The Sakuro Clutch - One Thimble 13 is out!

Oh my! Such a long time since I blogged... Well, you must have guess it by now, or probably you've seen it already on social media: baby #4 was born in early October! He is a sweet little dude and I'm enjoying all the baby cuddles. Keep reading and you'll be able to see him! :) 

Today I am joining the One Thimble 13 Tour! If you follow Made by Sara you already know how much I love this Australian based digital sewing magazine. I have been joining OT blog tours since issue 5 (what?! it seems such a long time ago.), you can see what I made and my issue reviews here: five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve

This brand new issue is jam packed with 10 great sewing patterns and 30 article pieces (sewing tutorials, interesting articles and interviews)! 

As always it was hard to pick one pattern so I picked three. :) I am showing you today the Sakuro Clutch and during this week I will show you the other ones. 

I was in need of a pouch where I could carry a diaper/clothing change separate from all the other junk things I carry in the maternity bag, and this pattern looked perfect for it! So, I hacked the Sakuro Clutch as a baby/maternity pouch!

That baby foot... <3 

The Sakuro Clutch is a pattern by Little Moo Designs. It's large enough to hold a tablet/iPad,and it's also perfect as a statement accessory on a stylish look.

Faux leather, cotton and clear vinyl.

First I thought about making a clutch for me, but then I am all about baby sewing lately so I thought I would make it as a baby pouch to keep spare clothes and diapers. And, truth be told, baby sewing is mostly what you can expect to see in the future on this blog, because, you know, baby sewing. <3 

I used clear vinyl to make a window on the round cut detail. It's two layers of vinyl with a few star shaped sequins in between. Underneath the window I used the same fabric as for the lining. 

Magazine Review:

On the 258 pages (+ PDF pattern files) of OT issue 13 you will get 10 sewing patterns and 30 articles, tutorials, sewing techniques, and handmade business tips.

PDF patterns/tutorials:
– One Romper (size 1-14)
– Orbis Skinny Harem Pants (size 1-14)
– Kawaii Felt Purses (8 options)
– Kawaii Felt Charms (8 options)
– Kawaii Applique (3 designs)
– Sakuro Clutch
– Peg Shorts (size 3-10)
– Ultimate Suit (size 2-14)
– Party Vest (size 3-14)
– Raglan Party Dress (size nb-12)

Articles & tutorials:
– Sewing with knit & leather
– About shopping for fabric in Japan
– How to do a FBA or SBA to a dartless pattern
– How to make a rubix cube mug rug
– How to make an everything pouch
– How to make a waterproof library bag
– Tips for putting in & removing snaps
– How to make a “long pin” using Pinterest
– Facebook Advert Retargeting
– Gift Guides and much more

You can see a sneak peek here!

I love the graphic design of OT! This issue theme is Pastel Pop so you can guess how cool it is on the inside with all those colors and style. 

Have you ever tried to remove snaps? It's all about blood, sweat and tears... Well, this issue offers an article about how to apply and remove snaps! It's very thorough and full of images. I have learned a lot! Now I can easily remove snaps. Woo-hoo!

On every issue there is always an article that speaks to my heart. Last issue it was all about fabric hoarding and the need to declutter and make wise choices when buying fabric. And buying less. 
This time it was about... fabric shopping in... Japan! 

We all know by now how much I love Japan, its beautiful scenery, aesthetic, beautiful traditions (I am all about tea rituals and samurais - I would love to know how to use a sword like one!) and all the design (which includes fabric design). 

Japanese sewing is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I love it so much that I have even started a Facebook group for like-minded Japanese sewing lovers (you can join all the fun here) and a year ago I hosted the first Japanese Sewing Week blog series (you can read all about it here).

I love all things Japanese that relate to sewing: pattern books (oh let's not go there... I have an addiction!), their styling, fabric prints, cute & lovely notions (like buttons, iron-ons, etc.), and sewing tools (Clover has so many amazing things!). Oh, and one of my all-time favorite and uber talented sewing blogger lives in Japan - Hi Emi

Having said this it is not a surprise that I would love to travel to Japan (it's one of my dream trips!). Besides enjoying all the beautiful things that this amazing country offer I would spend a lot of time... fabric shopping! (What else, right?) Because of this article I now know all the best fabric shops, where to find them and what to buy! Want to know more? Well, you'll have to get OT 13! :) 

Now, off to book the flight to Tokyo! :) 

Don't miss out on all the fun! Check these blogs to see all the great patterns you can get on this issue of One Thimble! 

And for those who made it to the end, here's your reward. :) My sweet little dude! He is 5 weeks now. (Oh, will you stop growing up already?...). 

A month ago, just a few days after he was born, I was surprised by an online baby shower! My sweet friend Victoria gathered a bunch of other friends of ours and fellow sewing bloggers to sew a few things for this little guy. How lucky is he? 

On this photo he is wearing an all handmade outfit made by some of this sewing aunties: pants by Nienke, hoodie by Maartje and beanie by Inês. Thank you lovely friends! 

You can see it all on their blogs and on Instagram following the hashtag #sarasonlinebabyshower. :) Thank you ladies!!  I am so lucky (and so grateful!) to have you as friends! <3 

Happy sewing! 


  1. How wonderful to see your little baby! I really love your idea of adapting the clutch! It looks terrific!

  2. Dude is a real cutie! <3


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