Playproof Dungarees and Willow Dress

One Thimble Issue 10 is out! Go check it here!

In this issue you can find 11 PDF patterns (clothes and non-clothing) plus 26 articles, tutorials and interviews! It's packed with great sewing content!

Today I am showcasing two patterns available on this issue: the
Playproof Dungarees and a modified version of the Willow Dress. I am in love with both patterns! 

Pattern: Playproof Dungarees, pattern by Serger Pepper.

Denim knit, from my local fabric store (Feira dos Tecidos). 
I was a rebel because this pattern was actually designed for medium weight wovens, such as corduroy, velvet velveteen, chambray, medium/lightweight denim, flannel and stretch sateen (stretch is not mandatory).
It worked perfectly with the denim knit I used though! Maybe because it doesn't have much stretch. 

The Playproof Dungarees features: short or long legs, 3 bib options, patch shapes, patch pocket, kangaroo pocket and hip pocket. 
It is available on sizes 2 to 16!
It is an Advanced Beginner level pattern. The instructions are really (and I mean really) thorough, with lots of tips along the way, so it's perfect for someone who wants to go a bit further with their sewing.

This is a size 5 width + size 7 length for Miss Seven. :) I have opted for shorts length since I am already working on my kids Spring/Summer wardrobe. The side seams and waistband seam were bound with bias tape (the Hong Kong method). I love the way it peeks on the bottom fold!

Modifications done: I have made faux hip pockets. The pattern comes with pattern pieces for real pockets but I have opted to made use the pocket piece to make a faux pocket.

The straps are a bit long, I know, but I wanted them that way so the dungarees will last long. This pattern has the option for buckles or buttons. I have opted to hand sew inner snaps since I couldn't find buckles on my local notions store. I will keep looking for them and until then this way I can always adjust the strap height. I also ended up adding those cute bunny buttons just because. :) They are Japanese wooden buttons that I got a few years ago.

Pattern: Willow Dress, pattern by Bubby and Me.

Fabric: poly-cotton piqué knit in ombre pink, also from my local fabric store.

The Willow Dress features: sleeveless or long sleeve option, option for ruffles at the shoulder. It is designed as a dress with a knit bodice and woven skirt.

I wanted to make a tee so I only used the bodice pattern piece. It is an easy modification. I only had to lengthen the pattern piece on about 4 inches to make it top length. 

The instructions are  very good and the fit is perfect!

This pattern is available in sizes 2 to 10.

This is a Confident Beginner level pattern.

Here is the tour schedule. Go check all the great versions and reviews of this issue!


You will find the following patterns on this issue: 
– Willow Dress (size 2-10)
– Claudia Dress (size 2-10)
– Willow Shirt (size 4-14 years)
– Jolie Skirt (size 12 months – 14years)
– Playproof Dungarees (size 2-16)
– Enid Slouch Beanie (size 12 months – adult)
– Clubhouse Cushion
– Adventure Case
– Treasure Map Embroidery
– Adventure Flags
– Pretend Play Adventure Kit

And some of the articles and tutorials are:
– How to install a prong back turn lock
– How to sew with faux fur
– All about interfacing
– Results of Katie’s pre-washing experiments
– How to make a Reverse Applique Pillow
– How to make a reusable colouring in mat
– How to pattern hack the Bonfire jacket to a cardigan
– Instagram Marketing 101
– Time Management Tips
– Trending fabrics and much more

You can sneak-peek this issue here!

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I will be back on Friday with another pattern from this magazine that I was lucky to test! It's a skirt and it's as bright yellow as the sun. :) 

Happy sewing!


  1. Really lovely Sara, from the top to the boots and socks :-)

  2. Super cute, Sara! Felicidades. I think the first thing I would make would be the Claudia Dress. Very versatile!

  3. Nice outfit! I can see my little girl wearting this all summer long!

  4. That's adorable, Sara <3
    Your little bunnies are just plain charming and I love how you mocked hip pockets.
    I agree on the Hong-kong side seams finishing, it adds that store-bought touch that complete the outfit.
    What is funny is that the Willow dress made shirt looks like it was born together with the Playproof Dungaree... I need to make one for my daughter too!

  5. I adore this look! Perfect playproof yet stylish!

  6. What a great outfit! The bunny buttons are the perfect finishing touch. These dungarees are definitely at the top of my list for this issue.

  7. Conjunto fantástico! Adoro!

  8. Oh, this is so cute! With warmer weather around the corner, my daughter will need more playground worthy outfits ;)

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