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The Ania Tunic + The Wild and Free Pants

Hi everyone! Is this me blogging again? Am I getting into the sewing+blogging loop again? I certainly don't have the time I used to have to sew.all.the.things, but I am managing to sew again! YAY! 

So, today I am sharing with you my recent makes. Two patterns by Coffee + Thread. Love Olga and absolutely love her patterns! 

The Prize Garden Dress

New make! I can't believe I am finally getting into the sewing groove again. Baby #4 is (finally) napping at least twice a day! (one nap is at least 1 hour, and on a good day I'm getting two naps of 1-2 hours!! Yay!!!). I don't know how long it will last but I will make the most of it while it lasts! :) I even had the time to draft this quick & easy knit dress from scratch! (Woo-hoo!)

The Fat Quarter Skirt

Hi! I just found the perfect pattern for people who - just like me - don't have much time to sew or need a quick & easy & cute gift for girls. It's the Fat Quarter Skirt by Thread Riding Hood. It only takes 2 fat quarters of fabric! And it's the perfect sewing fix for this sleepy mom of a baby, who doesn't have much time to sew these days... 

The Tulip Top

Hi! In case you're wondering, baby #4 is almost out! (Any day now! Eeeek!) but I am full active, nesting and doing a major cleaning here at home, but I am finding some time to sew! So, today I am joining the Tulip International Blog Tour and sharing my version of the Tulip top! 

The Tulip Top & Dress is a brand new pattern by two Belgian ladies - Eva and Katrien (links below). This pattern was first launched in Dutch and I was really in love with it because of all the versions I was seeing on social media. So, when they contacted me to be one of the proofreaders for the English version I was thrilled!! After a couple of weeks of work, this beautiful pattern is finally been released in English this week! 

Sewing For Kindergarten 2016

Hi! School as (finally) started so I am finally on holidays, haha! If you have several small kids I know you know what I am talking about! It's so good to spend three months with them 24/7, having no schedule, going out to the beach, doing fun stuff with them, but at the same time - thank God school started! I was in serious need of a few daily hour of peace and quiet. Specially now that I am almost 36 weeks preggo! 

Today I am joining Sewing for Kindergarten 2016, a fun blogging series hosted by the.all.amazing Mie of Sewing Like Mad. This series is up since 2012 and it's the second time I join it (you can see my first time here and here, in 2014). Gladly it won't be my last, since I'll be able to join again in 4 years from now. :)  (if Mie allow's me to participate again, that is. :) )

Fjara Tank Top

How's your Summer coming along? Although we had some chilly days (and even a bit of rain, thank God!), Summer is still strong and odds are that we'll still have almost two more months of it. Last year we were able to go the beach in mid October! (Not this year though, because that's my due date for baby #4. :) )

I have sewn a few things for Summer (for my kids and myself) that haven't made it to the blog yet. But today I am sharing the Fjara Tank top, made with a fun Girl Charlee UK's pineapple knit, kindly sponsored for the #londonsewsocial group! (Read more about it here.)

Calla Lily Crop Top for One Thimble 12 Tour (Plus, a e-zine review!)

Today I am taking part of the One Thimble Issue 12 Tour! This issue is jam-packed with lots of great patterns and articles! Keep reading to see what I made, have a sneak-peek on all patterns and read my magazine review.

Making a crop top was on my huge summer-sewing list for my girls. Of course I haven't tackled half of that list (blame it on the pregnancy and maternity sewing) and although summer is still in full swing around here (well, today is a bit chilly and raining but another heatwave is expected for next week) I am already thinking (and working) on my kids back-to-school wardrobe. They all had a growth spurt this summer and it looks like they need a whole new wardrobe for Fall...

Well (going back to the crop top), Jennuine Design just released two new patterns (yay!) and one of them is the Calla Lily Crop Top included in issue 12 of One Thimble

The Top Knot Dress & Romper

Today I am joining the Top Knot Tour! It is all about the Top Knot Romper, Dress & Tunic, a pattern by the talented Gabriela of Chalk & Notch. Don't miss all the versions made for this tour (a.m.a.z.i.n.g) and there are some goodies for you at the end of this post! 

The Moiano Coat

This blog post in a single sentence: I have FINALLY found my go-to pattern for coats!

You have no idea for how long I have been looking for a pattern like this! And the-all-amazing An nailed it! (Thank you An!)

Sisters New Knit Outfits - Thread Faction SS2016

Hi! Today I am showcasing new coordinating knit outfits I made for my girls as part of the Thread Faction SS2016 tour.

Do you know Thread Faction patterns? (formerly Hatchlings patterns) 
It's a pattern company owned by the amazingly talented Liz Elliott, who lives in Australia. Believe me, you want to know these patterns! I am so (so!) impressed by their overall quality! 

Thread Faction just launched a new pattern collection. The Spring/Summer 2016 collection presents several knit girls patterns. (But you can hack a few of them into boys patterns! Just check what my friend Diana did here. Super cute, right?)

