The Florence Blouse

Today I am part of the Florence Blouse Christmas Blog Tour & Competition(I can't believe I am on a competition... I run away from them! I can't handle all the pressure of being the best of all, because I know I won't get there... :) I can't even remember what the prize is, so you can see I am not running for the podium. :) ). 

When Olu from Needle and Ted emailed me with an invitation to join this tour by using a great pattern from a new (to me) pattern designer I couldn't say no. First of all, I am a Olu's fan - I love all that she does, her unique style and voice (I love her sense of humour!) so when she says she has found a new pattern designer and that she was blown away by her patterns I trust her judgement. Second, (I keep saying this I know) I love to find new pattern designers so I jumped to the opportunity of trying a new pattern. And all I can say is that... I am amazed!... I really can't say enough good things about this pattern.

Made it Patterns is a pattern company based in the United Kingdom, owned by Anna Bruce. She has an unique fashion forward style that I love. Just have a look at the shop and you will see what I am talking about... (Anna doesn't have a blog so Olu is hosting this pattern tour for her.)

The Florence blouse, pattern by Madeit Patterns.

Cotton shirting, silver starry print on a mustard background (although it looks a bit on the greenish side on some of the phtotos...). I think is has a subtle Christmas-y feel to it, doesn't it?

This pattern is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!... The pattern pieces are very good, with notches and snip marks all over so you can easily put everything together. The instructions are very very good, thorough and easy to follow. And the construction method?... Well it is some of the best I have seen in the PDF world... It also has a few amazing design details. Everything all together makes the difference between a good pattern and the perfect pattern.
This pattern is available on sizes 2Y to 10Y. It has two lovely & trendy options: the waterfall frill (which I was *this* close of making because in all honesty - coming from a person that is not very fond of lots of ruffles - I love it. (There, I said it. :) )), and the bow neck. It also features gathered sleeves, a "V" shaped back yoke and front body seams for a tailored fit. It is perfect.

The competitors were given the liberty to change the pattern to suit their vision, so I have made a few modifications as follow: 
  • I decided to play with the design of the collar, the optional bow and the front optional frill and created this all-in-one ruffled collar with a strap closure. I have mixed feelings about the collar... I think it ended up being a bit too wide but I kind of like how it looks... 
  • Instead of using buttons I have opted for inner snaps, to keep the front less busy with all the ruffles and straps, but I am actually thinking about end up adding buttons on the outside merely for a decorative purpose.
  • I increased the length of the sleeves and made an elastic hem instead of the cuffs, just to make it different. My initial idea was to insert straps through the case (instead of the elastic) but then I thought maybe it would be a little too much of bows and ruffles... And I like to keep it simple. :)

Coupon code and a Giveaway!
Anna is giving 20% off all her patterns until Sunday 23rd 7pm EST, with the coupon code "Tour20". And if you want to join all this Holiday fun and decide to sew up a Florence in time for Christmas, make sure to post it on Madeit Patterns Facebook page by the end of January 2015 for a chance of winning another Madeit pattern of your choice!

20 percent off

Blog Tour & Competition
You can see all the other versions of the Florence pattern - there are blouses, dresses and even a coat! - and vote on your favorite (I have a couple favorites! But I can't tell...) on the competition page, by leaving a comment there with your favorite Florence! 
Just a regular photoshoot with a toddler... :)

"Look mommy, it's waining!" It was starting to rain and that was the end of this photoshoot. :)

A Happy Toddler

I have made this blouse to go with those culottes - which were blogged here - for my older daugther. If you have seen the culottes post you may be asking yourself where is she then... Well, she is with a nasty cold so I had to use this kid instead. :) Needless to say she was thrilled with her new starry blouse! I couldn't really let her know that the blouse is her sister's though, otherwise I would have a crying toddler on these photos. :) I don't have enough fabric left to make her another one so I don't know how am I going to solve this... :) All I have is 16'' (40cm) x WOF (about 57''/ 145cm). Any ideas? 

Oh, and I bet you are wondering about their sizes and how could I fit this outfit on this little girl... Well, my 3 year-old chubby toddler and my almost 6 year-old super slim girl have just about the same measurements (chest, waist, hip)... Yes, don't tell me about it... :) 


  1. Love the top, love the culottes! The collar is so cool. I really like how it changes up the look of the blouse. I do like the blouse placket without the buttons for this look. It lets that collar and the fabric really shine!

  2. Oh my goodness I love this SO much....and that fabric!!!! PLEASE tell me you bought it online in the US....please please!!! I don't think that collar is too big. I love it just the way it is....and so perfect with the culottes!! This competitions is fierce...I have no idea how to vote!!! And YAY for a new amazing pattern maker.

  3. Está linda Sara. É sem dúvida a minha favorita <3 Vou votar :-)

  4. I actually clicked on the link BECAUSE of the collar. I love the proportions; gives it a cape-type of look; I think that's what makes this version so unique and beautiful!

  5. Lovely interpretation of the pattern Sara. What a fun fabric! Lucky you have a stand-in model ;)

  6. It's amazing, I love it. Don't doubt it, that collar is SO cool and as for buttons, noooooo, it's absolutely beautiful just the way it is. The fabric is gorgeous. Seriously I would buy it if I saw it in the shops.

    Thank you for your lovely words at the beginning of your post. I am totally flattered. And thank you so much for being part of the Tour. How we are ever going to pick a winner, I do not know.

  7. This is fabulous! I love your spin on the collar. So unique, and the color is amazing too!

  8. I really love the collar I don't think it's too big at all, and that fabric is soooo cool! The colour and print is fab, really great job I am so pleased you like the pattern.

  9. Uau!! Que gira!! :-) Ela está tão contente, espero que encontres uma boa solução para a questão do tecido...

  10. Absolutely love your fabric choice and wish I could have some for myself. The collar is a really nice twist too.

  11. Such a stylish toddler! The collar is awesome (so cute on her) :)

  12. Looooved it!! It's beautiful and awesome!! Love that collar and that fabric!!! Voted!! <3

  13. Super the fabric, and the styling, it is perfect with that skirt!! Your girls have the BEST wardrobes, you sew in a month what I sew in a year!

  14. This is amazing! I am just blown away by all the creativity that I missed through this tour. That cape collar is to die for.

  15. oh Sara ando tão atrasada que ainda não tinha visto isto para ir votar em ti! =( O molde é girissimo e a tua escolha de tecido ainda a fez mais bonita. Gosto principalmente dos moldes para rapaz desta designar. Obrigado pela partilha, não conhecia.


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