12 Days of Christmas!

Hi! Today I am joining all the Holiday fun over Sew McCool for the 12 Days of Christmas blog tour, with two super quick and simple projects for you to make - a fabric box and a pouch! They are perfect for holding some candy or to gift small items. 

I had these two projects on my to-sew list for a while now. They are inspired in an old Japanese magazine that I have (in the French version). I love LOVE Japanese design and aesthetic! They make the most beautiful things...

These can be made with any size and fabric print but since this is a Christmas tour I had to go with some Christmas prints, right? :)

You will need:
  • For the box: two squares of 8''x 8'' from two different fabric prints and one square 8''x 8'' from fusible interfacing.
  • For the pouch: two squares of 6''x 6'' from two different fabric prints and about 25'' of ribbon.

How to make it:

The basic construction for the two projects is the same, only the final step is different.

1. Place the two squares together with right sides facing - if you are making the box, iron the interfacing to one of the squares prior to this step. Pin and stitch all around with a 1/4'' seam allowance leaving a gap of about 2''.

2. Clip corners. Turn right side out, making sure all the corners are neat. Press. Close the gap with a slip stitch.

3. Mark with pins 3.5'' for the box and 2.5'' for the pouch from the corner on all four corners. Fold corners as shown in the picture above. Press.

For the pouch follow step 4. For the box jump to step 5.

4. Making the pouch: Stitch 1/2'' from the folded edge to create a casing. Insert the ribbon through all four casings with a ribbon needle or a safety pin. Pull to gather the pouch - this will form those cute petals - and tie a bow. You're done!

5. Making the box: Make box pleats on all four sides (as shown above). Mark the center side and the corners crease edge with pins. Fold one of the pleat sides and stitch close to the edge. Fold the other side of the pleat and stitch. (You can stitch the pleat at once but personally I prefer to stitch each pleat "flap" in separate on the inside so the stitching won't show on the outside of the box.) Repeat on all sides. You're done!

If you are looking for Christmas decorating tutorials check this two I have made: 

Have fun and have a great Holiday season! 

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Happy sewing!


  1. These look great! I think my older girl would really like those pouches to hold her things in. I'll have to make some
    P.S. I love the bird too, did you make that?

  2. These would be great to use to give a small gift in!

  3. Que ideia tão gira!

    E tão simples de fazer!


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