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Women's Bundle Up

Hi! I did some sewing for myself! Yay! :) If you follow this little blog of mine you know that one of my (sewing and personal) resolutions for this year was to sew more for myself. When I first started to sew - 4 years ago - I have sewn a lot for myself. Only a couple of years later I decided to sew for my kids (surprising, right?) and the thing is: I stopped sewing for myself. 

Now they have a whole lot more clothes than they need. (It's a shame, I know!...) And I have an almost empty and dull wardrobe because all over these last years I kept telling myself "I am *not* going to buy this blouse or that coat, because I can make them myself!" when I am at clothing stores. Truth is, I just keep sewing for them and not for me... Can you relate to this? I bet you do... :) 

So, to push myself into some self-care sewing, I am joining every blog tour and pattern testing for women clothes that I can! :) 

Today, I am part of the Women's Bundle Up from Pattern Revolution
I am sharing two patterns I have made from this bundle and I will be sharing a third one later this week. Can you guess what? I have made my first pair of jeans!
I can finally scratch that off my "sewing techniques to learn and sewing challenges to overcome" list. :) I feel like I reached another level of sewing! :) Now I only have to tackle: sewing bras, draping, smocking and heirloom. And after that I have to find another hobby. :) Luckly, I think it will take me a while to learn these techniques, so I will be here for the next... few decades. :)