resolutions for this year was to sew more for myself. When I first started to sew - 4 years ago - I have sewn a lot for myself. Only a couple of years later I decided to sew for my kids (surprising, right?) and the thing is: I stopped sewing for myself. 

Now they have a whole lot more clothes than they need. (It's a shame, I know!...) And I have an almost empty and dull wardrobe because all over these last years I kept telling myself "I am *not* going to buy this blouse or that coat, because I can make them myself!" when I am at clothing stores. Truth is, I just keep sewing for them and not for me... Can you relate to this? I bet you do... :) 

So, to push myself into some self-care sewing, I am joining every blog tour and pattern testing for women clothes that I can! :) 

Today, I am part of the Women's Bundle Up from Pattern Revolution
I am sharing two patterns I have made from this bundle and I will be sharing a third one later this week. Can you guess what? I have made my first pair of jeans!
I can finally scratch that off my "sewing techniques to learn and sewing challenges to overcome" list. :) I feel like I reached another level of sewing! :) Now I only have to tackle: sewing bras, draping, smocking and heirloom. And after that I have to find another hobby. :) Luckly, I think it will take me a while to learn these techniques, so I will be here for the next... few decades. :) 

Pier 7 top

(Note: The Pier 7 top is the one on the photo above, and the one showing in other photos with the flutter sleeves. The white long sleeved blouse is an RTW blouse. :) ) 

Pattern by: Terra's Treasures, you can find it over Pattern Revolution for now only (until May 8th).

Sizes available: 00 to 26!

Fabric recommendations: lightweight woven (rayon, challis, crepe de chine, voile, gauze, georgette,...) and lightweight knits. I have used a rayon challis. It's so so soft and with such a beautiful drape, I love it!

Details: This pattern features some lovely pintucks at the center front and optional flutter sleeves! I am a sucker for both so I had to go for it. :) It also offers two options for the cinched waist: shirring or an elastic case.
There is no closure on this top - the neckline is wide enough for a on-and-off through the head alone.
The instructions are clear and easy to follow, with step-by-step photos. 

According to my measurements I was in between two sizes and I have opted for the larger one because I am always afraid that the cinched waist will highlight my mommy belly bump... But I should have opted for the smaller one, since (as you can see) it's a bit loose on me. I still love it though! It's so girly and I love girly as much as I love minimalist modern looks. 

Clemence Shorts

Pattern by: Filles à Maman, for now only available through this bundle over Pattern Revolution (until May 8th).

Sizes: 00 to 24!

Fabric recommendations: cotton, linen, chambray, twill, corduroy or flannel.
I have used a black fine wale corduroy with just a bit of stretch. The weather was still very cold when I made these shorts, so I have opted for a warm fabric that I could pair with some warm tights (here in Europe women use tights with shorts, skirts and dresses in the Winter, I don't know about other parts of the world) and boots (or high heels for a fashionable look! :) ).

This pattern offers two lengths - short shorts or bermuda length. It features decorative scallops at the front (with or without decorative buttons), which are optional. It closes with a hidden visible zipper in the side - it's easy to make since the instructions are really great, so no worries! 
I had to adjust the back a bit but it was really easy since the instructions guide you through the adjustments you might have to do to make them fit your body perfectly. We - women - are all different in this hip/back/crotch/waist/tights area, right? Specially after having kids... 

These shorts changed my life!... 

When I applied for testing this pattern I told Mel (one of the most lovely designers ever!) that I wouldn't provide good photos for listings and promotion, only a few ones for her to check the fit on me (which we always have to do when testing a pattern, so the designer can check any tweaks they might have to do) because I wasn't able to show my knees and legs... I wasn't comfortable doing so! She said it was okay so I went ahead with testing these. I am so glad I did! Thanks Mel!

When they were finished I shared the "fit check" photos (the ones on this post with the white frilly blouse) with some blogging friends and asked for their "blunt true & honest opinions" on this:   would I look okay (that is, not ridiculous) on a pencil skirt, and their response was not what I was expecting... I was overwhelmed!...

They were seeing me in a way I can't couldn't see me... My body changed after having three kids in less than four years... I had a perfect hourglass figure and now I am a curvy pear shaped with large thighs, a mommy belly bump and chubby knees...all needing to be hidden... or so I thought! 

