Red shoes + Little Black Dress

There is something I can't live without regarding my wardrobe: black dresses! They are a must-have!

Black dresses just go with everything and with every style - working mode, casual or chic. Oh, and they make you look thinner!
Just change the accessories (belts, a beautiful neckless, a colorful flower pin...), add another piece of clothing (colorful or patterned cardigans or a blouse underneath...) or... wear it with "those" shoes, and voilá


When I was a department's director of a multinational (before I had my third child and decided to be a stay-at-home mom) I often had important meetings with clients (mostly hospital directors). The company had a casual code dress for the every day routine but it demanded a formal look when we had those meetings.
I usually opted for a black look or a black & white look with some color accents - and often I would wore red shoes!

I have several shoes in/ or with red. Velvet high heels, pointy flats, round flats in tweed, red + white Summer flats, round flats with ballerina straps, ... 
Besides these, I like to wear a black look with shiny flats or leopard print shoes.

This dress is made from a very basic pattern (self-drafted). Actually I think it is as basic as it can be for a dress. It was made out of a top basic patttern + skirt basic pattern made out of my measurements. I had to adjust the front and back darts (to make them long darts).
It has bust, front and back darts for a full perfect fit. And an invisible zip at the back.
All hems (neckline, armholes and skirt) were sewn by hand so it would look better.

Although I like it I think it lacks some personality... It seems to me that I should add something... Maybe a collar? Or some sleeves (flutter? tulip?) 

Project linked to:

Project Sewn - week #3 "If the shoe fits" 


  1. Gostei! Principalmente do cinto vermelho. A parte boa de um vestido preto sem grandes detalhes é que podes personalizá-lo na altura de vestir. Eu tb tenho vários vestidos pretos, e uns quantos pares de sapatos vermelhos: Adorooooo!!!

  2. Estou com a Magda. Os detalhes podes aplicá-los no momento de vestir, consoante a ocasião. Assim acabas por ter um vestido bastante versátil e que te permite combinações diferentes. Do pouco se faz muito!

    Adorei os sapatos vermelhos ;)

  3. Your post looks like one of those greatly put together outfits! I adore the colors, so simple and elegant! You can't go wrong with any one of those looks.


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