A Summer/Fall transition mini capsule wardrobe for a first grader

I made a mini collection for the first time! It is a capsule wardrobe for my first grader. I can't believe this little monkey of mine started Primary School this week! Eeeek! She is so, so excited! Every day when she comes home she asks "Today I haven't learned to read yet. When will Miss L. teach us how to read?". She will be an avid reader, I can tell you.

I have made seven different pieces that can mix-and-match between themselves to create several different outfits.

Six of those were made (printed, cut and sewn) two days ago in less than 24 hours... Yeah, you read that right. I am that sewing addict (aka crazy). 

Life really got in the way these two last weeks. Between last week of Summer holidays with activities, shopping for school and parents-teacher meetings in all three schools, and the beginning of school on Monday with a new routine (that we are still adapting to...)
So, on Tuesday I finally took hands on this and between pick-ups, cooking meals, cleaning the kitchen between meals, feeding the kids, bathing the kids and doing homework with them, I managed to sew six things. Everything is understitched, topstitched, edgestitched, all seams are finished and all stripes are matching. In all honesty I don't know how I was able to do it all! Well, maybe the fact that I only slept for 4 and half hours that night helped a bit... I am lucky to live well with 6 hours of sleep, so it wasn't that bad. Gladly I am only this crazy once or twice a year. :)

This mini capsule wardrobe was created with 6 different Lil Luxe Collection patterns for the Sew 'n Style blog tour. For this series we were asked to create a mini collection of three separate outfits, made mainly from Lil Luxe Collection patterns, that would be cohesive with one another.

We were also suggested that we would involve the recipient of the mini collection in the collection's style choice. This girl's choice? Pink and flowers. Of course. What else would a 6 year-old that loves everything princess-y ask for? I then opted to add some blue for a good balance on colors, and stripes because flowers and stripes it is my favorite pattern combo.

Meet the Sassy & Sweet - a Summer/Fall Transition Collection! (Because this little lady is as much sassy as she is sweet. :) ) It was hard to pick up a title for this collection. First I was going for "First Grader Fashionista" but one of the other participants on this tour thought of the same so I went back to ground zero... Then I came up with the longest collection title in history... "Mom says stripes, I say flowers. I say pink, mom says navy blue". Pretty appropriate, right? It actually reflects our mom-daughter relationship. :)

Outfit 1

Modern Belle dress + Lake shore crop.

     For the dress: poplin and striped poly crepe. Liberty of London bias tape for the keyhole opening.
     For the jacket: baby wale corduroy and shirting (lining).

I altered the dress pattern to make it a sleeveless version that she could use during the hot Fall days and also layered up with a t-shirt underneath when the weather cools off. I also added length. 
The jacket is lined only at the bodice pieces, leaving an exposed seam at the shoulders that I have hiden with a Hong-Kong finish because this lady is very itchy... (unfortunately I forgot to take photos of that...). Next time I'll add lining to the sleeves as well.  

Outfit 2
Haute skorts + Socialite peplum.

     For the skorts: light weight denim and shirting (lining). 
     For the Socialite peplum: floral rayon jersey knit and striped interlock.
I had already made a woven Socialite Peplum (which you can see here) and before that a Summer Soirée dress (here). This dress was the very first pattern released by Lil Luxe (that I was lucky to test) and a prequel for this final version of the Socialite. It is still one of my favorite things I have sewn!
This time I decided to make a knit version of the Socialite and it worked perfectly! 

I had also already made the Too Haute Skorts (here) last Summer, for my other girl, and I just love this pattern! They are shorts disguised as skirt - so perfect for school.

Outfit 3
Slim trousers + Peek a Boo hoodie.

     For the trousers: stretchy pleather. 
     For the hoodie: super soft French Terry (rayon/cotton blend) and again, the same striped interlock.

This trousers pattern actually works has a jeggings pattern. I love it! This is the only piece on this collection that I didn't sew on my less-than-24-hours sewing marathon. I made these when testing this pattern, several months ago, but I ended up not blogging about them (for no reason, just because life really gets in the way sometimes :) and I make several things that don't make it to the blog.) 

The Peek A Boo hoodie is already one of my favorite pieces! I omitted the super cute hidden pockets just because I didn't want to ruin those beautiful flowers on the print. They were too large for the original pattern pieces...

Here's a few photos of a mix-and-match of all these pieces:

Infinity Scarf: handmade by me. You can make one yourself following this tutorial I made.
Striped knit headband: I could totally have made it (since I even have made a tutorial on how to make these...) but no, this is one is from H&M. (Because I love shopping as much as I love sewing. :)
Shoes: Floral Doc Martens (How I miss mine! I lived in those when I was in high school.) from Seaside Shoe Store. Ballerina flats and Glossy Mary Jane shoes from Zara.

And one more, just because... :) (It's the last one, I promise.) 

I think I am going to steal that cowl scarf from her... :) 

Wanna join the fun? There is a contest with prizes! Read all about it and link up here.

Now go and check the line up for this tour. All the other bloggers made mini collections and they are amazing!

Sew n Style

Happy Sewing!


  1. You are amazing! Everything looks flawless! Well done!

  2. What an amazing collection Sara! I love all these pieces. You are a machine. and amazing. And just awesome!

  3. Everything is adorable~ but I especially love that skort! Super cute.
    I love the color palette you used.

  4. Wow! I love the trousers and hoodie combo! It looks lovely on your girl. Do you know where I can find the French Terry you used for the hoodie? I love the flower print!

  5. I love every single item! But I guess the jeggings are my favorite :)

  6. That is amazing! All so beautifully sewn! I can sew quickly too and in a frenzy - but I wouldn't let anyone see inside my seams and certainly wouldn't take ANY close up pictures of my seams! Love the dress particularly - and the floral DMs!

  7. Lovely pieces and great combinations, I have to check out the patterns for that skort and, trousers and jacket!

  8. WOW! I'm impressed! All that prefectly sewed in less 24H!! You are CRAZY! Loved the mini collection!

  9. Love it! ALL! You are truly good! <3 And she looks so big! So sweet to see them grow...

  10. WOW Sara!!! You not only have to be crazy to do all this in 24 hours, you also have to be really seriously good at sewing for the result to be this good in the fast pace you must have working. Holy smokes I'm impressed!!! My favorite color combination is navy and pink so I'm totally with you there! It all looks absolutely amazing and your daughter is so beautiful!

  11. You rock! I'll never be that good at sewing! It's all amazingly done and in 24h!! B R A V O my dear! The hodie is my fav but it's all a great collection.

  12. Sara, you are amazing! Not only have you sewn such a fabulous mini-collection, you did it in such a short time! The colours and the prints go together so well. I love the stripes/floral combo. It is so great your daughter loves school! R has been playing teachers with her daddy over the past few days. She constantly refers to him as teacher haha

  13. Sara~this collection is perfect! I love, love, love that hoodie.

  14. This collection is simply perfection! I love everything about it!


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