A nani IRO Tip Top

Welcome to the Sewing Block Party hosted by Petit a Petit PatternsCelina is the brain behind Petit a Petit Patterns and she is one of my very favorite pattern designers. Besides, her sewing style is just the best!!

I had big sewing plans for this post. I drafted on paper a few mix-and-match outfits made solely with Petit a Petit patterns. (My drafting skills are the same as a 3 year old, so I'll spare you that). Needless to say that my plans were frustrated because of a little guy. I feel sad and frustrated and I am writing this post almost with teary eyes. I miss sewing like crazy. I love to sew several hours in a row. I usually pick one project and end it on the same day (with few exceptions). I can even sew several pieces in one day. Now I can't sew for more than 30 minutes straight. And I can't even finish one.single.project on a day. I know the reason behind that is a good one. <3 But still, I am feeling frustrated. And sad. 

Well, now back to the Sewing Party! :) 

I ended up making just one piece. It's one my favorite patterns ever, using a fabric designed by one of my favorite fabric designers ever, in my favorite color (blue, all shades of blue).

The Tip Top, Tunic & Dress, by Petit a Petit Family.

Petit a Petit patterns are super professional. The drafting itself is excellent and the instructions are very thorough. Although some patterns have details that require a bit more work than a simple basic pattern, everyone can achieve a good result just by following the instructions. If you want to learn proper sewing techniques and up your game look no further! 

nani IRO basic 2016 pocho sky metallic double gauze and pocho turquoise double gauze, bought at Imagine Gnats shop (who so kindly offered a discount!). 
Double gauze is a wonderful fabric. And I just love, love nani IRO's fabrics. <3 

This is a size 5/6. It's just a bit roomy, which is perfect because she will be able to wear it next Summer (which is years-light away...).
This pattern offers several options. I have opted for making: option A - pleats and keyhole opening, visible bias at the neckline, double sleeves, and rolled hem (which was a nightmare to make in double gauze... note to self: next time just go for the hem facing! :) ).

I had already made a Tip Top, in a dreamy Liberty lawn, you can see it here. It is an all time favorite (both mine and my girl's) and it is still in rotation! This pattern has such an amazing design!

Join the party!! 

This Sewing Party is a month long! Make sure to check all the stops to know all of Petit a Petit patterns and be inspired by so many amazing versions. You will be amazed! 

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Celina is offering ALL of Petit a Petit patterns to one lucky winner! Entry the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win! 

If you feel like sewing Petit a Petit patterns right away, go get them now and enjoy 20% off during this month! (Use code BLOCKPARTY)

Happy sewing! 


  1. I love your Tip Top!! It's so beautiful in the nani IRO -- and pocho is one of my favorite prints :) And I understand what you mean about all the time and attention a little baby demands. They are wonderful, but very needy <3 But sooner than you know it, your sweet little baby will hopefully let you have more sewing time so you can get back to your fun projects! And when that happens, I'll be waiting here, looking forward to those outfits you have sketched out!

  2. Oh Sara, I remember very well the feeling of frustration caused by the lack of sewing. Last year sewing three lines in a row was some sort of an achievement! But yes, the reason for me, just like now for you, is oh so precious! You little girlie looks so sweet in her top :) I love all the small details this pattern has to offer. I bet it feels oh so soft in double gauze! Blue is my second fave colour :)

  3. What a gorgeous top and I love the whole styling in the outfit. Love the autumn photos too. I hear you on sewing with a baby...I don't think I sewed at all when my kids were babies because I always ended up doing something else when those 30 minutes of free time finally came around. One day, one day....;-)

  4. Beautiful version of the Tip Top Sara! <3 That fabric is amazing, but I know what you mean about hemming it. When I made the tip in double gauze I used the facing and even that wasn't a walk in the park... lol
    As for sewing with a small baby just lower your expectations, you're already my hero for sewing with a 1 month old to take care of. I only went back to sewing when F was 5 months and it was a super slow start heheh


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