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Hi everyone! Today I am showing you three super cool patterns from a new ebook - Time to Travel!

This ebook was put together by a group of amazing ladies from Sewing With Boys
They aim to inspire sewing moms to sew more for their boys! I know I am guilty of not sewing much for my little Mr. - we all know that thing about sewing for girls being so lovely, right? :) But on this group you can find lots of inspiration, support, ideas and tips about sewing for boys! 

This first (of many, I hope!) issue is focused on the patterns and articles about travelling with kids. You can find 4 sewing patterns (not clothes), printables and lots of tips!

I was lucky to be a tester of one of the patterns of this ebook - the Ready, Set, Go! wallet - and then I was offered the chance (thank you ladies!) to make one or two more patterns. So, today I am sharing with you three super cool things you must make for the little (or not so little) boys in your life! Of course you can also make them for the girls in your life, and even for yourself, but today it's all about the boys! :) 

The Swansea Bag

I am in love with this bag! It has all the perfect details and all the seams are enclosed! (Hooray for French seams!)

I used a striped denim and have opted to make the exterior pocket in clear plastic vinyl, framed with navy bias tape. 

This was my first time placing grommets (those big eyelets where the rope is passing through) and it was fun! 

I can't wait to make a couple more, for my girls and for myself! This is the perfect bag for my kids to take all their coloring books plus pencil case and all the little toys they love when we travel.

The Ready, Set, Go! Wallet

I have used denim for the exterior and a star print for the interior. The inside pockets are made with clear vinyl - I think you can't really tell from the photos... I guess I should have styled this with some fake money and cards... Well, live and learn! :)

This wallet was really fun to make and I have to make it again to get that bias better... (I hope you don't see how wonky it is... :) ) 

My little Mr. is starting to use some real money - when we go out on weekends we let him pay for the icecream, so he learns how to use money and check the change - and this is perfect for him to keep is coins and small bills. He is always so happy when he uses it! 

The Adventure belt

Which boy doesn't love to gather little things and trinkets when playing? This belt has two pockets where they can keep their findings! I think this is his the favorite thing of these three! He has been wearing this ever since. :) 

I have used the same denim and star print quilting cotton from the wallet, and have opted for snaps instead of velcro (as required in the pattern).  

All these patterns come with clear and thorough instructions. They are easy and quick to make!
You can get your Time to Travel ebook here.

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Happy sewing!


  1. Great project and I love the fabric you chose for the bag!!!! Thanks for sharing in the hop!!

  2. I adore the denim and stars you've used! And the vinyl pocket on the bag is pure inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing in the tour!!

  3. Oh my goodness! I LOVE the vinyl pocket on the Swansea - what a clever idea!! And I love how coordinated everything is :) Thanks for hanging out with us on the tour!


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