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Lana Kids Top

About one month ago (already?!) I had the chance to sew up the Lana Kids Tee while pattern testing it. I barely test sewing patterns now (for several reasons but that is another whole conversation) but I couldn't say no to a Coffee and Thread pattern. They're good, very good! 

The Tulip Top

Hi! In case you're wondering, baby #4 is almost out! (Any day now! Eeeek!) but I am full active, nesting and doing a major cleaning here at home, but I am finding some time to sew! So, today I am joining the Tulip International Blog Tour and sharing my version of the Tulip top! 

The Tulip Top & Dress is a brand new pattern by two Belgian ladies - Eva and Katrien (links below). This pattern was first launched in Dutch and I was really in love with it because of all the versions I was seeing on social media. So, when they contacted me to be one of the proofreaders for the English version I was thrilled!! After a couple of weeks of work, this beautiful pattern is finally been released in English this week! 

The Eleena Dress

Hi, again! :) It seems like I keep breaking all the great rules of blogging. I post either too sparingly or, like today, I post twice on the same day. But hey, I have always been a rebel, haha. 

This is the Eleena dress, one of my favorite dress patterns ever! This is the dress I made during the pattern testing and I am showing it today as part of the Eleena Dress Tour. I love the vintage look of this pattern! But I decided to make a modern edgier version of it. (I am a rebel, remember? hehe)

The Tip Top

Happy Holidays everyone!! This is my favorite time of the year! Well, at least until Spring arrives there is. Then you will probably hear me saying that again. :) 

I am finally sharing one of my favorite makings of 2015, which is actually one of my favorite makings ever! It's the Tip Top & Dress pattern by one of my favorite pattern designers (and one of my references when it comes to kids style and fashion), Celina Bailey of Petit à Petit and Family

The Holiday Debut Tour

Christmas is just around the corner! Yay! Today I am all Christmas-y here as I join the Holiday Debut Blog Tour. This tour showcases three different patterns from three different designers that debuted this year: Holli of Hello Holli, Gabriela of Chalk and Notch and Saskia of The Wolf and The Tree. These ladies did an amazing job with their first pattern! I am in awe.

I had the chance to test the Blue Ridge dress and the Fishtail Kimono a few months ago and now I have sewn up Abby's Tights. All I can say is that I absolutely love these patterns! I can't wait to see what their next patterns are! The bar is set high, ladies! :) (No pressure intended, ha!)

The Henry dress

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing a dress pattern that I was lucky to test. It is the Henry dress, a pattern by Brooklyn Pattern Company.  

When Erin posted a testing call I immediately signed in! You all know how much I love to test sewing patterns but actually I am responding to testing calls less and less these days. Nonetheless, I made an exception for this one. :) 

There has been a (huge) boom of indie PDF patterns since last year (it's all Lauren's fault :) ) and there are days where I can easily spot half a dozen testing calls for new patterns. If only the days would have 72 hours... Yes 72, because 48 wouldn't still be enough... :) 

Anyway, there was a time (that started on February 2014) when I would apply to any and every testing call and I would be genuinely thrilled to work in all of them. I do love to test patterns! But nowadays other projects (sewing and blogging related) have knocked on my door and I need time for them. 

The thing is, there is only a set amount of daily time that I allow myself to sew and blog because my three little monkeys need their mom and this household has to be vacuumed ( I honestly believe that dust and bread crumbs and little scraps of paper are born from the floor in a spontaneous way at an outstanding rate ...), and dishes need to be done daily too (I can't turn my back on a messy kitchen...), and laundry must be taken care of... You know the freaking drill. 

The Blue Ridge Dress

Endorphins. Any of a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system that act as neurotransmissors and have a number of physiological functions. They activate a specific kind of body's receptors, causing an analgesic effect, reducing the sensation of pain or stress and inducing feelings of excitement and satisfaction. I think the word "endorphin" here could be fairly replaced by the word "fabric". Don't you think?