Their comments on my photos were amazing and they made me tear up. In a good way. 
For the first time after having kids I realized that maybe I am not so chubby and misshapen as I thought... I am starting to embrace who I am and I am actually showing my knees... and wearing cinched blouses instead of wearing them loose to hide my belly and hips... (Thank you so much Justine!) 

And before I change my mind I pushed myself to join the Me-Made-May'15 sewing challenge! Every day (for this month) many women around the world are sharing me-made clothes and accessories! Isn't that fun? I am sharing my daily handmade outfits for #memademay on Instagram! So follow me there if you want to follow this fun challenge! 

I don't think I have 31 handmade pieces so I'd better run to the sewing machine and get some sewing done! :) Any women patterns you would recommend?

So, yes, if you think a sewing pattern is just a sewing pattern, think again. Sewing can change your life in some way. For me, it just helped me to embrace my new body figure.

Go get your BundleUP here. You can choose the patterns you want, and the more you choose the cheaper they get! It will be available until May 8th and then all the patterns will be available at their designer's pattern shop for the regular price.

If you would like to see more creations out of this pattern bundle and have a look at all the patterns available, check these blogs!

Today I am double posting! :) I am joining the huge Giveaway Day over Sew Mama Sew by offering the chance to win a Cath Kidston book (with over 40 sewing projects) and a pick-your-bundle of fabric! Go try your chance here

This is a rather long blog post... If you stayed with me to the very end, thank you! :)

Happy sewing!


  1. Oh my friend you are a beautiful woman, and you look gorgeous in both outfits!! I'm glad you're beating your insecurities because we all want to see the beautiful garments you'll make for yourself. xoxo

  2. You look absolutely smashing and I love that we convinced you to believe it too ❤️

  3. Wow Sara! Estás o máximo!
    As roupas têm tudo menos ar de feitas em casa (no melhor dos sentidos, claro!) e ficam-te tão bem.
    Uma elegância!

  4. I love the blouse on you and I think you look beautiful!

  5. I love the blouse on you and I think you look beautiful!

  6. Oh Sara, what a great post! We are our own worst critics, aren't we ? I'm glad you are joining me made may. It is so much fun!

  7. Oh Sara és Linda, por dentro e por fora! Que bom que estás a ver o teu corpo de outra maneira. Geraste 3 vidas e claro que deixaram marcas, mas que privilégio este de podermos carregar os nossos filhos dentro de nós. Vamos celebrar os nosso corpos, e todos os seus defeitos, e virtudes, claro! (Eu digo isto também, para mim, porque costurar tem-me ajudado a ver o meu corpo de outra forma.)

  8. A camisa esta uma perfeicao! As pregas..... Adoro o kit! Fica-te lindamente! :)

  9. Estás linda! Nós somos bem mais duras connosco do que devíamos... Tens uma figura muito elegante e zero razão para não nos brindares com as peças maravilhosas que fazes!!! 😉😘❤️

  10. You look fantastic Sara, very stylish. I'm really pleased you are gaining more confidence and hope you continue to sew for yourself, something I want to do more too (although maybe not this year!).

  11. Adorei!!
    Os calções são giríssimos!

    E quando quiseres outro hobby, aprendes a crochetar e a tricotar! ahahahahah

  12. I'm glad you are pushing yourself and your sewing is teaching to love your body. You are a lovely woman. It is a delight to read your posts.

  13. AnonymousMay 07, 2015

    You look great!!! You made me want to go and make shorts for myself (by the way, I don't wear shorts!) and the blouse is so beautiful!! You look so good and I'm glad you're learning to accept yourself with all changes (they are not bad, just different from before).

  14. Sara, thinner or chubbier, we ALL have insecurities. Think i don't have mine? I do, a lot more than you may think. But I have a lot more to gain by sharing and embracing it (look at the fun sewing group and friends I found!) than being reserved and hidding myself. So put yourself out there, show it off! And girl, you're tottally owning it 😉😘😘

  15. Sara, you look beautiful and I am glad you are embracing it. It is a hard thing to face when we are the ones who down our bodies so much. I face that reality hard when my daughters look heartbroken when I say something about my body because to them I am the most beautiful woman they know <3 It puts it all into perspective.


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