The Moku Shorts (or Culottes)

Have you heard about One Thimble magazine? It is an digital sewing magazine, based on Australia, full of PDF patterns, sewing projects, tips and  more! 

One Thimble is celebrating its 1st anniversary! On issue 5 you can find 15 PDF sewing patterns and several useful articles such as tips for sewing with knit and plastic coated fabrics, advice on how to maintain your overlocker/serger and tutorials on adding a zip pocket to a bag & trouble-shooting necklines on knit garments as articles on interfacing, shirring and sewing buttons on by machine, and a few handmade business articles that look at how to make your sewing better than store bought, and photography. 

You can read more about it here. And have a look at this sneak peek.
Get issue #5 of One Thimble here! And you can also have a look at all 15 PDF patterns included in this issue and purchase whichever you want (as individual patterns), at the One Thimble shop.

I had the chance to sew one of the 15 PDF sewing patterns included on this issue - the Moku Shorts or culottes. (Thanks Mie!)

The Moku Shorts, PDF pattern by Tadah! Patterns (formerly Fresh Patterns). 
Tadah! Patterns is run by Lauren, an Australian, who has been awarded with the 2014 Ausmumpreneur Award in the Handmade category (how awesome is that?).

I really don't know the name of this fabric in english... (Sorry folks!) It is something that looks like a medium weight flannel on the outside and a medium weight woven on the inside. Maybe it is a brushed tweed?...
I am trying to find a book with real swatches so I can learn... If you know any can you please let me know in the comments below? Thank you! 

This pattern includes sizes 2 to 12. It offers two options: high waist or hip sit. And it features a flat front + elastic back waistband. 
The instructions are very good! Full of clear digital illustrations and easy to follow. 
Although it is almost Summer in Australia it is almost Winter (well, it already feels like it...) around here, half way around the globe! So, I had to make a version suitable for the cold weather. 

These shorts have the right amount of the twirling factor to make a little girl happy!
I had a few when I was a kid and I loved them! I remember loving the fact that I could jump, run, climb and bend easily but looking like a girl wearing a skirt. :)

At this point the camera lens was making a strange noise and the photos started to look all overexposed and blurry... It made a "clang" sound and it stopped working... 
Thankfully it is still under the warranty. But still, it means I am now left with a kit lens of 55-200mm until this one is fixed... (If you are into photography you know what that means... :) )

It was the first time I have sewn something from Tadah! Patterns but I can tell it won't be the last! You all know how I love to find new pattern designers and the truth is: this one didn't disappoint! I am eager to sew up the Library blouse and the Tulip skirt... I keep seeing all these amazing versions poping up around the web... I am in love.

If you are wondering about the wollen cape - it was made by me last Winter and you can read all about it here!

Make sure to have a look at all the other participants on this tour! There are some great patterns in this issue if One Thimble!

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  1. Adoro Sara <3 E conheço uma miúda que também ia adorar ;-)

  2. Nunca achei muita graça a saias-calção, mas gostei mesmo muito das tuas! Muitos Parabéns! O tecido é maravilhoso! Que tecido é? Tenho que espreitar este molde... :-)

  3. Beautiful shorts - they remind me of my childhood, I used to wear shorts like that then :) The cape looks perfect, love it!

  4. Love the shorts Sara....and I was just sitting here thinking about sewing some culottes (which they are also called :-) Sorry about your lens, ugh.

  5. Ficaram tão bem! :-) Muito giros!

  6. Super giros!! Acho que esta versão de calções iria agradar à Madalena! :) adoro o tecido!! E a capa é maravilhosa!!! Tudo perfeito as usual!! ;)

  7. Sara, ficaram giríssimos! Também tive uns assim quando tinha 8 ou 9 anos. Quero dizer, uns parecidos... estes são muito mais giros! Gosto imenso do tecido que escolheste: os calções ficam com um ar mais crescido, mas simultaneamente infantil. Uma criança muito elegante! :)

  8. Até agora não tinha ficado convencida com os moldes de saia-calção que tenho visto, mas estes são diferentes - e gosto imenso!!
    Lindos :)


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