The Phillipa Blouse - One Thimble is Out!

One Thimble issue 15 is out! I have been collaborating with One Thimble on promotional blog tours since issue 5 (you can see all blog posts by typing "one thimble" on the search box, on your right) and it was love at first sight. It's such an amazing digital sewing magazine! Always jam packed with great articles and sewing tutorials and tips, and lots of sewing patterns! For issue 15 I have picked three patterns, for my girls and my little wee baby. On this blog post I am showcasing the Phillipa Blouse and sharing a full review on this issue, and the other makes will be shown later today. 

Phillipa Blouse, pattern by Bobkin Designs.

Floral Baptiste (gifted by my Canadian aunt Judy, thank you!).

This pattern is available in sizes 2 to 10. It features:

  •  two neckline options (round or V-neck), 
  •  three collar options (round, angled or ruffle)
  •  two sleeve options (cap sleeve with bias trim or plain gathered sleeve with elastic hem).
  •  back button placket
  • optional enclosed seams (French seams).

The instructions are amazingly thorough and will walk you through all the steps and options. although it is rated as Intermediate, this pattern is suitable for confident beginners who would like to go up a level.

For this version I have opted the round neckline + ruffled collar, since ruffled collars are all the range around here in girls fashion. 

On One Thimble issue 15, you will find:

PDF patterns/tutorials:

  • #116 V-Neck Cardigan (size 2-10)
  • #115 Pom Pom Beret (size newborn to adult)
  • Metro Slimfit Blazer (size 1-14)
  • DAX Trousers (size 2T-12)
  • Military Messenger Bag (measures 12″x10.75″x2″)
  • Phillipa Blouse (size 2-10)
  • Miriam Skirt (size 12months-8years)
  • Josephine Dress (size 6mths-12yrs)
  • Hipster Teddy Bear
  • Oh Teddy FMA (free motion applique)

Articles and tutorials (here's just a few):

  • Storing your digital patterns
  • Mental Health Benefits of Sewing
  • Stamping fabric
  • How to make a journal cover
  • How to make a table quilt
  • Understanding Bamboo Fabric
  • Understanding Vintage Fabrics
  • Getting shorts and pants to fit
  • Scheduling your social media
  • Interview with Holly from Top Knot Girl
  • History of Tweed
  • The pintuck foot
  • Instagram analytics -  a walk through

As always, the layout and design of this digital magazine is beautiful! So, so appealing. And the photos are amazing. You really have to see the first pages: the inspiration look book for this issue's patterns is outstanding! It looks like out of a high quality fashion magazine. I just want to copy every.single.outfit in there for my kids! 

Here are a few of my favorite articles on this issue:

"The Mental Health Benefits of Sewing"

I really loved reading a professional perspective on the benefits of sewing by an experienced clinical psychologist. I know how important sewing is my life, as a SAHM/WAHM. It's my creative outlet, a way of stretching my brain and of relaxing. It has played an important role in several stressful times of my life and I know for a fact that it has the same effect on many other people.

"Understanding vintage patterns"

I love vintage sewing patterns. I have a Pinterest board to collect all the beautiful ones I find around the internet. I have used a couple of them before and I had to ignore most of the instructions and just "do my thing" because they use a vintage sewing terminology that doesn't match to some of the terms we use nowadays. I which this article would have come out earlier!! It offers a quick guide with lots of tips and help on how to approach and use vintage sewing patterns. Loved it and I'm so happy to be able to use my (small) vintage pattern collection more often from now on! 

"Storing your Digital Patterns"

I just checked the "Digital Pattern Library" on my laptop and I have (hides face in shame!...) 13 GB of PDF files. It's 6.279 PDF files... I have lost count no how many PDF patterns I have... Not 6.279 for sure, since most patterns come with several files, but even if we consider an average of 3 files per pattern... you do the math... For people like me who collects patterns (I am sure it is a hoarding disorder) we face several problems: Where to store them all so we won't loose them if something goes wrong with the PC? (one of my biggest fears!) How to organize them? (by designer? by type?) Well, this article offers some useful info on the first! 

Here is the line up for this tour! 

And... Come back later today to read all the details about two other patterns from this issue of One Thimble: the #115 Pom Pom Beret and the Hipster Teddy Bear.

Check all about issue 15 of One Thimble and get it HERE! (not affiliate)

Happy sewing! 


  1. Sew pretty Sara. For some reason I see a ruffled collar as a bit of signature look for you. Am I wrong?

  2. Very pretty, Sara! Love the fabric!

  3. Your sewing is impeccable as always. This blouse is beautiful!

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