The Multi-Apron

Have heard about One Thimble? Well, issue #6 is out and you shouldn't miss it!
One Thimble is a PDf digital sewing magazine full of super interesting articles and tutorials that cover several topics (in this issue there are 26 articles about sewing, photography, heirloom, sewing with knits, interfacing, handmade market, etc.) and you get 10 sewing patterns! (Which you can check here.)

I had the opportunity to sew something from issue #5 - the Moku Shorts - and this time I am showcasing one of the PDF patterns from issue #6, the Multi-Apron!

The Multi-apron is a pattern from Sew N Sow (owned by Michelle, an Australian designer) and it comes with three apron styles to choose from - the Market apron, the Peg apron and the Utility apron. 

The Market apron is great to use at craft fairs! It has one hidden pocket to keep the money secure, closed with an invisible zipper.

The Peg apron features a kangaroo pocket and it is a super useful apron to use in many occasions and around the house when doing some cleaning and laundry. It is perfect to keep all those pegs when putting the clothes on the clothesline.

The Utility apron is perfect! It features a big pocket that can be divided into several pockets as to suit your needs and a tool strap to hold your tools of trade, being sewing tools, housecleaning stuff, gardening tools, woodworking tools, or any other tools that you need to keep at hand for your hobby. 

I opted to make a reversible apron! I made the Peg apron on one side - I love kangaroo pockets! :) - and the Utility apron on the other side. I just followed the instructions to make the main/front part of both aprons and instead of using a lining for the inner part I have joined them together! Isn't it perfect? Now I have two aprons in one!

For the Peg apron I have used two different light weight denim fabrics - a floral one (a leftover from the Senna Tote, pattern from LBG Studio, blogged here) and a polka dots print. For the Utility market I used a navy broadcloth and quilting cotton to make it colorful and fun!

This pattern is for confident beginners but it is actually super easy to make and in less time that I thought it would.

Make sure to have a look at all the amazing patterns that other fellow bloggers made for this tour! Today I am touring along with Ajaire from Call Ajaire. I just love her blog and everything she makes! She made a beautiful version of the Hannah dress, one of the patterns that comes with this magazine. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. Adorei os aventais, aliás, adoro tudo o que é reversível! Parabéns! Giros e funcionais, nada melhor!

  2. I always wondered how one could use that tape measure fabric. I think you found the perfect project. Your utility apron rocks.

    1. I was the same Olu! I've had this FQ bundle (the measure tape + coordinated polka dots) for ages on my stash because I didn't knew what to make with it... I was thinking about making a sewing notebook cover or a pouch to keep my scissors, but it turned out to be perfect for this. :)

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely review...I just love how you combined two styles to make a reversible apron - clever you!!! And your sewing tools suit the fabric choices for the Utility apron so well too, love a co-ordinated sewing set!

    1. Thank you! I am glad you liked it! I realized that my sewing tools matched the fabric colors when I was propping for the photo shoot. I guess it was subconscious somehow! :)
      I already put it to use! Thank you for such a great pattern!

  4. When I first started to sew, sewing an apron was on the top of my list. Yet, I have yet to make one, mainly because I am not attracted to the sort of frilly aprons available :(
    This might actually be the one! Love your version(s) ;)

  5. Impecável como sempre. Adoro as escolhas dos tecidos e as fotos!


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