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The Pinky Promise Bag

One Thimble #19 is out! And that means that I have something to show you from this great digital sewing magazine. This issue is packed full with PDF patterns, articles and tips you will love!

The Ballerina Tie Top for One Thimble issue 18

One Thimble issue 18 is out! One Thimble is a digital sewing magazine full of great articles, tutorials, tips and PDF patterns. I found out about OT on issue #5, I can't believe it's already issue 18! 

Sewing For Kindergarten 2016

Hi! School as (finally) started so I am finally on holidays, haha! If you have several small kids I know you know what I am talking about! It's so good to spend three months with them 24/7, having no schedule, going out to the beach, doing fun stuff with them, but at the same time - thank God school started! I was in serious need of a few daily hour of peace and quiet. Specially now that I am almost 36 weeks preggo! 

Today I am joining Sewing for Kindergarten 2016, a fun blogging series hosted by the.all.amazing Mie of Sewing Like Mad. This series is up since 2012 and it's the second time I join it (you can see my first time here and here, in 2014). Gladly it won't be my last, since I'll be able to join again in 4 years from now. :)  (if Mie allow's me to participate again, that is. :) )

From My Mother To Me

This picture was taken in 1957 at my grandfather's sewing machine store. He was a sewing machine dealer of Singer machines through several years. How fun is that? My mom was 3 years-old and she was wearing an handmade dress. 

She has had an almost 100% handmade wardrobe as a child and even as a teenager. I love going through her photos and looking closer to all her outfits. These were the days where people would go to dressmakers in order to get their clothes made. My mom has always had an amazing wardrobe, full of lovely girl clothes and of stylish teenage dresses - the 60's style in all its glory! 

She kept having some of her clothes handmade by dressmakers when she became an adult. Overall I think her wardrobe was 50-50 handmade / RTW when I was a child. But one thing was common: she had an impeccable sense of style! 

Time to Travel - Sewing with Boys

Hi everyone! Today I am showing you three super cool patterns from a new ebook - Time to Travel!

This ebook was put together by a group of amazing ladies from Sewing With Boys
They aim to inspire sewing moms to sew more for their boys! I know I am guilty of not sewing much for my little Mr. - we all know that thing about sewing for girls being so lovely, right? :) But on this group you can find lots of inspiration, support, ideas and tips about sewing for boys! 

Boys can wear pink!

When Kelly - who blogs over Handmade Boy -  said something about hosting a blog series on boys wearing pink I immediately said yes! I never say no to a chance to sew something for my little guy since he gets so much less sewing from mom than his two sisters. 

He is always so happy when I do! (As in opposed to his sisters who often say things like "Oh no mommy, another dress?!? Don't I have enough yet?" As if it was possible that a girl could ever have too many dresses!... Well, according to their book it is, haha! ) 

And I love new sewing challenges and I knew sewing something pink for him would be a challenge. And I wasn't wrong. 

The Multi-Apron

Have heard about One Thimble? Well, issue #6 is out and you shouldn't miss it!
One Thimble is a PDf digital sewing magazine full of super interesting articles and tutorials that cover several topics (in this issue there are 26 articles about sewing, photography, heirloom, sewing with knits, interfacing, handmade market, etc.) and you get 10 sewing patterns! (Which you can check here.)

I had the opportunity to sew something from issue #5 - the Moku Shorts - and this time I am showcasing one of the PDF patterns from issue #6, the Multi-Apron!

The Secret Garden Dress

This is the Secret Garden dress, pattern by Sprouting JubeJube and E+M.

This dress has two versions - the simplified and the flounce skirt, which features a beautiful bow effect at the back. I have opted for the simple version just because my girls need new clothes for Fall and the big bow would not be so pratical to wear with winter coats. Next Summer I will be making the flounce version - that back is really lovely.

I love the skirt in this dress. And the girls love it too! Look at all that twirl factor... Perfect, right?
The simplified version has a permanent sash and bow (it is sewn to the dress), but I have opted to make it interchangeable so we could change it to match shoes, blouses, hair bows... :)
For this photoshoot I had several options for the sash - a solid cotton in red, a floral cotton print, a blue satin and a black satin sash. She prefered the floral cotton print. I prefered the blue satin one. You can see both in the photos. Which one would you choose?

I would label this pattern as intermediate level. 
The bodice closes at the side with an invisible zipper (you can see it bellow). Although sometimes sewing them up can be a challenging task, I love invisible zippers. I was lucky to get this one right (with both seams matching) at first attempt. I have this super simple little trick and it seems to work great. ;)  
The bodice lining is set to place with an under stitch, and that my lovely readers, is a perfect construction method. Most dress patterns use top stitching all around the bodice neckline but I personally prefer methods with less top stitching (which in my opinion is over used...). 
It also requires a bit of hand sewing - which I love! (Hi, my name is Sara and I am a sewing nerd... :) ) Of course you can always just top stitch it, but in this case it won't be the same, since the stitching line would be just bellow the perfect "V" in the back... So grab a needle and go for a slip stitch by hand. You will be suprised as how quick it can be.

I have used a heavier fabric suitable for fall/winter weather (I *think* it is twill...) and she will be using it with a tee or a blouse underneath. I intended to make the photoshoot with that outfit - to show that this dress can also be worn for Fall/Winter - but the weather here is still very summery. In fact it was very hot this day so she asked not to wear the long sleeve blouse and the tights and winter shoes and I was totally okay with that. This is my hobby not hers, and I am really opposed to force or bribe my kids to make things and wear things just for the sake of me having the "perfect" blog post. ;) 

She was also not in the mood for standing still... so all I got were a bunch of blurry photos with her running and twirling all the time - can't blame her really... :)

Make sure to check the other participants blog posts for this pattern tour!

