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The Miss Polly Dress

Hi! Today I am joining the Miss Polly dress tour, a new pattern by Sewpony Vintage. I can't say enough good things about this pattern. I love it so much! Suzanne has such an eye for designing girls dresses. They are always original! And I love that they are modern patterns with a vintage style.

The Tip Top

Happy Holidays everyone!! This is my favorite time of the year! Well, at least until Spring arrives there is. Then you will probably hear me saying that again. :) 

I am finally sharing one of my favorite makings of 2015, which is actually one of my favorite makings ever! It's the Tip Top & Dress pattern by one of my favorite pattern designers (and one of my references when it comes to kids style and fashion), Celina Bailey of Petit à Petit and Family

The Holiday Debut Tour

Christmas is just around the corner! Yay! Today I am all Christmas-y here as I join the Holiday Debut Blog Tour. This tour showcases three different patterns from three different designers that debuted this year: Holli of Hello Holli, Gabriela of Chalk and Notch and Saskia of The Wolf and The Tree. These ladies did an amazing job with their first pattern! I am in awe.

I had the chance to test the Blue Ridge dress and the Fishtail Kimono a few months ago and now I have sewn up Abby's Tights. All I can say is that I absolutely love these patterns! I can't wait to see what their next patterns are! The bar is set high, ladies! :) (No pressure intended, ha!)

The Battle of the Stitches - a 70's dress!

Have you heard that the 70's fashion & style are back? It's all about flare, flounces and bo-ho. Today I am sharing with you a girl's dress I made using a vintage pattern from the 70's for the Battle of the Stitches, a sewing challenge hosted by Olu, who blogs over Needle & Ted This battle started between Olu and Toya, who blogs over Made by Toya, and this time two guests joined it - me and Nina, from Fliegfederfrei. Make sure to stop by over their blogs to see what everyone made! 

Today is the round three of this battle, and the theme is "a stitch back in time". The challenge was to make something (girls or women clothes) using a vintage pattern or inspired by some vintage era's fashion.

The Fairport Purse & Clutch

Hi! Today I am joining the 2nd Birthday Celebration Blog Tour of Radiant Home Studio
I first "met" Sara Curtis about two years ago, when I was trying my chance at the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway, an online event when several bloggers and designers run small giveaways on their own blogs. I didn't won Sara's pattern then but I got the most lovely email from her. We have been following each other since then and it is always a pleasure to sew her great patterns. I have made the Retro Rucksack here and I am eager to make these adorable house shaped cushions

Petit Oiseau

Hi! Today I am one of the stops for the Petit Oiseau tour. I love Mel's (Filles à Maman) patterns - they are some of the best out there - and I was so happy to join this blog tour showcasing her lovely newest pattern, the Petit Oiseau (that's French for little bird). My little (not so little anymore, blah...) ginger birdie loved her new sweater! 

The Josie dress


Christmas season is in the house! Well, I mean, kind of, since we haven't put our tree up yet... :) But when it comes to sewing it's all Christmas outfits and gifts around here. Have you started your Christmas sewing yet?

Today I am joining the Merry Modkid Tour, hosted by lovely Courtney who blogs over Sweeter than Cupcakes for Modkid. On this tour we are showcasing patterns by Patty Young, the pattern maker behind Modkid. Although I have a few of her patterns I have to confess this is my first time sewing one up! And I can tell you that it won't be the last! I loved making this dress.

Wear to Where? - a sewing challenge

Hi everyone! Today it is all about style (or the lack of it in my case... but more on that later...) and what to wear to where. And now say that again. :) 

A bunch of sewing and fashion bloggers were challenged by the amazing ladies Katy (Wild and Wanderful blog) and Angelica (Gardening in High Heels) to dress according to the occasion. We were given a theme and we had to dress accordingly. Of course that for the group of sewing bloggers that could only mean one thing: sew an outfit. 
An opportunity to make clothes for myself is a no brainer. So, I was more than happy to join the "Wear to Where?" blog tour.