Fabric makes me have an endorphin rush. There is just something about those colors, color combos, prints, textures... all the different weights and softness... and the draping, the flow-iness of it all when it moves... and the way the light goes through some fabrics and makes it glow... The world stops and I feel like I'm watching some sort of poetry... 

I love using all kinds of apparel fabric. Baby wale corduroy, wool, tweed, linen, chiffon, charmeuse, crepe de chine, georgette, silk, shantung, twill, silk twill, satin, dupioni, taffeta, suiting, voile, cotton lawn, gauze, double gauze, broadcloth, shirting, flannel, poplin, sateen, denim, chambray, tencel, velveteen, jersey knit, French terry, iterlock, ponte di roma...

A Roaring 20's Inspired Dress

Hi! Today I am sharing two things of the many I have made in these last couple of weeks. My sewing  machine is amazing because I am giving her (yes, it's a she) no rest and she is up to the challenge! It is a pretty simple sewing machine, non computerized, only about 20 different stitches (including stretch ones), it is actually a bit ugly (it looks like a cold machine, not a pretty and friendly toy). It is the love of my life. (Did I just say that?!) After my true Love (aka sweet husband) and my three spunky kids, of course. (Ahem.)

(End of love letter to my sewing machine. :) )

Have you hear about the Mystery Challenge? It is sewing/crafting challenge where a group of people swap themes and have to create something with the theme they get from their partner. Doesn't it sound like so much fun? 

I have already joined last round when I was given the theme "Under the big top" and you can see what I have made here. This time around I was given the theme "The Roaring 20's". Actually it was "John Dillinger and the Roaring 20's" and although I first thought about making a full shirt + pants + vest + bow tie + hat for my son, when I saw a tester call for the Dress Pattern No. 19 (pattern of E+M Patterns) I immediately felt that it was it. It has a slight 20's feel to it with that elasticized waistband and squared skirt, and those bodice tucks and ties. Luckily I was chosen to test it! (Thank you Allison!)

Women's Bundle Up

Hi! I did some sewing for myself! Yay! :) If you follow this little blog of mine you know that one of my (sewing and personal) resolutions for this year was to sew more for myself. When I first started to sew - 4 years ago - I have sewn a lot for myself. Only a couple of years later I decided to sew for my kids (surprising, right?) and the thing is: I stopped sewing for myself. 

Now they have a whole lot more clothes than they need. (It's a shame, I know!...) And I have an almost empty and dull wardrobe because all over these last years I kept telling myself "I am *not* going to buy this blouse or that coat, because I can make them myself!" when I am at clothing stores. Truth is, I just keep sewing for them and not for me... Can you relate to this? I bet you do... :) 

So, to push myself into some self-care sewing, I am joining every blog tour and pattern testing for women clothes that I can! :) 

Today, I am part of the Women's Bundle Up from Pattern Revolution
I am sharing two patterns I have made from this bundle and I will be sharing a third one later this week. Can you guess what? I have made my first pair of jeans!
I can finally scratch that off my "sewing techniques to learn and sewing challenges to overcome" list. :) I feel like I reached another level of sewing! :) Now I only have to tackle: sewing bras, draping, smocking and heirloom. And after that I have to find another hobby. :) Luckly, I think it will take me a while to learn these techniques, so I will be here for the next... few decades. :) 

Dinossaur Hooded Scarf

Hi! How is Kids Clothes Week going on for you? I must say it was a completely disaster for me this time, in terms of finished things but I am managed to sew at least 1h/day (except for these two last days) so go I guess I am fine. :)

Today I am sharing a super cool Dinossaur Hood I made a couple of months ago for a pattern testing, but was actually still a WIP because I hadn't yet placed the snaps. So I placed the snaps and finally got the chance to blog about it. It's great that it fits this KCW's theme - Wild Things - so much! And since the snaps were put this week that's got to count as a KCW make, right? :) 

The Blake dress

Hi! Last week I was lucky to be picked as a pattern tester for the new dress pattern by Farrah of Mingo & Grace patterns. You know how much I love pattern testing but the truth is I haven't been applying for so many tester calls lately because I have a few (rather important) new projects coming up and I need to focus on them. Well, I just had to make an exception to this one... I had already tested her first pattern - the Charlie dress, which you can see here - so I just had to test this one too. :)

The Blake dress, pattern by Mingo & Grace.