September 22 | Sofilantjes - From a Box - Golden Rippy
September 26 | Pienkel - Made by Sara - Rebel & Malice - Shaffer Sisters

There is an amazing giveaway for this tour! If you want to win several patterns just entry the rafflecopter bellow for a chance to win.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are buying this pattern you can use a coupon code, good until Sep 27th. The code is "SGTOUR25" and it will give you a 25% discount for the purchase of the pattern in the E+M website as well as in the Etsy shop.

The Emerson top


Today I am part of the Emerson Dress and Top pattern tour.This pattern was designed by lovely Darcy from Ginger House Designs.

I have only good things to say about this pattern. 
Darcy won my heart when I saw the pattern pieces because they have... notches! 
I really think notches are very important on a pattern. If you would care about learning a bit more about notches I would suggest you to read this great article from my blogging friend Mie, from Sewing Like Mad, for Willow and Co.
The instructions are perfect, with a high professional look and with well designed illustrations.

Pattern and sewing details
The bodice is fully lined and as an option for a ruffle detail but I have opted for using piping instead (you already know I love piping, right?)
The dress and top can be made either with or without the flutter sleeves. I have opted to go with it since I can't resist flutter sleeves... :) These were actually really interesting to make because instead of hemming the edge - like most patterns -, this one suggests that we can finish the raw edge with a very small and narrow zig zag stitch in order to give it that look (see picture bellow). First I wasn't sure I was going to make it this way because I usually don't like exposed seams and raw edges, but I am glad I decided to give it a try because I really like the way it looks - that little fraying is kind of adorable. 
Both dress and top close at the back with a button placket.

I opted for a rayon challys with a heart print. Super soft and drapey. A bit flimsy to work with but so great to wear.
I almost chose a thicker fabric - so it would go with a long sleeve tee underneath for her Fall wardrobe but then I opted for this summery fabric instead since we are still having some days with a great weather.

This little girl was so happy with her new top! "Hearts, mommy! See, I have hearts!" Well, my sweetie, you have one beautiful heart. You are kind, funny, and sweet, and you know deep down in your good heart when you did wrong and you are always truly sorry. You are a sweetheart.

Make sure to go check the other creations for this pattern tour. You will love the dress option! 

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The Retro Rucksack

Today I am showing you my version of the Retro Rucksack as part of the Inspiration Tour. The Retro Rucksack is a pattern by Radiant Home Studio and you can find it here.

I sew mostly for my kids - and I love it! - but lately I have been craving to sew a different kind of projects. Lucky me, I was invited for this tour and I got to test another bag's pattern and a sweet fabric doll pattern. It felt great! I can tell you I have more non-clothing sewing projects to come in the near future! Maybe even a few free patterns... ;)

Well, back to the Retro Rucksack. As I am not used to sew bags this one was a bit of a challenge - and you already know how I love challenges! (Check my last post!) Although the existing instructions are clear I had to give some thought on a few intermediate steps - my mind was just not being able to follow through (oh well, maybe sewing at 2am didn't help... lol) -, but then it clicked and I got it done! And I have to say I am very pleased with the result! It is a great pattern and although it is not a quick sew it is worth the time spent.

Fabric and materials

I used a floral twill (that I had bought a few weeks ago to make a skirt or some shorts) and a rusty pink thin wale corduroy to match one of the floral tones. For the inside I have used a woven cotton on the same rusty pink tone. The straps are borwn poly webbing - my local haberdashery did not have any cotton webbing and this was the only color they had at the moment, it is not perfect but I ended up liking it.

The hardware for the bag was partially found on a local haberdashery and I also reused some from an old bag that was already set aside to go to the trash bin. I love when I can reuse things! And I learned to save all the hardware from old bags before I tossed them out. Nevertheless, Sara provides a lot of suggestions on different hardware that can be used and she also suggests some online stores where the hardware can easily be found.

Things I would change next time

And because I always love to tweak the pattern, next time I will make a few things differently. :) I will raise the placement of the inside zipper pocket and I will enclose the zipper seam / raw edges so they don't show when I open the bag (I can think of at least two ways of doing it).

Things I love

I am a bit OC about organization and I am tired of using bags where my stuff gets lost inside and I have to empty it to find my door keys... (You know what I mean, right? :) ) So, I love all the pockets in this pattern!

The recessed zipper adds a lovely different look to this rucksack and makes sure everything stays safely inside!

The inside patch pocket is big enough and sturdy enough (it is interfaced) to carry my netbook or a tablet. I can even imagine it as a DSLR camera pocket with the proper tweaking!

And I just love the vintage feel on this rucksack! 
I have been amazed by what other people in this inspiration tour came up with! It is so much fun to see how many different fabrics one can use to make this and how they change the look of it. The one I love the most so far is this one made with knit! (Yes, knit! Isn't that genious? Tasha is one of the best, I just love everything she does!)

This bag had already lots of use since I made it (last weekend) on our outings to the beach this week! (Hello Summer! Living 15 minutes away from the beach is such a blessing!)

Make sure to follow the Retro Rucksack Inspiration tour to be inspired by some awesome projects!

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