My theme was "Date night out". I must admit that I usually dress up a bit more than I seem to on my outfit choice for this tour but I was eager to make these two patterns (top and wrap) and so I just went for it. 

M is for Moto Joggers

Hi! Today I am on the M is for Moto Joggers Tour, or should I say, M is for More Dressed-up Joggers. :) I really don't wear sportswear nor joggers. I am not of a sporty type - I should, I know, look at me and all that fluffiness crying out loud for some calorie burning activities. :) So what I am doing on this tour? Well, first of all I really love trying new patterns from new-to-me designers and I also love to modify patterns just a bit to make them my style or something that I really need on my wardrobe. I always see that as a challenge and I can't say no to a good challenge.

When Elizabeth kindly sent me an invitation for this tour I realized that this pattern could also be made in woven (instead of knit) and in several styles - you have to check all the options! -, so there was hope for my non-sporty self and I accepted the challenge.

Happy 15th Anniversary Ottobre design!

Happy Birthday Ottobre Design!

Just in case you missed the announcement, 15 Portuguese sewing bloggers joined to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Ottobre Design, a pattern magazine specializing in children's and youth fashion, designed in Finland. 
And what time frame did we choose to have this tour? In October (what else?) :) , and starting on the... 15th, of course. :) 

Back in the Spring of 2014 I was perusing all the craft and sewing magazines on my news stand, which always takes me some good 30-45 minutes... and a huge amount of money... (Sewing magazine addict, anyone? Raise your hand!) 
As I was saying, I was looking through the magazines when I spotted Ottobre's magazine! I might have squealed!... I couldn't believe that Ottobre was finally selling in my country... 

A Modified Paulina Top

Hi! School has started around here three weeks ago and we are all still adjusting to the new routines. There is a 3rd grader that goes to school #1, a first grader that goes to school #2 and a kindergarter that goes to school #3... Good thing is, school #2 and #3 are close to each other and are only 5 minutes away from school #1 so isn't as bad as it sounds, although having them all at the same school would definitely simplify our lives... 

They all start at 9am, come home to lunch (it is a common thing around here, although school canteens serve great healthy food), go back to school, leave at 3.30-4pm and a few days a week there are extra curricular activities (ballet, judo, arts & crafts). Time flies during the day...

Today I am joining the Itch To Stitch Birthday Tour! I have been following Kennis work since the beginning and have tested one or two of her patterns. Her patterns are really good and professional. If you don't know them, well you should! :)

A Summer/Fall transition mini capsule wardrobe for a first grader

I made a mini collection for the first time! It is a capsule wardrobe for my first grader. I can't believe this little monkey of mine started Primary School this week! Eeeek! She is so, so excited! Every day when she comes home she asks "Today I haven't learned to read yet. When will Miss L. teach us how to read?". She will be an avid reader, I can tell you.

I have made seven different pieces that can mix-and-match between themselves to create several different outfits.

Six of those were made (printed, cut and sewn) two days ago in less than 24 hours... Yeah, you read that right. I am that sewing addict (aka crazy). 

Life really got in the way these two last weeks. Between last week of Summer holidays with activities, shopping for school and parents-teacher meetings in all three schools, and the beginning of school on Monday with a new routine (that we are still adapting to...)
So, on Tuesday I finally took hands on this and between pick-ups, cooking meals, cleaning the kitchen between meals, feeding the kids, bathing the kids and doing homework with them, I managed to sew six things. Everything is understitched, topstitched, edgestitched, all seams are finished and all stripes are matching. In all honesty I don't know how I was able to do it all! Well, maybe the fact that I only slept for 4 and half hours that night helped a bit... I am lucky to live well with 6 hours of sleep, so it wasn't that bad. Gladly I am only this crazy once or twice a year. :)

The Ravenna

Hi! Today I am joining the celebration of the 1st anniversary of Straight Stitch Designs at the "Remix The Stitch" tour. I am proud to be part of this journey since I have been testing and touring Kimberly's wonderful patterns since the very beginning. 

