It's refashion month!

I am very happy for being part of this season of Refashion Month! I can't help looking at a piece of clothing that me or my kids don't use anymore and thinking of at least a dozen ways it could be refashioned... I just love this creative process! So I have this huge pile of outgrown clothes ready to be upcycled into something else. It was not an easy choice to get only one of them and make something for this refashion series...

Since today is my 8th wedding anniversary I initally thought of refashioning something I have used back then, in my honeymoon. How cool would have that been? 8 years later I have outgrown all the bottoms and only a few tops still fit, like this one. It fits great on the width but I wish it could have a bit more length to hide my mommy curves... :)

This is me 8 years ago. Haven't changed a bit! :)
I thought of several ways of closing that scooped neckline and adding some more length but I was not convinced by any... So this wasn't it...

Then, I thought about doing something with this beautiful chambray tunic. I have bought it after I had my first kid (in the picture bellow, 5 years ago) to help me hide my pregnancy weight gain. (It wasn't much but I felt more comfortable using large clothes and tunics...). With the use the crocheted apliqué at the front started to unreavel and honestly I think I don't like it that much now... So I have planned to take off some of the length and to unpick all of that apliqué and maybe sew some sequins or beads... But I wasn't totally pleased with the result and I didn't had the time to redo it since these last few weeks have been very very busy... So I had to come up with another refashion.

I ended up making a very simple refashion for my little girl. I have turned a 12 months size romper into a 3 year-old t-shirt! 


This is my little girl 2 years ago, when she was almost 1 year-old, at the beach walking on the sand for the first time!

This was just one of those cut & hem super quick projects! It only took me 5 minutes!
She was so happy with her new top and I was so happy to have managed again to turn a small size into a bigger size! (You can see here how I turned a top and a dungaree skirt from size 12 months to size 5!)


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And you still have a couple of days to join the sew-along! Have fun!


  1. Olá Sara, ficou muito giro. Refashion ou reciclar roupas é uma das minhas coisas favoritas nisto da costura. Segundo percebi qualquer pessoa pode participar no sew-along ?... Verdadeiramente novata nestas coisas de coser em "grupo". Obrigada e beijinhos.

    1. Olá, Patrícia! Que bom falar sobre costura em português com alguém! Sim, os sew-alongs são abertos a qualquer pessoa! É só fazer alguma coisa dentro do tema do sew-along (neste caso a reciclagem de roupas) e publicar no site (normalmente no blog que organiza ou numa página no Flickr). Eu tenho uma série de roupas guardadas para reciclar mas a especialista portuguesa em reciclagem é a Magda (do House of Estrela, a organizadora desta série e sew-along). :) Obrigada pela visita! ;)

  2. Super easy refashion...good job & thanks for sharing. I loved my vacation in Portugal - such beautiful beaches and coast line!

  3. It's hard to turn a smaller size into a larger size. A simple, but effective refashion.

  4. AnonymousJuly 31, 2014

    So so cute! Now I have to go dig up all of Lucy's romper that are too small for her! Great job!

  5. olá Sara! hj ando a tentar visitar as guests todas e chego finalmente a ti. Gostei de ver as fotos e acho q a túnica tem mm muito 'refashion' potencial. Conseguiste prolongar uma peça para a tua filha, seja simples ou não, vale sempre a pena... obrigado pela participação!

  6. Loved it!! You know I'm a sucker for quick projects!! ;) I have to start getting courage to either give away or turn into something else the clothes my youngest is outgrowing, since I don't plan to have any more kids. But it's so hard, I Love their clothes a lot and I keep thinking I should save them for my grandkids (lol if I'm lucky to have any heheheh). My mother didn't keep any of mine and my daughters being born under the sign of câncer has me I know they're going to Love if I keep some of them!!! Such a hard balance lolol


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