There's a mix of 7 patterns that make up for the perfect beach/Summer styles: shorts, romper, circle skirt dress, racer back tank & dress, boxy top, etc. They are all super trendy and easy to make! And the best part: Liz makes use of all the proper techniques for sewing with knits. These patterns will take you to the next level on your sewing skills! 

The Eleena Dress

Hi, again! :) It seems like I keep breaking all the great rules of blogging. I post either too sparingly or, like today, I post twice on the same day. But hey, I have always been a rebel, haha. 

This is the Eleena dress, one of my favorite dress patterns ever! This is the dress I made during the pattern testing and I am showing it today as part of the Eleena Dress Tour. I love the vintage look of this pattern! But I decided to make a modern edgier version of it. (I am a rebel, remember? hehe)

Playproof Dungarees and Willow Dress

One Thimble Issue 10 is out! Go check it here!

In this issue you can find 11 PDF patterns (clothes and non-clothing) plus 26 articles, tutorials and interviews! It's packed with great sewing content!

Today I am showcasing two patterns available on this issue: the
Playproof Dungarees and a modified version of the Willow Dress. I am in love with both patterns! 

The Tip Top

Happy Holidays everyone!! This is my favorite time of the year! Well, at least until Spring arrives there is. Then you will probably hear me saying that again. :) 

I am finally sharing one of my favorite makings of 2015, which is actually one of my favorite makings ever! It's the Tip Top & Dress pattern by one of my favorite pattern designers (and one of my references when it comes to kids style and fashion), Celina Bailey of Petit à Petit and Family

The Holiday Debut Tour

Christmas is just around the corner! Yay! Today I am all Christmas-y here as I join the Holiday Debut Blog Tour. This tour showcases three different patterns from three different designers that debuted this year: Holli of Hello Holli, Gabriela of Chalk and Notch and Saskia of The Wolf and The Tree. These ladies did an amazing job with their first pattern! I am in awe.

I had the chance to test the Blue Ridge dress and the Fishtail Kimono a few months ago and now I have sewn up Abby's Tights. All I can say is that I absolutely love these patterns! I can't wait to see what their next patterns are! The bar is set high, ladies! :) (No pressure intended, ha!)

The Battle of the Stitches - a 70's dress!

Have you heard that the 70's fashion & style are back? It's all about flare, flounces and bo-ho. Today I am sharing with you a girl's dress I made using a vintage pattern from the 70's for the Battle of the Stitches, a sewing challenge hosted by Olu, who blogs over Needle & Ted This battle started between Olu and Toya, who blogs over Made by Toya, and this time two guests joined it - me and Nina, from Fliegfederfrei. Make sure to stop by over their blogs to see what everyone made! 

Today is the round three of this battle, and the theme is "a stitch back in time". The challenge was to make something (girls or women clothes) using a vintage pattern or inspired by some vintage era's fashion.

The Fairport Purse & Clutch

Hi! Today I am joining the 2nd Birthday Celebration Blog Tour of Radiant Home Studio
I first "met" Sara Curtis about two years ago, when I was trying my chance at the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway, an online event when several bloggers and designers run small giveaways on their own blogs. I didn't won Sara's pattern then but I got the most lovely email from her. We have been following each other since then and it is always a pleasure to sew her great patterns. I have made the Retro Rucksack here and I am eager to make these adorable house shaped cushions

Petit Oiseau

Hi! Today I am one of the stops for the Petit Oiseau tour. I love Mel's (Filles à Maman) patterns - they are some of the best out there - and I was so happy to join this blog tour showcasing her lovely newest pattern, the Petit Oiseau (that's French for little bird). My little (not so little anymore, blah...) ginger birdie loved her new sweater! 

The Josie dress


Christmas season is in the house! Well, I mean, kind of, since we haven't put our tree up yet... :) But when it comes to sewing it's all Christmas outfits and gifts around here. Have you started your Christmas sewing yet?

Today I am joining the Merry Modkid Tour, hosted by lovely Courtney who blogs over Sweeter than Cupcakes for Modkid. On this tour we are showcasing patterns by Patty Young, the pattern maker behind Modkid. Although I have a few of her patterns I have to confess this is my first time sewing one up! And I can tell you that it won't be the last! I loved making this dress.

1st Japanese Sewing Week - Day Seven!

Today is the last day of this amazing 1st Japanese Sewing Week! Can I hear a worldwide "ooohhhh no...."? If you are following this blog tour I bet you are oh-so-sad... :)

This has been an amazing week and I can only be very, very grateful to all the sewing bloggers who joined this fun event, also to all the wonderful sponsors who joined both giveaways so generously, and to all our readers and followers all over the social media for their lovely feedback!

But hey, it is not over yet! Here are today's makings from our last participants! And, don't forget the link up where you can show off your own Japanese creations and certainly be inspired by all the amazing makings being linked there!

1st Japanese Sewing Week - Day Six!

And it's day Six of the 1st Japanese Sewing Week! I couldn't be more happy with everything people are making and with all the fantastic feedback that this JSW's participants are receiving from their readers and followers on social media. You are amazing!

Today we have four  more guests and many fabulous Japanese creations!
Follow the links to jump to their full blog posts.