EPP Hearts Border for All Points Patchwork Blog Hop

Hi everyone! Things are a bit slow these days around here... But today I am sharing with you a small hand sewing project I made using the English Paper Piecing (EPP) technique, from the All Points Patchwork book. I am joining the "EPP Borders" blog hop this week.

I have completely lost my sew-jo for the first time in years (since I started to sew like crazy actually) after some disturbing news regarding my dad's health... I just couldn't focus and think straight, I felt like I was walking asleep and life became a huge blur for some weeks... 

It turns out that the things that showed up in the exams are benign and the shadow of a returning cancer is now gone. My heart still feels a bit heavy though. For my dad - he is still within the 5 year period where there is a probability that things could go wrong again - but also because of all those of you (and you know who you are!) that are going through tough times having to deal with cancer in your family. 

I was surprised by the amount of other sewing bloggers I found during these last weeks that had lost someone dear recently due to cancer, or have someone close fighting it... My prayers are with you.

And a huge thank you for all those of you who walked with me through this - you are the best! <3 

Through all this time I tried to stick to my sewing/blogging commitments but although I managed to keep a few I failed a few as well... (Nienke and Olu, again I am truly sorry if I wasn't the best pattern tester...) 

Today I am sharing one project that kept me going through all these turbulent times. It was all done with hand-sewing, slowly and peacefully... so soothing... and that was all I needed at the time... Along with some goings to the beach... Watching that big ocean and the big blue sky above was so calming...

Diane Gilleland from the CraftyPod asked a few people to join a blog hop around her last book - the All Points Patchwork, a book that teaches you all you need to know about  English Paper Piecing. It is an amazing book and I totally recommend it!

The EPP is a patchwork technique where you start by cutting the desired shapes from paper, then you baste the paper to the back of your fabric, and then all the pieces are hand-sewn together, ensuring perfectly matched points every time!

The book covers everything, from materials to all the techniques, and is plenty of full step-by-step illustrations and project ideas! Diane shows how to make and sew lots of EPP shapes - hexagons, diamonds, triangles and tumblers, octagons and pentagons, and curved shapes - and she even shows how we can build our own EPP patterns! Perfect, right?

When I joined this tour I signed in for the "EPP Borders" week. First I was going to make something with hexagons, but then I saw this heart shaped pattern made with EPP jewels on the book and I knew it was it! 

My initial idea was to make a border for a girl's tunic and I wanted the heart border to be smaller than the 1'' jewel template provided on the book so I printed it to a 50% scale (you can see it on the image above).

EPP projects are perfect to use all those small fabric scraps we all keep on a box. Or two. :) 

I had recently made a tunic with a beautiful Liberty of London tana lawn so I had a few scraps around that were perfect for this project. It is the Tip Top tunic, a pattern by my amazingly talented friend Celina from Petit à Petit and it will be blogged tomorrow, but here it is a sneak peek (in the photos below).

When I was starting to baste all the shapes (they were dozens!) and sew them together to form the hearts, we got those disturbing news and instead of making lots of EPP hearts I ended up making just a few... Not enough for a tunic border hem but enough for a smaller item, like a baby bib!

I think it turned out great and I love it! 

I know lots of people are scared of hand sewing but I can tell that EPP is really easy to make. Diane did a great job explaining everything so well that although this isn't my first time with EPP - it is the second, you can see the first one here - I am sure that someone trying this technique for the first time won't have any trouble. 

Clover is generously hosting a giveaway for a box of Applique Pins, which are awesome for EPP! You can try your chance by entering the Rafflecopter below. Open to International entries. It ends at midnight on Sunday, August 9th. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Here is the line-up for the blog hop for this week! 

Monday, August 3: Kelly, http://www.craftypodes.com
Tuesday, August 4: Sara, http://made-by-sara.blogspot.com/
Wednesday, August 5: Tisha, http://www.quiltytherapy.com
Thursday, August 6: Stephanie, http://www.swoodsonsays.com
Friday, August 7: Diane, http://www.craftypod.com

Happy sewing!


  1. I'm so glad you got good news! And those flowers are just darling! I've never tried EPP before, but I'm just getting back into sewing (something I did as a girl/teen) after years and years of knitting and crocheting. I have a lot to learn!

  2. I'm relieved for you! I lost my father to cancer in 2012. My crafting mojo disappeared for a little while after his death, so I totally understand how stress can affect our desire to create! I've just gotten into sewing, and posts like this help me realize what's out there. Thank you!

  3. What a relief! Sometimes that heaviness is hard to shake after you have a close call like that.
    You will be OK. So glad your Dad will be too.

  4. Não fazia ideia, que bom que está tudo bem! O babete ficou um amor! Bjs

  5. Oh Sara... ainda bem que o susto passou! Que continue tudo a correr bem! O babete ficou amoroso! Bjs

  6. So glad you got good news about your dad! These hearts are darling.

  7. that's so precious! So glad to hear your dad's scare was resolved.

  8. Oh Sara, my heart goes out to you. <3 I am so glad to hear that your dad is doing better. I lost my aunt and my grandfather to cancer, and one of my other aunts beat her cancer. It is never easy, that much is certain. Sending you lots of hugs and love. xxx


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