A light-weight scuba/neoprene knit in fuschia. This is an amazing fabric to work with! I had already used a striped scuba knit here. I love it!

This dress features a beautiful pleated skirt with hidden pockets on the side seams and closes at the back with an invisible zipper. It is available in sizes 18m to 6 years. 

You can make it fully lined or use bias facings on the neckline and armholes. I have opted to leave mine showing (instead of turning it all over the inside) to had some contrast to the solid color knit. I have also add a cute bow - how do you like it best? At the neckline or at the waistline?

This dress is best made in a medium to heavy weight fabric (woven or knit) because of its structured design but you can make it in any fabric. You can dress it up or down, depending on which fabric you choose - broadcloth, cottons, corduroy, denim, jacquards, linen, poplin, sateen, satin, taffeta, twill, velvet, wools... lots of options!

I have a good news for you - this pattern only has 15 pages to print! And it comes with the layer option so you can print only the size you need!

This pattern is under a 20% discount right now so go and get it here or on Etsy! Make sure to join the Mingo & Grace Patterns group at Facebook for a chance to get a even greater discount. (Just sayin'... :) )

Happy sewing!

This project was linked to:

The Sunny top

This is the Sunny top, a pattern by sewVery!
This pattern is available both in top or dress length, size ranging from to 2T to 12. It also features an open back with tied crisscrossed straps and has an option for a neck ruffle, both of which make this pattern so unique and totally adorable!

When I made this top we were already T-minus counting the days for our beach holiday trip so I decided to make the top length with the neck ruffle, in a kind of hawaian floral print double gauze - isn't it perfect for summer and the beach? 
I must share a curiosity with you: this fabric is from a remnant bolt from SS2014 Zara's collection and is being sold along with several other fabric remnants at my local fabric store. How fun is that? (Marta from DoGuincho was also able to find another remnant fabric from Zara with a flamingo print and used it for this amazing Charlie dress here.)

I have to add that this pattern is also suitable for winter, to layer over shirts or blouses. If you don't believe it have a look on this winter version from my sewing friend Jenya over While She Was Sleeping!

This is Veronica's first fully graded pdf pattern and you wouldn't tell since it is so well done. The instructions are very clear and detailed - some of the best I have seen for a first-timer -, and it is a quick sew! This is a great pattern for beginners and - the best part - it has only 8 pattern page sheets to print! (How awesome is that?)

Thank you Veronica for having me in this pattern tour! The Sunny top and dress is definitely one of my favorites.
Here is the tour's schedule for more inspiration on looks and styles!

You can find the Sunny top and dress pattern at sewVery pattern shop
*Discount code*: This pattern will be on sale for 20% off during the pattern tour (August 11-17) with code SUNNY20!
*Giveaway*: You can win a Sunny top and dress pattern! Just enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win. Veronica is generously giving away two copies!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are wondering about the gorgeous skirt she is wearing (yet to be blogged), it's the Betty skirt from the amazing Shaffer Sisters! (Have you heard they are competing for season 10 of Project Run & Play? I can't wait to see what they are making... Good luck ladies!)

Bubblegum Coat by See Kate Sew

Hi everyone! I can finally share my making from last week!

I love See Kate Sew's blog and work as a pattern designer. She always has the best projects and her blog is such an eye-candy! Recently she had a call for pattern testers and I was one of the lucky people who got to test one of the patterns for the new Nostalgia collection! This was my very first pattern testing for a clothing pattern! I was just so excited!