The Phillipa Blouse - One Thimble is Out!

One Thimble issue 15 is out! I have been collaborating with One Thimble on promotional blog tours since issue 5 (you can see all blog posts by typing "one thimble" on the search box, on your right) and it was love at first sight. It's such an amazing digital sewing magazine! Always jam packed with great articles and sewing tutorials and tips, and lots of sewing patterns! For issue 15 I have picked three patterns, for my girls and my little wee baby. On this blog post I am showcasing the Phillipa Blouse and sharing a full review on this issue, and the other makes will be shown later today. 

The Ania Tunic + The Wild and Free Pants

Hi everyone! Is this me blogging again? Am I getting into the sewing+blogging loop again? I certainly don't have the time I used to have to sew.all.the.things, but I am managing to sew again! YAY! 

So, today I am sharing with you my recent makes. Two patterns by Coffee + Thread. Love Olga and absolutely love her patterns! 

The Prize Garden Dress

New make! I can't believe I am finally getting into the sewing groove again. Baby #4 is (finally) napping at least twice a day! (one nap is at least 1 hour, and on a good day I'm getting two naps of 1-2 hours!! Yay!!!). I don't know how long it will last but I will make the most of it while it lasts! :) I even had the time to draft this quick & easy knit dress from scratch! (Woo-hoo!)

The Fat Quarter Skirt

Hi! I just found the perfect pattern for people who - just like me - don't have much time to sew or need a quick & easy & cute gift for girls. It's the Fat Quarter Skirt by Thread Riding Hood. It only takes 2 fat quarters of fabric! And it's the perfect sewing fix for this sleepy mom of a baby, who doesn't have much time to sew these days... 

Wild Things Hottie Cover

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing my lastest make. Isn't this the most lovely hot bottle cover  ever? I made it using the Wild Things Hotties pattern by Twig + Tale, for One Thimble 14. There are several designs available. I made the kitty and already started on the panda. A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e! 

I have been using a hot water bottle since I can remember. It's great to sooth nasty cramps or muscular sores, and perfect to warm you up in the winter, or whenever it's cold.

I have always loved to put a hottie inside my bed a few minutes before I go to sleep. Oh the cozy warm feeling of getting into a warm bed... Then I put it at my feet so they get warm, because I just can't fall asleep if my feet are not warm. 

I have had several hot water bottles over the years (because they get old and at some point let the water leak), and they have always been in their ugly raw plastic form... I can't believe that I finally have a lovely cover for it!! Well...actually I don't because this little girl has already claimed this one as hers! I will have to make another one for me and for my two oldest kids, because when they got home and saw this one they asked for one too! 

I am always excited about each release of One Thimble. It is such an amazing sewing digital magazine! I have been joining the release promo tours since issue number 5. You can see my previous makes here:
issue five (the Moku Shorts/Culottes), 
six (the Multi-Apron)
seven (the Jukebox Dress)
eight (the Jackalope Tee and the Fedora Hat)
nine (the Carnival Jacket)
ten (the Playproof Dungarees and the Willow Dress)
eleven (Wild Things Baby Shoes and the Bear & Bunny Baby Quilt), 
twelve (Calla Lilly Crop Top) 
and thirteen (the Sakuro Clutch).

And now, back to issue fourteen and to the Wild Things Hottie! 

Wild Things Hotties, by Twig + Tale.

Fleece, felt and jersey.

This is a pattern suitable for beginners. You will have to sew straight lines and on the round, and apply double face interfacing. Also there's some embroidery / hand-stitching, but do not worry, it's easy!

This pattern offers options for: a kitty, a panda bear and a owl. I am already thinking of a few more, easy to make, like a bunny! 

The hottie cover fits a standard hot water bottle (8'' x 13.5'', 20cm x 34cm).

The arms can sewn as an applique or secured with snaps. But little Miss R. asked if I could leave the arms free, so I did. 

I had already made a couple of Twig + Tale patterns before, like the Wild Things Baby Shoes and the Pixie Hood Coat (not blogged yet) so I knew this pattern would be great to sew. The PDF layout is very appealing, and the instructions are very complete and easy to follow.

This issue offers 10 PDF sewing patterns, 27 sewing articles & tutorials (at only $25 AUSD!). 

Here are the PDF patterns you will find in this issue: 
– #113 Thread Faction Romper (size 2-10)
– Amuse Boho Dress and Tunic (ladies size xs-xxxl)
– Justin Drop Crotch Pants (size 2-16)
– Timber! Quilt (baby or twin size)
– Trillium Dress and Tunic (size 2T-12)
– Lala Skirt (size 1-10)
– Thyme Vest (size 2-12)
– Loli Dress & Top (size 2-10)
– Enchanting Woodland Meadow Playscape (handsewn)
– Wild Things Hottie Cover (3 options)

And the sewing articles and tutorials:

– Stress Free Invisible Zippers
– Mastering the art of mindful sewing
– How to cover plastic snaps with fabric
– How to make a Cozy For Eternity: Scarf & Cuff
– How to make a stick fort
– How to sew a bullion bunny
– The ins and outs of sewing the perfect buttonhole
– Represent! The secrets of success with brand reps
– The Brain : Big Business : Your Business
– Organic fabrics and much more

Here is the One Thimble 14 tour line up. Don't miss the chance to have a peek at all these amazing creations! You will get inspired! 

2/15/2017 | Not Sew Selfish |  Adventures with Bubba and Bug | Lulu and Celeste

Happy sewing!