You may have seen the children's free Mae tunic pattern I made here. Then the Ballard (knit), the Bellevue (knit and woven) and recently the Greenwood tank (knit). Love them all and they are in heavy rotation on my wardrobe.

Today I am showing off one of my new favorite tops. It's the Ravenna, and you can find it here. I changed the pattern a bit to make it suitable for the Fall weather that arrived last week and I made it out of an amazing navy blue silk crepe with a swallow print. Not an easy fabric to sew but it drapes beautifully... I wish I had a V-blog so you could see it. :) 

The Paneled Sunsuit - Not Just a Sunsuit Tour

Hi! First of all, please excuse all the pink overload on this post. I really hope you don't get... hummm... nauseous... and that you can make it to the end. :) 

This has been a super busy week. Last week we were away on vacation and this week started with the 4th birthday of this little (not-so-little) girl and then lots of sewing and blogging. I guess September really is the month of new beginnings and going back on track, after a long unscheduled Summer. :) (Actually it is still Summer around here, and my kids are still on vacation, at home. Yes, really. Two more weeks to go.) 

I finally posted about this great toy I made last December (!) which helps toddlers learning the different colors. Then I guest blogged over Patchwork Posse with a tutorial on how to make the most quick & easy girls skirt and another tutorial on how to sew French seams

Today, I am sharing with you my last making - this cute Summer PJ's - for the "Not Just a Sunsuit tour". When Ajaire (Call Ajaire) invited me to sew her very first pattern I couldn't say no!  

How To Sew French Seams - a tutorial

Last Tuesday I shared a tutorial over Patchwork Posse on how to make the most simple girls skirt. Today I am there again sharing an alternative way of sewing the side seams for a perfectly neat finish: French Seams! 

Little Artist Palette - an add-on tutorial and a pattern review

Hi everyone! I found the most perfect sewing project to teach toddlers all the different colors! It is the Little Artist Palette, a pattern by Swoodson Says. My 3 year-old (who actually just turned 4 last Monday) was learning the colors by the time I made this (last December) and it helped immensely! She loved (and still loves) to play with it all.the.time. 

When Stephanie put out a testing call I missed it. Well, I actually answered it but it was too late, she had already picked her testers. A few days later I got the most lovely response from Stephanie offering me the Little Artist Palette pattern in exchange of a blog post! (Nonetheless all opinions are my own!) Wasn't she sweet? She got a new fan immediately! :) 

The Most Quick & Easy Girls Skirt - a tutorial

Hi! Today I am over Patchwork Posse blog sharing a tutorial on how to make the most quick and easy girls skirt ever. :) Two pattern pieces, two seams, two folds for the hem, two folds on the waistband to insert the elastic. That's it. Easy-peasy! 

Reusable Snack Pouches - a tutorial

Hi! Today I am over Peek-a-Boo's blog with my monthly tutorial, sharing some quick & easy reusable snack pouches. They are perfect for school, pic-nics, road trips, etc. You can read everything here.

Happy sewing! 

How to Make Bias Tape - a tutorial

Hi! Today I am over Patchwork Posse's blog sharing a tutorial on how to make bias tape, using the one-fat-quarter-miraculously-turned-yards-of-bias-tape method. :) It's true! I am amazed by this method... 

I have lots of fat quarters that I purchased about 7 years ago, before I started to sew clothes (that need way more than that...). I am thinking that since I don't used them I should turn them into bias tape, which is something I use a lot! Either per se or transformed into piping. 

Baby Crib Pouch or Chair Pouch - a tutorial

Hi! Today I am over Peek-a-Boo's blog sharing a tutorial on how to make this Baby Crib Pouch (which can also work as a Chair Pouch!) I made a few weeks ago - you can see it on this post. 
Head over here to see the full tutorial!

Happy sewing!