Pink and shades of blue!

I have several favorite colors. Red, Pink and Blue. But f I had to choose just one that would be... blue! Or... pink! 

I am finding myself these past weeks facing some of my sewing fears...

At the beginning of January I made my first pair of jeans! Although I have been sewing clothes for a couple of years now this were the first pants/trousers I have ever made because I was really scared of sewing trousers (don't ask me why...)... I used the Small Fry Skinny jeans pattern by  Titchy Threads (it is amazing!) and they were great!
Then I refashioned two pieces of clothing of my girls - usually I just give them away and I was afraid of spoiling them while trying to repurposing, but they were OK!
And I just keep making things with knit fabrics without a serger... (some here and here

This week I made this top. Well, actualy I made it today in just a couple of hours...

It is a very simple top. I drafted it from a Burda Style pattern with a few changes. I will be posting the (free) pattern and tutorial for this top so stay tunned! 

I used a lightweight jersey knit fabric. I was so glad to have found this pink & blue knit fabric in my stash! I really love the colors and the way it looks with jeans. 

And again I was able to match all the side stripes! I realize now it is just a matter of paying close attention when cutting the fabric - both front and back pattern pieces have to be cut at the same level with stripes matching -, and pinning (or basting) the side seams with all the stripes matching and being careful not to stretch the fabric when sewing so the stripes won't move up or down on one side...

This week's theme of Project Sewn is - Make it Pink!
And I also made it thinking about the sewing challenge Shades of me - my shade being Blue!


  1. Gostei! apesar de não ser grande fã de rosa! E muito bem para o facto de enfrentar os medos na hora de costurar. Parece que por mais (ou menos) tempo que tenhámos de costurar, há sempre algum medo escondidinho... secreto! hehehe

  2. Gostei tanto deste! Gosto muito de azul e de cor-de-rosa e estas duas cores assim conjugadas dão um ar super fresco à peça. Parece que evoca verão e dias de sol :)


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