The Secret Garden Dress

This is the Secret Garden dress, pattern by Sprouting JubeJube and E+M.

This dress has two versions - the simplified and the flounce skirt, which features a beautiful bow effect at the back. I have opted for the simple version just because my girls need new clothes for Fall and the big bow would not be so pratical to wear with winter coats. Next Summer I will be making the flounce version - that back is really lovely.

I love the skirt in this dress. And the girls love it too! Look at all that twirl factor... Perfect, right?
The simplified version has a permanent sash and bow (it is sewn to the dress), but I have opted to make it interchangeable so we could change it to match shoes, blouses, hair bows... :)
For this photoshoot I had several options for the sash - a solid cotton in red, a floral cotton print, a blue satin and a black satin sash. She prefered the floral cotton print. I prefered the blue satin one. You can see both in the photos. Which one would you choose?

I would label this pattern as intermediate level. 
The bodice closes at the side with an invisible zipper (you can see it bellow). Although sometimes sewing them up can be a challenging task, I love invisible zippers. I was lucky to get this one right (with both seams matching) at first attempt. I have this super simple little trick and it seems to work great. ;)  
The bodice lining is set to place with an under stitch, and that my lovely readers, is a perfect construction method. Most dress patterns use top stitching all around the bodice neckline but I personally prefer methods with less top stitching (which in my opinion is over used...). 
It also requires a bit of hand sewing - which I love! (Hi, my name is Sara and I am a sewing nerd... :) ) Of course you can always just top stitch it, but in this case it won't be the same, since the stitching line would be just bellow the perfect "V" in the back... So grab a needle and go for a slip stitch by hand. You will be suprised as how quick it can be.

I have used a heavier fabric suitable for fall/winter weather (I *think* it is twill...) and she will be using it with a tee or a blouse underneath. I intended to make the photoshoot with that outfit - to show that this dress can also be worn for Fall/Winter - but the weather here is still very summery. In fact it was very hot this day so she asked not to wear the long sleeve blouse and the tights and winter shoes and I was totally okay with that. This is my hobby not hers, and I am really opposed to force or bribe my kids to make things and wear things just for the sake of me having the "perfect" blog post. ;) 

She was also not in the mood for standing still... so all I got were a bunch of blurry photos with her running and twirling all the time - can't blame her really... :)

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  1. Beautiful Sara! That girl is adorable and really who can blame her for twirling?! :D and how perfect is that zipper!!! Great job!

  2. Que lindo! Adoro as costas em V, fica mesmo giro. Finalizar uma peça à mão dá outro encanto à coisa, concordo plenamente! beijocas

  3. Darling Sara,
    The color is so lovely with her hair. I love seeing it with fall colors. The interchangeable sash is so smart.
    With Love,

  4. Lovely Sara,just lovely :) Gorgeous girl, gorgeous dress, gorgeous photos :)

  5. Love her hair! And love the simplified version of the dress! Very elegant.

  6. Lindo Sara. Finalizar à mão dá trabalho e nem sempre apetece mas dá outro ar. Ai e o cabelo da tua boneca está tão lindo!!!

  7. Stunning!
    I also prefer the blue sash, but she looks so perfect with either version :)
    (sorry I can't help it: her hair is amazing!)


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